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Title: Driving Me Crazy - Chapter 7
Rating: NC-17
By: [ profile] mhobbs0430
[ profile] wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2321
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.
Warnings: m/m sex, blowjobs, just the normal stuff.
Summary: Kris Allen is home from college and looking for a summer job. He gets a call from his cousin who works security for a venue in Little Rock. Famous pop star Adam Lambert is in town for a big concert, but one of his bus drivers fell and broke his leg. They need someone immediately to fill in for a couple of months. Kris jumps at the chance and gets the job and he ends up driving Adam’s bus.

They travel mostly at night when most people sleep, but Adam has insomnia so he is up talking to Kris... Kris can't help but fall for Adam even though he has no intention of letting on. Adam has a high maintenance, diva boyfriend back home who makes him miserable. Will Adam realize that Kris is the one for him? Or will Kris make the first move to convince Adam to dump his boyfriend for someone more laid back?

Author's Notes: This was written for Harlequin Kradam.  I tried to stay on point, but my muses have their own ideas sometimes.

Driving Me Crazy Chapter 7

Dave woke Kris up about an hour before they’d be leaving.  The show was over and the guys were outside greeting the fans.  Brian, Rick and Ashley came back first.  Tommy had his own little fan base and well, Adam would stay out there for hours if he could with his loving Glamberts.

Everyone greeted Kris happily.  “Excellent show tonight.”

“Adam was on fire.”

“That’s awesome, guys,” Kris high-fived everyone as they came on the bus.  They headed straight for the kitchen and grabbed beers, but Kris could still hear them talking.

“I don’t know what got into Adam tonight, but he was incredible.”

Kris was a little sad that he hadn’t been able to see that, but he also wondered what was going on with him.  The last time that Kris talked to him, he was pretty sad and confused about his boyfriend.

Tommy came aboard next and couldn’t keep the grin off his face.

“You’re happy,” Kris noticed.

“Yeah, tonight was awesome.  I think he was taking his anger out in his music and it was hot.  Smok’n hot.”

Kris bet it was.  “Anger?”

“Yeah, he finally got over Jason, so to speak.”


Tommy just winked at him and walked towards the back of the bus.  Wasn’t his story to tell.

Finally Adam appeared.  He climbed aboard, grinning.  “Hey Kris”

“Good show tonight, I heard.”

“Fantastic.  Great crowd.”  Then he yawned.  “See ya later?”

“Yeah, goodnight, Adam.”

Adam walked passed the kitchen and his entire band was staring at him.  “What?”

“Nothing boss.”

Adam snorted.  He hated when they called him that.  Tommy grabbed two beers and followed Adam into his lair.  “Wanna talk?”

“About what?”

“That little text you sent me last night.”

“Oh yeah.  I’m fine.”

“I can tell.  I’m glad.  You shouldn’t spend anymore time thinking about that jerk.  Has he tried to call you?”

“No, I called my mom though and asked her to change my locks tomorrow.  Give him a chance to get what things he had at my place.”

“Well at least you weren’t living together.  That would be more complicated.”

Adam nodded.  “I’m really fine, though.  It’s just weird.”


“I’m single now,” he shrugged.

“You don’t have to be.”

Adam snorted.  “I just broke up with someone, now’s not the time to jump into another relationship.”

“Who said relationship?  Just have some fun.  The next two days are hotel nights.  We’ll be in Boston, lots of cute boys there.”

“And one on the bus,” Adam slipped, then started coughing, hoping that Tommy didn’t hear that, but of course he did.  However, he was a good enough friend not to call him on it.  Adam would do what’s right.  He liked Kris and if Adam did too, that wouldn’t be the worst thing.

“Like I said, have some fun, Adam.  You deserve it.”

“Yeah, I know.  Thanks, Tommy.”

“Another beer?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Tommy grabbed one from Adam’s personal fridge and handed it to him.  “Get some sleep, rock star.  You had a big night.”

“It was awesome, wasn’t it?”

“You were awesome, yeah.”

“Night, glitter baby.”

Tommy winked and closed the door, rejoining his friends in the kitchen.

About an hour after Kris had started driving and everyone else was asleep, Adam came out to join Kris.

“Hey there.”

“Hi Kris, mind if I join you?  Can’t sleep.”

“Tell me about the show,” Kris asked excitedly.

Adam told him all about his performance tonight.  How he and the band were really in sync and the energy from the audience was amazing.  “It wasn’t as fun as seeing you in the audience, though,” he flirted.

