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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 115
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2732
Rating:NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine,
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Summary: Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.
This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

A/N: This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with
me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I'll try an update once a week.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 115

Adam woke first to the alarm buzzing by his head.  "Baby, wake up," he said, nudging Kris.

"Noooo," Kris complained, as he curled up closer to Adam, pressing into him.  All it did was arouse Adam, and he flipped Kris onto his back and kissed him awake.

Kris slowly came to and began kissing him back.

"Come on baby, we have to get ready."

"...really unfair," he groaned.

"We can finish this in the shower," Adam said, palming Kris's naked hard on.

"Kris finally opened his eyes, grinning and grabbing Adam's hand, he pulled him into the bathroom. They had a large tub and shower; perfect for the two of them.  "I wish we have time for a bath."

"Tonight, baby," Adam promised, turning on the faucet.  As soon as the water warmed, he turned the knob for the shower and led Kris inside, kissing his neck, shoulders, back, nudging fingers into his crack…


After they'd finished playing in the shower, actually cleaned off, and then got dressed, it was time to meet their parents. They were meeting at to the house and then Ron would drive to the restaurant.

"So what do you really think this is about?"  Kris asked when they were in the truck.

Adam shook his head.  "I think it's going to be a parental talk about our futures," he said, dreamily.

Kris snickered at that. "Well, at least we get a nice meal out of it."

"Yeah, you're right." Kris didn't remember life before the Martin's but Adam did.  He never had a concerned parent worrying about his future.  But then he thought about the money that his mom had left him.  He had such mixed feelings about all of it, but one thing was for certain; Pam and Ron Martin loved both he and Kris and looked out for them.  If they felt they needed to talk to him, then he wanted to listen. He patted Kris's knee and remained quiet for the rest of the ride back to their house.

Pam and Ron were waiting for them and looked very serious.  Adam started to worry.  "Is everything alright?"

"Everything's fine, sweetheart. We just want to talk to both of you.  Make sure you're on track for your futures.

"Sound's deep," Kris groaned.  He was too young to worry about his future, wasn't he?

Pam walked over to her youngest son and hugged him.  "We love you both so much."

Ron interjected, "and we know that you both love each other so much, that you might not look out for yourselves in favor of each other."

Adam nodded.  "We already talked."

"Good, we want to hear all about your plans."

That only slightly eased their tension.  "Relax boys.  We just care about you."

"We know, mom." Adam hugged Pam and Kris, and Ron patted both boys on the back. "We love you, too; so much."

"Shall we go?" Ron opened the door to let the group out.  He unlocked the Suburban and the boys climbed in the middle row, hands together.

"Where are we going?"  Kris asked.  His stomach rumbled at the thought of food.  "Seafood?"

Adam snickered.  "You are so easy to please, baby." That earned him a smirk from Kris and a look that was pure lust. Adam had to stop himself from kissing that look right off of his boyfriend's face right then, but a peak in the front, and he noticed his mom watching them, smiling.  Talk about cockblocker.

They arrived at the Red Lobster in town and Kris gasped, tumbling out of the suburban.  Adam giggled, picking him up before he stumbled completely.  Adam loved this restaurant too.  They had good memories here. "I'm getting lobster."

"Of course you are, baby."

The hostess greeted them, and because it was a week night, they were able to get a table right away.  The Martins followed her into the dining room and sat down at a table while she handed them each a menu.  "You're waitress will be right with you."

"Thank you," they all murmured, opening up the menus.

Once the waitress had brought their drinks and taken their orders, Ron cleared his throat. "So, Adam, this is your second year at college.  What do you think you're going to do when you’re finished?

Adam had given this a lot of thought, but Kris and lack of his plans kept him from getting a clear picture.  "I am definitely finishing school.  Then, I'm not sure, except that Tanner's brother has offered to help me if I go to New York.  And, Kris and I already have friends there.

"Kris is behind you by two years."

