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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 114
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2732
Rating:NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine,
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Summary: Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.
This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

A/N: This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with
me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I'll try an update once a week.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 114

The sun shone brightly through the window as Kris stirred the next morning. "Shit!" he barked.

"What baby?" Adam yawned, trying to continue sleeping, but failing miserably with Kris tugging on his chest.

"It's morning," he complained.


"We fell asleep and didn't do it."

Adam snickered.  "Well baby, lay back down and let's take care of that."

Grinning like he’d just won the lottery, Kris began tearing off the clothes he fell asleep in, and then started on Adam's who was trying to buy himself a few more minutes of sleep.

Kris would have none of that though, and promptly stuffed Adam's exposed cock into his mouth.

Fully awake now, Adam sat up so he could watch his boyfriend work him over.  He was getting quite skilled at it and Adam was so proud and very appreciative of his efforts.  “Baby?”


“I love you.”


Just before Adam was about to explode, Kris popped off and climbed up Adam’s body and kissed him, hungrily.  “I want you,” he growled with an evil glisten in his eye.

“Instantly frustrated and very turned on, Adam rolled Kris over on his stomach, licking the area just behind his ear and whispered, “You’re gonna pay for that, baby.”

Kris answered by spreading his legs and wiggling his ass in the air.
“You’re mine, Kris.”
The boys reluctantly got out of bed after Mrs. Martin called to remind them about the family gathering later that morning.  The boys continued the party in the shower, though, where Kris showed off his skills again bringing his boyfriend to completion, swallowing all that was offered as Adam’s cock pulsated in his mouth.

"God, Kris." He just smiled, triumphantly, kissing Adam and letting him taste himself.
After they finished cleaning up, they got dressed in sweats and drove home.  Brent and Chelsey were leaving that afternoon and Pam was preparing a brunch for the entire family and the Hutchinson's.  This would be the first time that everyone saw the baby since the hospital.

When the boys arrived, Pam was in the kitchen with Amanda and Chelsey as they fawned over little William.

"Amanda," Adam squealed, kissing her on the cheek, taking the seat next to her.
"Do you want to hold him?"

This time, Adam was very enthusiastic, as he held out his hands.  "Yeah, look at him; he's already gotten bigger."

Amanda put the baby in Adam's arms. "He's growing every day.  It's hard to keep him in clothes.

"We should take you shopping," Pam offered, and Adam nodded fiercely.

"You don't have to do that," Amanda insisted. She missed getting out and knew it would be more complicated with baby in tow.

"Nonsense. Look at Adam's face; he lives for clothes shopping." Pam said, snickering.

Adam gave his best puppy dog face.

"Well, I can't argue with that now, can I?" Amanda chuckled.

"William Adam Hutchinson, just you wait. You'll be the best dressed baby in Conway," Adam put his finger in the baby's hand and watched the little guy squeeze it. "I think he just smiled."

"That's probably just gas, Adam." Amanda told him. He smiled back at the baby and made cooing sounds to get him to do it again.

"I want to come, too." Kris squeaked, feeling just a little left out.

"Baby, you hate shopping."

"No, I don't," Kris argued."

"Okay, baby.  We'll make a day of it."

"Aw, I wish I could stay just to see Adam and Kris shopping for little leather baby clothes," Chelsey said, giggling.

Tanner walked in at that moment. "Did I hear leather baby clothes?  Don't even think about it." He tried looking serious, but failed, laughing with the rest of the group.

Amanda helped Chelsey and Pam set the table while Adam held the baby, explaining to the little guy and to Kris, the importance of always dressing fashionably. The baby just cooed, listening intently, while Kris snickered, shaking his head.

Pam and Chelsey had made a Cheesy Bacon and Egg casserole from a recipe they found online, and cinnamon French toast.  Tanner and Amanda brought a Raspberry Danish and fresh fruit and the boys had stopped at Starbucks for Caramel Lattes. Adam had insisted on bringing something.

“Everything looks delicious, dear,” Ron said as they sat down to eat.

“So, Derek is driving out to meet me in a couple of weeks after he gets settled in his housing.” Chelsey had kept in touch with the young man she met at Disney World this past summer.  They texted almost every day and by the look on Chelsey’s face when she talked about him, she was head-over-heals for the guy and was hoping that it would go somewhere.

"That's great, Chelsey.  You really like him?"  She just beamed at Amanda's question, the evidence plastered on her face.

"So, Adam, are you ready for school?"

"Yeah, I have an apartment on campus this year."

Kris felt just a twinge of jealousy again.  Everyone was leaving him.

"Kris and I have an apartment," Adam corrected, rubbing the back of Kris's neck for him, knowing exactly what his boyfriend was thinking.

