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Title:Up in Arms
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2298
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
This is fanfiction.  Just for fun, no harm intended. I do love my boys.

Warnings:  none just yet.  But don't worry, there will be.
Kris is a bartender in a club and Adam is hired as the new singer/waiter.  They have an immediate attraction.  Will it lead to more?  Sorry, sucky summary.

I started this almost a year ago because i saw ally4's avi of Kris, and his arms just looked so good, I needed to write a story about them.
. arms

Master List

Up in Arms - Chapter 3
Before his shift, Kris tracked down Ian and asked him if there was any way he could rearrange the schedule so he and Adam could have the same night off the following week.

“Already beat you to it, Kris”, Ian said, handing him his schedule for the following week.

“How did you know?”

“You two aren't exactly subtle, you know”, he chortled.

“I just really like him.”

“I’m glad, Kris.  Just be careful, Okay?”

“Yes, dad.”

“No, I mean it.  I like you both.  You’re good for business.”

“So don’t mess this up”, Kris finished the sentence for him.

“I know you won’t”, Ian winked.

Kris took a look at the schedule and saw that his night off had been changed to Sunday, but he knew that Adam usually worked that night too.

Ian read his mind, “Sunday’s a slow night, and Ashley volunteered to switch.”

“Thanks”, Kris mumbled, wondering how so many people had gotten involved in his love life, or lack thereof until now. Sunday, 4 whole days, Kris sighed. I guess I can wait that long.

Kris took his place behind the bar to get set up for the evening.  Adam was waiting tables tonight and he couldn't wait to see the other man. You’re being ridiculous, he convinced himself until Adam walked into the bar and Kris’s breath hitched at the sight of him.  He turned around so Adam wouldn't notice him being pathetic and gawking at him.

“Hey, Kris”

Kris nonchalantly turned around, “Oh, hi Adam.”

Adam smirked, because he had noticed Kris staring at him.  God, he wanted nothing more than to kiss that innocent look right off his face.

“Did you get your schedule for next week yet?”  Kris asked, dying to tell him that they could finally go out on a date.

“Not yet.  How about you?”

“Ian gave me Sunday night off”, he shrugged.

“Oh”, Adam sounded disappointed.  He worked Sunday night.  “I better go and get mine, I guess.”

Kris smiled, figuring it would be more fun to have Adam surprised.

Adam came back out of the office a few minutes later, staring at the piece of paper in his hands and he walked back over to the bar.  “You already knew?”

Kris chuckled, “Yeah.”

“Alright, Kris.  Date on”, he smirked.

“Date on”, he accepted that challenge.

They spent the entire evening totally flirting with each other, every time Adam came to the bar for a drink order.

“You know, you two should just kiss already”, Allison blurted, passing them with a tray full of dishes in her hands.

Adam and Kris both just looked at each other with lust blown eyes.  This wasn't just about sex, though.  Adam really liked Kris and didn't want to fuck it up.  He walked up to the bar and waited for Kris to be finished with his customer.

“I want our first kiss to be special”, he told the man behind the bar.

Kris went weak in the knees; speechless, so he just nodded.  God, he couldn't wait until Sunday.


The next day was Kris’s normal day off, but he had asked Ian if he could pick up an extra shift since he now had Sunday off.  “You sure, Kris?  That’s a long stretch without a break.”

“I’m sure”, Adam had a second night of performing, and Kris didn't want to miss it.  Ian was relieved, since word had gotten out about the new singer, Adam Lambert at his club, he knew it would be packed tonight and they could use the extra muscle behind the bar.

Kris was in the back stocking shelves when Adam came in with his costume in hand, getting ready for rehearsal with the band.  He didn't see Kris and then remembered it was his regular day off.  That was confirmed when he saw Ashley behind the bar.

“Hi Adam”, she called out to him.  He just smiled and waved.  He wasn't disappointed to see her, but…
Yeah, who was he kidding?

Adam went back stage to the dressing room and put his things down and waited for the band to arrive, and then he went onstage for rehearsal.

The band went through the set twice and Adam didn't look over at the bar once, thinking that Kris wasn't there.  So, he was startled, when he heard the catcall coming from the bar and he looked over and saw Kris, whistling and clapping.

“Kris”, he jumped off the stage and went over to the bar for a bottle of water.  “You’re working tonight?”

“I didn't want to miss your performance.  You killed it the other night.”

“You just missed me.”

“Mmaybe”, Kris said, coyly.