"I know that,” Adam snapped, then softened.  “I won't leave without him."  That made absolutely no sense to not only himself, but by the looks on their parents faces, Adam knew they caught on to his miscalculation as well.

However, Ron turned his attention to Kris and drilled him with questions instead.  "What schools are you planning on applying to, Kris?"

"You know I want to apply to Central Arkansas with Adam."

"Have you talked to their baseball program?"

"I've got coach helping me with that.  He knows the coaches over there and has put in a good word for me.  I plan on meeting with them soon."

"Okay, Kris.  That sounds great.  What do you want to major in?"

This went on for about twenty minutes.  Kris wasn't sure yet, but he was going to start with liberal arts, since the first two years were mostly gen ed classes and then he could decide.  He also told them that he could transfer after two years to wherever Adam wanted to go.

"So, you both have thought about this a lot?"

"Yes," they both chimed.

"What if you are offered a scholarship to an out of state school, Kris?  Would you turn it down?"

"I wasn't planning on applying anywhere out of state—oh, is this about money?"  Kris got quiet.  Did his parents need him to get a scholarship?

"Kris, it's not what you're thinking at all.  We have a college fund for you, and since it's instate, it won't be expensive," Ron interrupted. "This isn't about money," he assured him.

"But, Kris, what if you were given the opportunity to play at a really great program that wasn't here?"

"I could get a scholarship at UCA.  Why, do you want me to go away?"  He looked down sadly at his plate, wondering why his parents were trying to get rid of him.

"Baby, I don't think that's what they’re saying."

"Kristopher Martin, look at me," Pam lifted his chin so his eyes met hers.  "We love you."

"I know."  He really did.

"We want what's best for both of you.  I'm just asking you to think about what is best for you, and consider your options.  We don't want you closing doors on your future because you want to be with Adam."

Now Adam flinched, the sharp words cutting him.  But he did understand.  "Mom, dad, I won't hold Kris back."

"And I won't hold Adam back, either."

"I made Kris promise me that if something came up, that he'd tell me no matter what so we could decide together."

Both Pam and Ron looked at their boys and nodded.  They had seemed to work this out and they were satisfied, for now.

"Now, let's eat," Ron said just as the waitress delivered their meal.  Kris tore into his lobster, with Adam chuckling.

"What?"  He asked with a mouthful, and butter dripping down his chin.

Adam resisted licking it off, and took a napkin to Kris's face instead.  "I love you," he whispered.

"We're really glad that you two have each other."

"We know mom.  And, we know that you're just looking out for us."

After dinner they ordered dessert and coffee and then Ron drove the group home.  "Do you boys want to sleep here tonight?  We could watch a movie together?"  Pam looked hopefully at the two of them.

How could they say no?  "Sure, mom.  We'd like that."  Adam answered for Kris, knowing that if Kris had his way, they'd be sleeping naked at the apartment, but he knew that their mom could use a family night.

Adam hadn't completely moved out, so he still had plenty of clothes in the dresser.  They both changed into their pajamas and met their parents in the family room.  Pam had made popcorn and they cuddled together on the couch and watched the movie.  One by one, each of the Martins fell asleep.

Ron woke first and nudged his wife.  She stirred and then sat up, realizing where they were.
"Should we let them sleep?"  She asked of the boys.

"They'll be more comfortable in their own beds.  Here, we'll each lead one up the stairs."

Pam nodded as they gently shook Kris, as Ron did the same with Adam.  Then they helped them stand up and walk up to their room.  Ron helped Adam in first, and then he took Kris, and laid him next to Adam.  They promptly fell right back to sleep in each other's arms.

Pam put her finger to her lips and made a "shh" sound, and gently closed the door to the boys' room.  Walking to their room she shook their head.  "I really love those boys, Ron."

"I know, dear.  They're good kids, and they'll make good decisions."


The next morning, Adam woke up to Kris fondling him over his pajama pants. "Mm, baby"

That encouraged Kris until they both realized they weren't at the apartment.

"Kris, we can't here."