"Kris, you know school is important this year," Mom interjected. "You have SATs and applying for college."

"I know, mom. I'll have time," he grumbled.  He was so ready for college and for this year to be over."

"Where are you thinking of applying, Kris?" Tanner asked.

"I want to play ball, but I'm hoping that I'll get into Central Arkansas to be with Adam."

"Are you thinking you want to play professionally?" Tanner immediately had a couple of schools in mind.

"Nah, I just really like playing, and I'm hoping for at least a partial scholarship."

Adam kept quiet.  He really wanted Kris with him next year, but was he being selfish?

"What are you thinking about, Adam?"  Pam knew her boys so well.

"I just want Kris to be happy."

"I'll be happy with you, Adam." He stood firm.

“So, Adam,” Tanner said, changing the subject.  “What play will you be doing this semester?”

“I don’t know yet. I hope it’s something new.  There’s a meeting the first week of classes.”

“Well, I know you’ll get a great part. William asked about you last week.
“Really, he did?”

“He’s very interested in your career.  He said anytime you want to come out there, he’s ready to help.”

Kris perked up at that.

“I’m finishing school first.” Adam spoke a little too sharply, stealing a glance at Kris.
“That’s good, Adam.  There’s always time for a career.  Get that degree first,” Ron interjected.

Since this subject seemed to be as dangerous as the last, Pam decided to step in. “So Amanda, is the baby sleeping through the night yet?”

The rest of the meal went along with harmless chit chat.  New mothers never had trouble babbling on about their precious bundle, and Pam knew all the right questions to ask both new parents.

Afterwards, the group decided to go for a walk in the park.  Tanner had brought the baby stroller just in case.  The weather was still warm and the sun was shining.  Brent and Chelsey were leaving in a couple of hours.  They wanted to arrive back at school before it got too dark.

After a long walk, Tanner and Amanda said their goodbyes.  Everyone cooed at the baby one last time, and Pam promised to call Amanda tomorrow to set up that shopping trip before classes started for Adam.

When they arrived home, Brent and Chelsey finished packing the car and the entire family walked them out.  “We’ll see you at Thanksgiving.  Love you guys.”  Everyone exchanged hugs and watched the older Martin kids drive away.  Ron and Pam had their arms around each other and so did Kris and Adam. “So, boys.  What do you have planned for the rest of the day?” Pam asked.

“Nothing, really.  We were going to back to the apartment and hang out.  Maybe stop and Wal-Mart and get some more stuff.”

“Well, why don’t you come back this evening and we’ll go out to dinner.  Just the four of us.”

“Thanks, mom.  That sounds nice.”

Adam and Kris finished their coffee in the kitchen with their mom and then they drove back to the apartment in Kris’s new truck.  It still had that new car smell and Kris loved driving it.  He never let Adam forget how much he loved his birthday present.

“So what do you think that’s about?” Kris asked Adam, regarding the dinner plans.
“I think mom’s just missing all of us already.”

“Are we okay?”  Kris turned to look at his boyfriend.

“Of course we are, baby.  Why would you ask that?”  Adam worried about the future, but didn’t know that Kris was also.

“I don’t want to hold you back,” Kris blurted.
“I don’t want to hold you back either, baby.  You could get a scholarship at a great school, Kris.”

“What you want to do is so much more important than me.”

“Kris, that’s not true.” Adam nearly shouted.

“Yeah, it is.  I can play ball anywhere in college.  I don’t even know what I want to major in yet.  I’m going to follow you, alright?”  It was already settled in his mind.  “If that’s okay with you.”

“I love you, Kris.”

“I love you, too.”

“You have to promise me something, though.”


“If you decide what you want to do, you’ll tell me?  Even if it's not what you think I’ll want?”


“I don’t want you giving up anything for me, Kris.  Please at least discuss it with me and give me a chance to talk you into it.”

“Okay, Adam.  I promise.” He looked up into Adam's eyes and only saw love there.

With that out of the way, they concentrated on better ways to occupy their time.  Adam had his hand on Kris’s crotch, gently stroking him, as Kris’s breathing got heavier. “Don’t crash, baby.”

Kris chuckled, as they pulled into the parking lot.  “We’re here!” he squealed, jumping out of the car, his sweats thoroughly tented now. “Come on.”

Kris ran around to the passenger side and pulled Adam out of the truck. “In a hurry, baby?”

“You started it.” Snickering, Adam followed Kris to the front step and then used his key to open the door.

“Tommy?” Adam peaked in just to make sure they were alone.

“Come on, baby.” He dragged Kris back to their bedroom. “Now, where were we?”

Once in the room, he shut the door. “Lay down on the bed, Kris.”