“I’m glad you’re here.  I have a new song I’m going to try out.”

“Oh, yeah?  I can’t wait to hear it.”

Adam beamed.  He was really glad that Kris was here tonight.  “I better get back to it.”

“I’ll be right here.”

They both smiled at each other, and then Kris watched Adam walk away.  He couldn't take his eyes off the man.

“Damn, you have it bad”, Ashley commented from behind the bar, chuckling.

“Uh huh”, Kris sighed, going back to cleaning glasses.


The bar was already beginning to fill up with over an hour before the first set.  Kris was busy and Alli and the other wait staff were scurrying to manage all of the tables.  Ian walked through the bar, happy with the turn out so far.  “Hey Kris”, he called.

“Yeah, boss”, Kris was carrying a beer in each hand, delivering them to his customers.

“Thanks for being here.”

Kris winked, “No problem.”

Ian just laughed.  He knew that even if Kris wasn't working, he’d have been here anyway.  He’d never seen Kris so smitten before.  It was adorable.  He’d never tell him that, though.

Adam stayed back stage, warming up his voice, and going over changes with the band.  They were really cool and Adam thought they were fantastic.  He especially liked the guitar player, Tommy.  He was small and elfish, but really cool.

“I can’t wait for the crowd to hear that new number.”

“Hey, Tommy?”

“Yeah, Adam?”

“Do you ever write songs?”

He shrugged, “Sometimes, I just mess around on the guitar.  No words or anything.”

“Would you like to write something with me?”


“Great!  I've got tunes and words in my head, but I don’t play anything.”

“Sounds like a perfect match then.”

Tommy’s girlfriend, Ashley came back to wish them luck.

“Oh, hi Ashley.”

“Hi Adam”, she taunted.  “Seen Kris tonight?”

“Yeah, I saw him”, he beamed.

She just smiled back.  It wasn't her place to out Kris’s feelings, but she was pretty sure Adam felt the same way.

“Good luck, baby”, she gave Tommy a quick kiss and then headed back to the bar.

“So, Ian doesn't mind work relationships?”

“I was dating Ashley before she started working here.  I helped her get the job.”


“But yeah, Ian’s cool.  So you and Kris, huh?”

Adam just smirked.

Ian came back just then, “Ten minutes, Adam.”

“Thanks, Ian.”

“See ya out there”, Tommy walked away, leaving the singer to himself.

Adam sat down at the mirror to touch up his makeup.  He didn't notice Kris slip inside, until he was already in.


He turned around, “Hey there, Kris.”

“I just wanted to wish you good luck”, he tried to sound nonchalant.

“Thanks, Kris.”  He wished he could kiss him right now, but…

Kris nodded, and slipped out again, breathing a little harder.  Damn he’s so gorgeous.

The place was now packed, standing room only, when Ian came out on stage to announce his newest performer.  The crowd went wild, as the music began to play A Whole Lotta Love, and then Adam strutted onto the stage all dressed in leather, belting out the notes.

The new song they were trying out tonight was the old Tears for Fears song, Shout.  The guitar solo was awesome, and Adam’s range kicked in and he hit notes no mortal has ever gone before.  The crowd went crazy.  Kris had such a hard on; he needed to take a break, but he didn't want to miss any of the show, so he just waited it out.

After the set, Adam made his way over to the bar, but kept getting stopped along the way, as everyone wanted to talk to him or touch him.  He was gathering a small fan base made out of mostly women and gay boys.  Kris couldn't help the twang of jealousy running through him.

He realized he was staring when Adam startled him by saying hello.


“Adam, shit, you were so amazing”, Kris was already making Adam’s drink by the time he appeared.

“Thanks, Kris.”

“No, I mean it.  What are you even doing here?”

Adam laughed, “Yeah, well I’m not exactly mainstream, you know?”

“Well, I’m really glad you found us.”

Adam took a sip, eyeing Kris.  “Me too”


Sunday couldn't get here fast enough and when it finally did, Adam spent the morning running around, cleaning his apartment up, because yeah, he hoped the evening ended back at his place for that nightcap he promised Kris, and more.

He took an hour picking out his clothes, showered, and then spent another hour doing his hair and makeup.  He didn't want to go too heavy, just a little eyeliner and gloss for his lips.  He wanted to make a really good impression.  Laughing at himself for being nervous, he stopped and looked at himself in the mirror, finally satisfied.  He put on his snakeskin boots, grabbed his jacket and picked up his keys.