"Sorry, baby."  He kissed Kris quickly on the lips and nudged him.  "Come on, let's get dressed."

When they went downstairs, Pam and Ron were in the kitchen having coffee.  "Sleep well, boys?"

"Yeah, thank you." They had obviously put them in the same bed.

"Good," she said smiling, and handed them each a steaming cup.  "I've made pancakes."

"Looks amazing, mom."

"I know you boys have plans at the apartment, but I wanted to feed you before you go."

"You know, mom.  I can come home every weekend if you like." Adam could tell she was missing him already, and the other two.

"Nonsense, Adam.  We'll see plenty of you." Pam Martin looked around the room at the expressions on her two sons' and husband’s faces and shook her head.  “Okay, so I’ll admit that I’m missing you all already.  Kris, too, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want you two to live your lives.  I love you too much for that.” Then she smiled and held out her arms as Adam and Kris hugged her at the same time.  “I just want you both happy.”

“We know, mom.”

The ride home was subdued again.  Kris drove while Adam rested his hand in Kris’s lap.  There was nothing sexual about it; he just wanted to be close.

When they were entering the campus housing, Adam finally spoke.  “Baby.”

“I know what you’re going to say.”

“Please don’t ruin your life for me,” he blurted.

“Adam, being with you is not going to ruin my life,” Kris shot back angrily.

“I don’t want you having any regrets.  I mean that, Kris.”

“Adam, I don’t really know what I want to do yet and I’m going to take college to figure that out.  But the one thing I do know is that I don’t want my life without you in it.  End of story!”

Adam couldn’t help but chuckle at that, and he squeezed Kris’s leg.  “Okay then.”
Kris nodded, finally putting that discussion to rest.  He was going to set up a meeting with the coaches at Central tomorrow and see about getting at least a partial scholarship to their program, and then he’d start working on his college application. He heard that doing early decision bettered his chances of getting in.

Just then, Adam’s cell buzzed and it was a text from Tommy. r u up to a party?

"Babe, Tommy’s asking if we want to go to a party."

Kris shrugged his shoulders.  “I guess.”

Adam quickly typed, Where is it?

um, our place???

“Tommy wants to have a party at our place.”

not big, just our friends.  call it a housewarming.

“It’s okay with me.  But let’s kick them out early.” Kris had that evil lust face.

Adam laughed. “Yeah, okay.” He typed his response to Tommy. What do you need us to bring?

A few seconds later, Awesome! Thanks, man.  Just help me set up.

We’re on our way. Adam put his phone down.  “Well, I guess we’re having a party.”

They pulled in a few minutes later to the parking lot and jumped out of the truck. “I’m sure we’ll need to run to the store, but let’s check in first.”

When the opened the door, Tommy and Danielle were in the kitchen putting away the beer in the refrigerator and laying out bags of chips and Daniel was putting together some kind of five layer dip.

“Hey guys,” Adam said, walking in with Kris just behind him.  “What can we do?”

“Hey Adam, I hope you don’t mind.  I know I said I’d be out all weekend, but…”

“Tommy, this is your place too.  Besides, it’ll be good to see everyone before school starts.”

“Thanks, man. How about you, Kris?  I didn’t ruin any plans, did I?”

Kris really did look like someone had kicked his puppy, but he just shook his head.  “It’s cool, Tommy.  I like parties,” he shrugged, but gave himself away by glancing over at the bedroom.

“You know, Adam,” Dani said. “I think you’ve turned little Krissy into a sex maniac.” She chuckled.  “Kris, you are definitely not the little kid who used to come over and play with Ethan.”

“Dani, I was like 10,” he said, blushing.

“Oh, I invited Ethan and a couple of your friends tonight, too.”

“Really?”  That definitely perked Kris up.

“Yeah, you guys are almost in college now, so why not? Just don't get too drunk.”

“Thanks, Dani. I won't." He'd never forget Adam's prom when he puked all night and embarrassed himself. He was never going to repeat that.

Adam liked seeing Kris so happy. “So, guys; what can we do to help?”


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