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Up in Arms Chapter 4

Title:Up in Arms
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2700
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
This is fanfiction.  Just for fun, no harm intended. I do love my boys.

Warnings:  yup, just male sex
Kris is a bartender in a club and Adam is hired as the new singer/waiter.  They have an immediate attraction.  Will it lead to more?  Sorry, sucky summary.

I started this almost a year ago because i saw ally4's avi of Kris, and his arms just looked so good, I needed to write a story about them.
. arms

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Up in Arms - Chapter 4

Adam took Kris’s menu and put them both face down on the table, signaling they were ready to order.  Sutan had already brought out two glasses of wine and the boys were sipping and chatting when this very bouncy waiter came over to the table.

"Adam", the man squawked.

"Cheeks", Adam stood up to hug their waiter, while Kris sat watching the exchange.

Cheeks?  Kris laughed to himself. What kind of a name is that?

"How have you been, you gorgeous creature?"  The man called Cheeks asked Kris's date, while kissing him on both cheeks and squeezing him a little too long.

"Great Cheeks, I have a new gig.  You need to come and see me, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, text me the deets, babe."  Cheeks finally noticed that Adam wasn't alone.  "And who do we have here?” Cheeks asked, flirty.

"Hi, I'm Kris", he said, reaching out his hand to shake the waiter’s.

"Nice one, Adam", Cheeks looked Kris up and down.

“Cheeks, stop drooling over my date, will ya?"  Adam goaded his friend.

"Well, Adam always did have good taste", he added, ignoring his comment, still gawking at Kris.

Kris couldn't help feeling like he was in a fishbowl tonight, with everyone giving him the once or twice over; this one practically undressed him with his eyes.

Adam rattled off their order, to which Kris wasn't even paying attention.  He just kept watching the way that "Cheeks was ogling his date and touching him on the shoulders and...
"Sorry about that", Adam gurgled apologetically when Cheeks finally left the two of them alone.

"So, you come here often?"  Kris raised his eyebrows, but smiling.

"They're both really good friends of mine.  Actually, Cheeks and I used to date", Adam stopped, wondering if he shouldn't have told Kris that.

"Oh, really?"

"A long time ago", he continued.  We're just friends now, for years actually."

"He seems..."

"Handsy?  Yeah, that's just Cheeks."

“Well, I feel like I’m dating the most popular kid in school.”

“Ha, I’m the lucky one, Kris.”

Kris was satisfied with all of his answers.  It wasn't like he and Adam were anything yet, so he had absolutely no right or reason to be jealous, but...  "So how long did you two date?"  Kris tried not to sound like he really cared.

"Couple of years", Adam shrugged.

That's a long time, Kris was thinking and then chastised himself again.

"Like I said, ancient history, Kris.  We make much better friends."

Kris smiled at the unnecessary, but appreciated the explanation of the bouncy ex-boyfriend, whose only similarity to Kris was his brown hair and eyes and southern accent.

"Now, enough about him, I want to know all about you, Kristopher Allen."

“What do you want to know?”

“What was it like growing up in Arkansas?”

“You mean, gay?”

Adam just shrugged, “Yeah”

“Well, I had a girlfriend in the seventh grade and her name was Katy.”

“Girlfriend, huh?”

“Yeah, we grew up together and were best friends, but she wanted me to be her boyfriend so I said yes.”

“And what did you do with this girlfriend, Kristopher?”  Adam teased.

“Not much.  But she wanted me to carry her books and walk her to class and shit like that.”

“Ladies man, huh?”  Adam chuckled.

“Well, that was about the time when all of my friends were starting to get interested in girls and I wasn't, so I just thought…”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. “

“Anyway, she tried to kiss me and I realized that I had no interest in kissing her at all.”

“Aw, poor girl.”

“It gets worse.”

Adam couldn't help but chuckle.  “Do tell.”

“Well, there was this new kid in school and he was really cute.”

“Aw, first boy crush.”

“Yeah, but I didn't know that.  I wanted to be his friend so bad, I felt so drawn to him.”


“And, well, we were hanging out one night in his room playing video games and he was so close to me and I felt…”  Kris hung his head in shame.

“Go on”, Adam coaxed him.

“... really warm and I wanted to touch or kiss him or something.  It freaked me out so much, I ran into the bathroom and realized I had a hard on.  I splashed cold water on my face and tried to calm down, and then I just took off running out of his house.  He never knew, but I was mortified.”

“I’m sorry, Kris. 

“Yeah, anyway, I realized that I liked boys and tried to hide it for a couple of years until high school.  Katy said she already knew and she went back to being my best friend.”