Date on

Meanwhile, Kris spent the day shopping for something cool to wear.  He dragged Allison with him so she could help.  “I only own plaid”, he complained on the phone, so she took pity on him and took him to her favorite stores.

He ended up with a pair of black jeans that hugged his ass just right, according to Alli, and a short-sleeved button down silk shirt that was snug to his arms to show off his bulging muscles, again, according to Alli.  “I’m not trying to seduce him, you know.”

“Whatever”, she just rolled her eyes.  She knew that Adam wouldn't be able to resist him at all, no matter what he wore.

They ended back at his place and she helped him straighten it up a bit, because “You can’t let him know what a slob you are.”

Then she sent him upstairs to get ready.  “Yell when you want me to help you with your hair”, she called out.

“I can do my own hair”, he whined.

“Just yell, Kris”, Alli chuckled.

Allison left thirty minutes before Adam was to arrive, so it wouldn't look like Kris needed her help.

“Have fun”, she teased.  "Do things I would or wouldn't do."

“Oh, I plan on it”, Kris answered nervously. Why am I so nervous?  I see him almost every day, he chastised himself for his ridiculousness.

Kris checked himself in the mirror one last time.  He looked pretty good.

A few seconds later, he heard a knock at the door. Shit, he's here.  He took on last look at himself and then ran down the stairs towards the door.

"Be right there", he yelled.

Breathless from running, Kris opened the door, "Wow."

Giggling, Adam looked Kris up and down.  "Wow yourself, gorgeous."

They just stared at each other for a minute before Adam spoke up, "Um, can I come in?"

"Oh my God, sorry.  Yeah, come in.  Do you want a beer?"

"Sure, he winked, stepping inside.

Kris just smiled, while Adam followed him into the kitchen.  He pulled out two bottles of corona from the refrigerator, popping the top off of both and then handing one to Adam.  "You look amazing, by the way."

"This old thing?"  Adam chuckled, while Kris led him on a tour of his two-level apartment.

"Wow, Kris your place is really great."

He shrugged, "Yeah, I like it here.  I have a roommate or I'd never be able to afford it by myself.”

"Oh, does he work at the bar, too?"

"Sort of, it's Tommy."


"Yeah, he's a pretty good roommate.  Not here very much", he shrugged.

"They're the best kind."

"Do you have a roommate, Adam?"  Kris asked, taking a sip of his beer.

"Nope, live alone.  My place is much smaller than yours, though."

"I can't wait to see it", Kris said, dreamily.

"Oh, you will", he flirted.

"What are you suggesting, Mr. Lambert?"

"That you'll have such a great time tonight, you won't want it to end", he practically whispered, causing Kris to go week in the knees again.

"We better go", he squeaked, although if Adam had insisted on seeing his bedroom, he was sure they'd never leave.

Adam drove to the restaurant that he'd picked out and kept stealing glances over at Kris, who fidgeted with his hands until Adam reached for his left hand with his right.  Kris looked down and their entwined fingers and smiled, squeezing Adam's hand.

Then Adam withdrew his hand, so he could make a turn, missing the contact.  "So, I hope you like Italian."

"Mm, it’s my favorite."

"Great.  I know the manager, so we'll be taken care of."

"I could have just been impressed, you know."

Adam just smiled.

They arrived and Adam jumped out of the driver seat, running around to the passenger side to open the door for Kris.

"Such a gentleman."

"I am", Adam winked at the man before taking his hand again, walking him into the restaurant.

"Adam", they were greeted by the manager, who was also the host this evening.

"Sutan, gurl.  How are you?"

"Great, now that I see your gorgeous face", he kissed Adam on both cheeks and then stood back, noticing the man next to him.  "So, who's this?"  He asked, eyeing Kris up and down.

"This is Kris Allen.  My date", he added predatorily.

"Nice to meet you, Kris", Sutan held out his hand to shake Kris's, who returned the greeting.

"I saved you the best seat in the house", he winked, walking them to their table.

Again, being the gentleman, Adam held out Kris's seat for him, before taking his own.

Sutan handed them menus, gave Adam a silent approval of his date, and then left the pair alone.  "The
food's great here, Kris."

“Any suggestions?"

"Do you trust me?"

"I don't know", he drawled out, with that sultry southern accent that Adam couldn't resist.

Adam laughed, "Good answer."  They both caught the double meaning.  "I meant, ordering for you, Kristopher", he feigned being offended.

"Ha ha, well in that case, yes."

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