“The two girls next to me practically passed out,” Kris snorted.

“How about you?”

Kris blushed.  “I, uh… yeah… it was pretty hot, Adam,” he admitted.

“So, I turn you on?”

Kris looked over at Adam to see his face so he could tell if he was teasing him or not.  He looked dead serious.  He just nodded, and then turned his gaze back to the road.  No sense getting into an accident.  Dave would kill him.

“So, I have a question for you, Kris.”


“Last night, were you about to… you know, kiss me?”

Kris was beet red at this point, but he figured lying to the guy was stupid.  “Yeah, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry too.”

“Oh,” Kris thought he misread him completely and was totally embarrassed.

“I’m sorry you didn’t,” Adam finished.

Kris turned his head again.  “You are?”

Adam just smiled, “So, there’s great shopping in Boston, too.  Care to join us tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’d love that.”


They talked for a while about everything else, except what Kris mostly wanted to talk about.  That almost kiss, and would there be another opportunity. He wouldn’t blow his chance next time.

Adam finally went back to his bunk and went to sleep.


They arrived in Boston early morning as Kris and the other busses pulled into the hotel parking lot.  Kris opted for short nap while the rest of the band and Adam were still sleeping.

Dave went inside the hotel and got everyone checked in and made arrangements for breakfast.  Around eight thirty, he was climbing aboard the bus, waking up the gang.

Groaning, they all crawled out of their bunks and met Dave outside with the rest of the entourage.  Dave handed everyone keys and then they followed him inside for breakfast.

Kris walked with Kurt and Dillon who’d heard the rumor that Adam ditched the bitch.  “So?”  They nudged him.

“So, nothing.  It’s not my business.”

“Oh like you weren’t hoping this would happen.”

“Whatever,” he rolled his eyes at his buddies.

After their meal, everyone went up to their rooms to unpack and rest up.  They had the entire day free.  Adam had one interview with a local television studio that he’d already been whisked away to during breakfast, but then he had the rest of the day off as well.

Adam got back and changed and then texted Tommy who texted everyone else.  They met in the lobby a few minutes later and then headed out to the car that had been arranged for them.

Everyone piled into the car which had ice and ready made cocktails for their journey.

“Wow, this is the life,” Kris chuckled.

“Yeah, it pays to know a rock star,” Tommy added, grabbing a glass and the ice.

“Whatever,” Adam groaned, reaching for a glass, himself.

Adam and Tommy sat with Kris on one side, with Ashley, Kurt and Dillon facing them.  “Where to, first?”

The driver opened the window and answered, “Lunch; you have reservations at Stephanie’s. “

“Wow, he can hear us?”  Kris asked.

“Of course not,” the driver winked, closing the window again.

“They need to make sure there’s no sex going on back here,” Kurt chortled, squeezing his man’s leg.

Adam shook his head, “Yeah, I don’t want that either, you too,” he chuckled.

They arrived at the restaurant and were led inside.  Stephanie’s specialized in “sophisticated comfort food,” and came highly recommended by the concierge at their hotel.

They began with a couple orders of the warm grilled bruschetta, baked spinach and artichoke dip and the tower of buttermilk breaded onion rings which was to die for.  Then for lunch, everyone chose the lobster salad roll.

After lunch, they walked outside Newbury Street which was filled with shops and street vendors.  They could see their car parked, and he’d told them that he’d be waiting for them and to take as much time as they wanted.

Kris noticed a J. Crew and wanted to go in, but Adam nixed that idea, “Not on my watch, Kristopher,” he told him.  Instead the gang went the trendier stores and upscale, like Marc Jacobs and Riccardi’s.

Tommy and Ashley ditched them and teased Kris that they’d be going to J. Crew if he wanted to join them.  He shot them a look that said “die now”, causing Kurt and Dillon to giggle and Tommy to shrug his shoulders, “Sure, stay with the fashionistas,” he teased.

“Ignore him, Kristopher,” Adam defended him, and then dragged him into Lucky Jeans.  “I know just the style jeans for you.”

Kris groaned just knowing that they’d be of the really skinny variety.

After a few hours of shopping and Kris arguing that he was not going to show off his ass, although losing that battle, the group met up with Tommy and Ashley and headed back to the car.

“Just be glad he didn’t put you in leather,” Tommy snorted.