She was your Danielle”

“My what?”  Kris laughed.

“Danielle was, and is my best friend.  She knows everything about me.”

“Yeah.  So what’s your deepest, darkest secret, Adam?”  Kris took a long sip of wine.  He’d never told anyone that story before.

“I'm really a ginger”

Kris almost spit out his drink, “Are you serious?"

Adam nodded, "Up till just after graduation."

I bet you were adorable.”

“Yeah, not so much.”

Adam proceeded to tell Kris about being the fat, drama geek ginger kid and the only place he felt comfortable was up on stage.

“I bet you were amazing.”

“Well, there I realized I had a voice.”

“And Danielle?”

“We had a garage band together.”

“Cool, so when did you realize you didn't like girls.”

“About twelve.  Like you, I hid it.  I didn't come out until after high school, though, but most of my friends knew it, too.”


They both sat in silence while Cheeks brought out their meals; he did enough talking for the both of them.

“You will just love these dishes, Kristopher”, he eyed him up and down again.  “You’re quite the dish, too.”


“What, Adam?  I’m just being friendly.”

“Get your own”, he gently reprimanded his friend.

“I’m just complimenting your taste in boys, geez”, and he whisked away.

“He’s quite a character”, Kris noticed.

“That he is.  Dig in, Kris.  I got several things for us to share”

“Wow, they look amazing”, Kris looked over the three main dishes in front of him.  There was Portofino Ravioli in wine sauce, Chicken Rigatoni and jumbo crab cakes.

“I always thought it was more fun to share.”

Kris raised his eyebrow.  For some reason his thoughts went to Cheeks.

“Food, Kris”

“Good, I don’t share”, he winked, putting a bite of ravioli in his mouth, savoring it.  “Oh my God, this is delicious.”


They spent the rest of the evening sharing funny stories from their youth, including awkward first times.  Before they knew it, dessert was finished and it was time to leave.

Kris grabbed Adam’s arm.  “I’ve had an amazing time.”

Adam smiled, “I’m glad, baby.  But, I hope it’s not over yet.”

“What did you have in mind?”  Kris asked, his eyes twinkling.  He liked the sound of that.


Kris hesitated, dancing sounded fun, but he really just wanted to be alone with Adam.

“How about my place, then?”  Adam suggested instead, taking Kris’s hand.

“Sounds perfect”

Adam paid the check, ignoring the sneering comments from their waiter, ending with, “Don’t do anything I wouldn't do, boys.”

“Well, that doesn't leave much, so”, Adam retorted, snickering at his friend.

“Whatever, Adam”

“Bye Cheeks, I’ll see you soon?”

“Of course, babe”

They said good night to Sutan on their way out and then walked out to the car and Adam turned back into the gentleman, opening the door for his date.  “I really had a great time”, Kris said, before climbing into the passenger seat.

Adam put his hand on his shoulder to stop him.  “Kris?”


“So did I”, he said softly, brushing the hair out of Kris’s face with his hand, touching his cheek.  “May I?”

Kris nodded, and then Adam brought his lips to Kris’s as they met for the first time, fitting perfectly together.  Kris opened his mouth, allowing Adam’s tongue entrance into his wet warmth.  The kiss began slowly at first.  Then Adam slightly parted his own lips, and they gently explored each other's mouths.  It was perfect.  They parted and then stood in front of each other.  There really was nothing to say, so Kris blushed instead, and then took his seat in the car.

Adam came around and got into the driver’s seat and started up the car.  “I don’t live far from here”, he told him.

“So what kind of music do you listen to?”  Kris asked, fiddling with the preset buttons on the radio.  “Pop?”

Adam shrugged, “I like all kinds of music, but yes, I like pop--and rock.”

“Cool, me too”, Kris settled on a top forty station that was playing Katy Perry.  “I love this song.”

“Thank you”, Adam turned his head to look at Kris.

“For what?  I should be thanking you.  Dinner was incredible”, Kris babbled.

“For our first kiss”

“Oh”, Kris blushed again.  It’s all he could think about, actually.  "That was pretty incredible, actually", he said, dreamily.

“It was”, he agreed.

Kris nodded, “I can’t wait for our second.”

Adam's face flushed and cock twitched, his foot pressing the gas pedal a little harder.

Soon he was pulling into his parking lot and harshly cut the engine before running over to Kris’s side to open the door for him.  He came within centimeters of kissing the man again, but instead smirked causing Kris’s dick to twitch in anticipation.

