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Title:Up in Arms
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2298
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
This is fanfiction.  Just for fun, no harm intended. I do love my boys.

Warnings:  none just yet.  But don't worry, there will be.
Kris is a bartender in a club and Adam is hired as the new singer/waiter.  They have an immediate attraction.  Will it lead to more?  Sorry, sucky summary.

I started this almost a year ago because i saw ally4's avi of Kris, and his arms just looked so good, I needed to write a story about them.
. arms

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Up in Arms - Chapter 2

The next evening was Adam's first night waiting tables at the club.  He had waited before, briefly about a year ago.  Ian assured him that he'd be fine, "It's usually just drinks and sometimes appetizers,” he promised.

Allison was assigned to train him.  "We're going to have so much fun,” she said, cheerfully.  Adam just laughed.  He hoped so.  At least he'd get to see Kris again.

They had made tentative plans go to out to dinner together sometime, but needed to work out the when.  They weren’t on the same schedule at the club.

Allison prepared Adam in the back with his order book and a few tips.  “You’ll be fine.”  Then she straightened his tie, and sent him out to his first table.  The club was relatively empty, so it was a perfect time to practice.

“Hi, what I can get you gentlemen?”  Adam flashed them a pretty smile.

After he took their orders, he met Allison at the bar to tell Kris what they needed.  He watched Kris do his magic while he flexed those arms and he couldn’t help but drool.  “Then you take the drinks and walk away, Adam,” Allison chuckled.

“Right, thanks Kris.”

“My pleasure, Adam,” Kris flirted.

Adam took the drinks back to the table and served the group.  He could feel a set of eyes on him.

“So, can I get you gentlemen anything else?”

“You’re telephone number?”  The staring eyes flirted.

Adam just politely ignored the comment and then walked back towards Kris.

"Wow, that dude just totally hit on you,” Allison said, heading back to the bar.

"Yeah, it's fine."

"What's that?"  Kris asked.

"Adam's got an admirer back at that table."

"Allison,” Adam chided.

"Can't say I blame him,” Kris teased, opening a bottle of beer and then sliding it down to his customer.

Allison watched the back and fourth between them and snorted.

"What's that?"

She just shook her head, “Well, you two should just go ahead and claim each other all ready."  It was so obvious they were so hot for each other.

Adam went to his next table, still thinking about Kris's arms.

Ian found him later in the evening.   “You’re doing splendid, Adam,” he noticed.

“Thanks, it’s not too hard,” he admitted.

Adam was busy the rest of the night, taking orders and bringing drinks and snacks.  He did get to spend a lot of time at the bar, which was a definite bonus.  Whenever he had a chance, he’d watch Kris impress the customers with his skills.  Adam couldn't help but wonder if those talents transposed to the bedroom.  He was practically sneering at Kris when Allison came over with a drink order.  “Adam, I think one of your tables needs you,” she giggled.

“Right, sorry.”  Adam pulled himself away to take care of his own customers.


The next evening was Kris's night on stage.  Adam couldn't wait to hear him play and sing.

Adam came in to work and usually expecting Kris behind the bar, but noticed a tall girl instead.  She had black hair with green and purple streaks and tattoos all over her arms.  She noticed Adam staring and offered, “You must be Adam.”

“Oh hi,” Adam walked towards her, reaching out his hand.

“I’m Ashley, nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

“I fill in at the bar on Kris’s performing night and his day off.”

“Oh, ok.”

“He’s told me all about you, Adam.”
“He has?”

She just smiled and went back to work.

Adam found Allison a few minutes later with tips about the crowd tonight.

“Is Kris here yet?”

Allison giggled, “Yeah, he’s getting ready back stage.  Go on back.”

He smiled back at her and headed towards the dressing rooms.  When he got there, Kris was sitting in a chair with his guitar in his hand, strumming a tune and warming up his voice, eyes closed.  Adam just stared at the man.  God, how he wanted to lick those arms and maybe something else… He pulled his mind from his dirty thoughts and then decided that maybe this wasn't such a good idea.  Kris might not want company just before he performs.  He sighed, giving Kris one last look and then turned around and headed back to the bar.

Kris stopped playing for a moment.  He could have sworn he felt eyes on him, but when he turned around, there was no one there.  He had a fantasy of Adam walking in and taking him right there on the mirrored dressing table. Get a grip, Kris.

A few minutes later, Kris got his cue and prepared to go on stage.

The customers began to file in.  It wasn't like the weekends, but it was still a fair crowd.  Adam had gotten the hang of waiting tables the other night, so he felt ready to take them on tonight.  He grabbed his order pad and headed out to his first table, Allison offering encouraging words as he went.