“So, where to tonight, boss?”  Tommy asked, knowing that Adam was up for partying this evening.  This was, after all, his first free night as a single man.

Kris perked up, hoping that he’d be included.  Kurt and Dillon each gave him that look that said, “you’re ours first”

Adam ripped off a few names that he was familiar with and they decided on a club called “Underbar” in the Back Bay district of Boston.  They had a kickass sound system and a big dance floor.  And the dress was casual for his friends without fashion sense.

“Hey,” whined Tommy.  “Pick on the straight dude.  Kris has his plaid issues.”

Snorting, Kris defended himself.  “They’re not issues, I just happen to look great in plaid.”

“Oh, don’t worry.  Kris won’t be wearing plaid tonight,” Kurt assured the group.

Adam seemed amused and Kris just blushed.

They met everyone at the hotel first for dinner.  Dave had managed to coerce the hotel for a private dining room for the group in their fine dining restaurant.  He liked to make hotel nights special since they spent so much time on the road eating granola bars and left over sandwiches.

The restaurant specialized in steak and seafood.  Kris’s mouth watered at the menu.  He couldn’t decide between the prime rib and the surf and turf.  The lobster tail and filet mignon finally won out, but he was hoping that they’d repeat the next night so he could try the prime rib au jus.

Everyone feasted on their dinner and then went upstairs to change.  Most of the crew were headed to various clubs and bars around the city.  This was their vacation too, and the guys that were single wanted to meet women.

Adam often asked Tommy, Brian and Ashley if they’d rather go out with the others, but they were tight.  They’d rather spend the evening with Adam and friends.

Kurt came by Kris’s room to fix him up again.  “Who knows, you might get lucky tonight.”

Secretly, Kris was hoping for something.  Even finishing that kiss would be nice.  He wondered what Adams’ lips would feel like against his own.  Would they be soft?  He already knew the man smelled delicious.  He’d gotten close enough to tell that.

The car drove them to the Underbar in the Back Bay section.  It wasn’t too far from their hotel.  The driver promised to be back by 1a, but he’d wait as long as they wanted.  The club closed at two, anyway.  But in case they were tired earlier, they wouldn’t have to wait for their car.

The club was colorful and loud.  They were led to the VIP section which was more open than Adam was used to.  There were a few girls in the club who spotted Adam.  He graciously gave his autograph and took a couple of pictures, but then asked the ladies to let him and his party enjoy themselves.  He also asked that they wait to tweet those pictures or give away his whereabouts until after bar closing time.

They happily agreed.  No one wanted to piss Adam off on twitter.  His following was very protective of the rock star.

They ordered a couple of rounds and then Adam wanted to dance.  Kris happily followed him onto the dance floor.  Kurt and Dillon right behind them.  The floor was crowded, but they found a spot near the front of the stage.  The sound was amazing, but it was really loud and difficult to have a conversation while dancing.  Kris didn’t mind.  He was hoping for a slow song so he could get close to Adam.

After a few rounds of dancing and drinking at the table, Adam led Kris down to the floor for one last dance.  He’d had a few by then and was feeling pretty loose, but not drunk.  Kris wasn’t feeling much pain either.  He grabbed Adam’s waist and pulled the taller man into him.  Looking up at him with big brown eyes, Adam melted just a little.  Here was Kris, obviously into him.  It wouldn’t be cheating now.  But he didn’t want to rush into anything.
What had Tommy said?  Just have some fun.

Adam leaned over toward Kris and could feel the man’s breath as their lips almost touched.  Adam sought Kris’s eyes, to make sure he really wanted this.  Kris just nodded and closed his eyes.  Adam pressing his lips into Kris’s as they kissed.  Kris opened his lips hoping that Adam would take the hint, which he did, swirling his tongue across Kris’s teeth, their mouths melding into one.  They didn’t come apart for nearly thirty seconds.  When they finally did, Kris looked up at Adam with wide lustful eyes.  It was the best kiss he’d ever experienced in his life.

Adam smiled at him and went in for another one.  They stood there making out until Kurt and Dillon nudged them.  “Huh?”  Adam said, breathlessly.
“Uh, you guys want to take that somewhere else?”  He snickered.

“Yeah, I would,” Adam looked at Kris who was somewhere on cloud 9.

“Come on, Kris.”  And he took his hand and led him back to the VIP table for another round.  He didn’t want some cheesy one night stand with his bus driver, but he did want this to lead somewhere.  He just needed to figure out where.
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