Kris began to undress, but Adam stopped him.  “Uh uh.” He put his hands on Kris’s chest and gently pushed him onto the bed, helping him scoot to the top.  Then he crawled over him, knees spread on the outside of Kris’s legs, their crotches touching.  Kris just looked up at him in wonder, as Adam slowly peeled off his t-shirt, caressing his skin.  He took his time, admiring his boyfriend’s physique, driving Kris wild with want as those blue eyes bore into his skin.  He stopped to kiss the rosy buds on his pecs, sucking till they stood at attention. Then he blew across each one, extracting a moan and a shiver from his boyfriend.

Adam could feel Kris’s hard cock as it pushed into Adam’s. He slid down Kris’s body, and tugged at the waistband, tugging the material off of Kris’s body, kissing his thighs, then the inside of his knees as he slipped the pants off completely.  Then he concentrated on the band of Kris’s underwear. Adam pawed the material and Kris’s cock twitched in anticipation.

Adam tucked his finger in the waistband gently pulled them down, exposing Kris's cock as it bounced against his stomach.  He hurriedly took them off the rest of the way and tossed them the floor next to the rest of his clothes.  Then he sat up and admired Kris's naked form.
Kris felt vulnerable, but in a good way as Adam molested him with just his eyes, never taking his gaze off of him as he slipped his own shirt over his head.  Kris just laid back and watched the show as Adam stripped for him. He rolled over, propping his head up with his elbow as Adam got off the bed and danced for Kris as he slid his pant down past his knees, kicking them off to the side.  Then he wiggled his ass and swayed his hips, slipping his hands inside the white cotton, tugging the material down his legs until they slipped down the rest of the way and Adam kicked those away too.

He stood naked in front of Kris, who was still propped up but his hand was now raking over his own cock.

"Mine," he said, leaning over and slapping Kris's hand away. He crawled back on top of Kris, spreading his legs wide open, bending his knees.  He kissed the top of Kris's cock, spreading the tiny pool of pre-cum and then sucked the tip, swirling his tongue.  Kris bucked, wanting more. "Shh, baby." Adam kept his mouth right there, as his fingers went to work on Kris's hole, teasing the outside and dipping in just so.  Kris squirmed, grunting for more.  He knew what he wanted.  He egged those fingers on as they slid in and out, deeper and deeper until...

"Ah, fuck…"  Kris panted, that feeling of pleasure ripping through his body as Adam's finger brushed against his prostate. Kris fucked his fingers, wanting that feeling again and again.

"Baby, slow down," Adam warned, smiling as he moved his lips from Kris's cock to his balls, taking each one into his mouth and gently sucking, as he stretched Kris's hole with three fingers now.

Kris was a hot mess, writhing on the bed.  "Please," he begged.

"Knees up, baby."  Adam quickly spread lube all over his shaft and the tip and then he lifted Kris's legs over his shoulder, lining up his cock with Kris's ass and he gently pushed in.

Kris whined at the burn, but coaxed him in further.  "Fuck, don't stop."
Adam knew after all this time, how much Kris could take and how fast, so through his complaints, Adam kept the pace slow, stopping each inch for just a moment to allow Kris to adjust.  The entire time, he looked Kris in the eyes and gave him words of encouragement.  "You're beautiful, Kris.  I love you so much…"

Kris didn't speak, but his eyes gave away his feelings just the same.  He pushed back on Adam's cock till he finally slid the rest of the way in.

Kris panted as the feeling subsided from slight discomfort at being completely filled, to pleasure of being completely filled.  He rocked his hips, "come on."

"That's it, baby.  You're doing great," Adam told him as he began sliding his cock in and out of Kris.  "So good for me."

No coherent words came out of Kris, only babbling sounds and indecencies as Adam fucked him good.  He built the rhythm slowly at first, getting faster and faster until the only sounds heard were balls slapping Kris's ass and grunts.  "Baby, come for me." Kris reached down and pulled on his dick and within seconds he clenched, the feeling coming to a head as he came over his hand and squirted both their stomachs.  "Beautiful."

Adam reached around Kris, placing his hands on the two globes of Kris's ass and slammed into him repeatedly until he shouted, "KRIS!" He pumped his load inside of his boyfriend and he slowed down, his cum filling Kris's ass. 

Their breathing was still heavy as they held onto each other.  "God, that was--fuck."
"Yeah," he said, panting into his boyfriend's neck.

Adam pulled out, and some of the semen drooled out of Kris.  "Be right back,"
Kris tried to argue, but when Adam returned with a wet wash cloth to clean him up, he could only nod his head in thanks.

They still had a couple of hours before they had to get ready for dinner, so Adam set the alarm on his iPhone and laid it on the nightstand.  Then he drew his arms around Kris, cuddling him as they both fell into an orgasm induced sleep.


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