The club was about half full when Ian walked onto the stage to announce Kris.  Adam turned around to watch him come out with his guitar in hand and sit on the stool.  He began to strum the opening to Heartless; a slow version and Kris sang his heart out.  The crowd began to take notice and applauded when he was through.  Kris thanked the audience and then two guys came out with electric guitars and handed the one to Kris, taking his acoustic from him, while the second guy walked over to the side and began to play along with Kris.

They sped it up a bit, and did a Beatles medley, ending with Hey Jude.

Near the end of his set, Kris handed the guitar off again, and walked over to the piano that Adam hadn't even noticed before.

Kris sat down and began to belt out the words to “Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone.”  Adam was completely mesmerized by Kris's performance.  The heart he put into in and the way his hands moved over the keyboard.  He didn't realize what an arm fetish he had, but he just wanted to lick those biceps.

"Adam,” Alli called again, giggling.

"Oh, sorry."

"He's really good, isn't he?"

"Yeah,” Adam didn't mean to sound so surprised.

Allison just chuckled, “He really is talented,” he finished, not taking his eyes off of Kris.

Adam had to get back to his tables, but he really just wanted to go up on stage and kiss that boy.  Kris sought Adam’s eyes and smiled, wanting some sort of reinforcement.  Adam was grinning and clapping, turning Kris’s smile genuine.  He jumped off the stage and Adam put down his tray and met him half way.

“Kris, you were amazing.”

He blushed, “Thanks, Adam.  I’m not you, though.”

“No, you’re much cuter in plaid.”


Kris had one more set and when he was finished, the bar began to clear out.  Adam had another hour to go before closing.  Just as Kris was walking towards the exit, guitar in hand, Adam stopped him.  "Hey Kris?"


"You were really great tonight."

"Thanks, Adam.  I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah,” he said, too anxiously.

Kris smiled and started to leave the club.  He really wanted to stay and maybe have a drink with Adam, but...

"Hey Kris,” Adam called out again.

"Hmm?"  He slowly turned around as Adam walked over to him.

"Do you have plans right now?"

Kris shook his head.

"Would you like to have a drink with me?  The bar's practically empty and..."

"I'd like that,” Kris interrupted.

"Okay,” Adam said, cheerfully.  He had to check on his tables, but then he could sit with Kris for a bit.

He went up to the bar and told Ashley the order for his last table. While he was waiting for the drinks, he glanced over at Kris.  Did that boy even know how hot he was?

"Adam,” Ashley giggled.

"Oh, sorry."

Kris sipped on his own drink, watching Adam walk away.

Ashley just shook her head, smiling.

"What?"  He asked her.

"None of my business,” she said, putting away glasses for the night.

Adam came back a few minutes later.

"How long have you been playing?”

Kris told Adam about first playing the viola and the piano in elementary school and then he taught himself to play the guitar when he was thirteen.

“That’s incredible, Kris.”

He shrugged.  “I've played music all my life.”

“So, how did you get to be such a fantastic bartender?”  Adam teased.

“Ha, that came when I moved out here.  I wanted to play music, but it’s hard to get a break.  Well, you know that,” he shrugged.  “Anyway, I met this guy at a record store who helped me get a job at this dive bar.  I learned pretty quickly, actually.  I’d go home and practice.”

“That must have been fun, trying all your experiments?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled.  “Then I auditioned here, and when I told him I could bartend too, he hired me on the spot.  I’m happy here.”

“Would you rather be playing full time?”

“Oh course.  Wouldn't you?”

“Yeah.  It’s harder for me though, because I only sing.”

“Adam, you sing better than anyone I've ever heard in my entire life.”

“Thanks, Kris.”

Adam had to finish up with his tables, and Kris told him he was getting tired and better get going.

"This was fun, Kris.”

“But, it wasn't a date yet.”

“No, you’ll know when your on a date with me,” Adam said, amused.

Kris raised his eyebrow and Adam just smirked.  Kris felt his pants begin to tighten.  “I gotta go,” he quickly said and grabbed his guitar.

“Bye Kris,” Adam shouted to the back of his head.  Damn that boy is fine.

Adam finished up and then headed home himself.  It was late, but he’d wished that he could have spent a little more time with Kris.


Adam had the next day off.  He thought about going in to work just to see Kris, but then decided that would be totally pathetic.

He spent the day cleaning up his apartment and then had lunch with his mom.  He told her all about the new job and she couldn't wait to see him perform.

“So, have you met anyone?”  She asked a surprised Adam.

“No, why would you ask that?”

“I don’t know, you just look happy, that’s all.”

“ Okay, well I wasn't to say going anything, but there is this guy I met at the club.”

“I knew it!”

“Mom, it’s nothing yet.”

“But you want it to be?”

“Yeah, he’s really cute.”

“Well I can’t wait to meet him.”

“We aren't even dating yet.”

“Losing your touch, Adam?”  She teased.

Adam just rolled his eyes and concentrated on his salad.

After lunch, he decided to swing by the bar, remembering that it was pay day.  Ok, ok, so it was just an excuse to see Kris.

“Hey Adam,” Kris said as he saw Adam enter the club.  “Aren't you off tonight?”

Adam hadn’t said anything last night, so Kris wouldn’t have known unless he checked.  “Yeah, I just wanted to pick up my paycheck.”

“Oh,” Kris almost sounded disappointed.

“So who’s performing tonight?”  He quickly asked, his eyes twinkling, hoping that Kris knew he was the reason.


“Oh, hey maybe I’ll stay,” Adam decided it would be a better way to spend his night than staying in.
“You better,” Allison heard them talking and came right over.  "Kris has been looking over at the door continuously since he got here,” she whispered to Adam.

Kris blushed, figuring what Allison said to him.

She pushed Adam onto a seat and told Kris to get him a cocktail, winking.

They both just laughed and complied.  It was easier that way.
Kris served his customers while Adam sat at the bar watching him pour drinks and then he'd stare at his ass when Kris walked away to serve someone.

Whenever he had a minute, Kris would stop and talk to Adam.  It really was an enjoyable evening, for both of them.

"So, this still doesn't count as a date,” Kris said.

"No, I told you, you'll know when..."

"We're on a date, yeah, yeah,” Kris finished for him, both laughing.

"So Adam, tell me, what would a date with you be like?"  He flirted.

"Well, Kristopher…” Adam sucked on the cherry from his drink, twisting the tie between his fingers, making Kris's pants feel uncomfortably tight.  "First of all, I'd pick you up in my black mustang,” he used his sexiest voice.

"You have a mustang?"


Kris's ears perked up.  "And then?"

"And I'd drive you to the Cafe La Boheme for cocktails and then upstairs for dinner in the Private Dining Room where we'd feast on Steak and Lobster Tail."

"Mm sounds amazing."

“After dinner, I'd take you dancing at this little club that has fantastic music."

Kris started to giggle.  "No, not here, Kristopher,” he corrected.  “Where we can dance and hold each other close.”


"And then, I'd drive you back to my place for a nightcap."

"Oh, you would?"
"Uh huh, I'd take you inside my apartment where I'd pour us both a glass of wine."

"Wine, romantic,” Kris was beginning to feel light headed.

"I’d let you take a sip and then I’d put our glasses down and I'd kiss you; pressing you up against the wall until you could barely breathe."

Kris's breathing was getting heavy.

"Then, I'd suck on your neck and nibble at your ear, until you were weak in the knees."

Kris was feeling week in the knees right now.

He gulped, "And then?"  He wasn't sure he wanted Adam to continue.  He was sure if he did, he'd come in his drawers right then.

"I'd sink to my knees, slowly pull down your ..."

"Bartender,” Kris reluctantly looked away from Adam and acknowledged his customer.

When he came back, Adam was smirking.

"I bet you’re really good at phone sex."

"Hmm,” Adam sipped on his drink.

Kris was thinking that Adam was probably good at all kinds of sex.

Adam felt bad for teasing him and decided to fess up.  "Kris, I was only fucking with you."


"I mean, I don't drive a convertible and I can't afford dinner at La Boheme,” he lowered his gaze in case Kris was pissed.

"Oh, really?"  Kris had a smile on his face.  "And the rest of it?"

Adam perked up, "Oh, that will happen,” he promised.

"Well then, I guess I can't wait for our date,” he said as he handed Adam another drink.


Date: 2014-09-03 01:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh that was a very hot imaginary date lol.. Can't wait for the real one!

Date: 2014-09-18 09:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, bb.

Date: 2014-09-03 08:33 pm (UTC)
ext_150185: Plantbert Oh Well (A Kradam by Bus)
From: [identity profile]
They better get a night off together soon or they are going to have sex right on the bar. That was hot and sexy. Loved it. :)

Date: 2014-09-18 09:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That would be hot :)

Date: 2014-09-03 08:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love reading a story from you again!!!!!

Date: 2014-09-18 09:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, I've missed it.

Date: 2014-09-04 03:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Enjoying this so much after writing and reading lots of Kradam angst lately. In the middle of story, when Kris is performing, I just had to go on YT and watch his performances of Heartless and Ain't No Sunshine

Deb <333
Edited Date: 2014-09-04 03:16 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-09-18 09:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, Deb

Date: 2014-09-06 01:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Two words: cute, hot!

Date: 2014-09-18 09:13 pm (UTC)
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