Adam unlocked the door to his apartment, allowing Kris to enter first.  The smaller man stopped just inside.  The living room which Kris could see from the foyer was decorated very masculine, with a leather couch and love seat and beautiful mahogany coffee and end tables.  There was a matching entertainment system which held a large screen television and stereo.

“This is really nice, Adam.”

Adam shrugged, “It’s small, but I like it.”

Adam shut and locked the door behind them and then walked over to Kris, who was still standing in the foyer, waiting to be invited inside. “

Instead, Adam leaned over Kris and they finally shared their second kiss, which was even better than the first.

“So… “How about that night cap?”

“Sure”, Kris was remembering their conversation when Adam explained what a date with him would be like.  "Wine?"

"Of course", he said, walking into the living room.  "Make yourself comfortable, Kris.”  He gestured to the sofa.  "I'll be right back."

Adam came back a few minutes later with a chilled bottle of Chardonnay and two fluted wine glasses.  He'd opened the bottle in the kitchen so it could breathe.  He poured a glass for each of them, handing one to Kris, and then sitting down next to him.

They watched each other while they drank their liquid courage and made small talk.  Then Adam sat his glass on the table and scooted closer to the other man, “Kris”, he breathed, leaning over him for another kiss.


They were making out pretty heavily on the couch, each wanting this to go further, but hesitating to make the next move, when Kris abruptly sat up.

“What?  What’s the matter?”  Adam asked him, breathless.

“I’ve… I’ve never done this on a first date before”, Kris confessed, grabbing his glass of wine for moral support.

“Oh, we don’t have to, Kris…  That’s not why I brought you here…”  Adam tried not to sound disappointed.

“No!  I just didn't want you to think that I was a slut or anything”, he replied, sheepishly.
Adam chuckled, God, could he be any more adorable. “You know”, he picked up his glass again.  “If you’re not careful, Kristopher Allen, I could fall completely head over heals for you.”

“You could?”  Kris blinked his eyes.

“And I've never done that before that on a first date”, he smiled.

“Well then, to first times”, Kris toasted, clinking Adam’s glass, both men grinning.

They each took a final sip of their wine, and then Adam put their empty glasses down and took Kris’s hand, leading him to his bedroom.

Once they were inside the warmly inviting room, Adam took Kris into his arms, pushing him against the wall, kissing the breath out of him, leaving him begging for more.  “Fuck…  Adam…”

“Mm, you mean, fuck Kris.”

“Yeah, please.  Fuck Kris.”

“You sure, baby?”

“I’m sure”, he panted, through kisses.  “Take me to bed, Adam.”

“Come here”, Adam led him over to the bed and began to slowly undress him.  “You’re so beautiful, Kris”, he stood back to admire the man’s nakedness.

“You’re still dressed”, Kris complained.

“So, undress me”, Adam challenged.

“My pleasure”, Kris accepted, slowly taking off the taller man’s pants, sliding them to the floor.  Adam stepped out of them while pulling off his shirt, leaving only his underwear, which was tenting due to the growing bulge.  Kris couldn’t help but stare.  Adam was huge.
“Scared?”  Adam teased.

“Nuh uh, you?”  Kris smirked, sinking to his knees and licking him through the cotton on Adam’s drawers.

“Ah, not fair, Kris.”

“Humph”, Kris pulled down the tighty-whities to reveal Adam’s hard, leaking cock, bouncing from the sudden release from its captivity.  “You’re gorgeous”, Kris breathed, as he licked the tip, tasting the pre-cum that had pooled there, and then he swallowed him, taking the whole thing.

“Kris, please”

Kris sucked and licked Adam’s cock, getting himself very hard in the process and then Adam pushed him away.  “Baby, I want to come inside you.”

Kris stood up and kissed Adam, “Yes”, he agreed, pulling Adam over to the bed.  Adam laid him on the bed and covered him with his body, while they made out.  Kris was painfully hard at this point and begged Adam to fuck him already.

Adam grabbed the lube and a condom from his bedside table and lay them next to Kris, while he arranged the smaller man’s legs.  He poured some lubed onto his fingers and while kissing the inside of Kris’s thighs, he began slowing pushing a finger into his tight hole.  Kris arched his back, urging Adam to go deeper.  “Eager, baby”, Adam whispered.  “You’re so beautiful, Kristopher”, he said, adding another finger inside of the man, brushing against his prostate.

“Fuck that feels good.”

“You like that, baby?”

“Yes, more”

Adam added a third and began stretching him, hitting his pleasure bump over and over.  He took the other hand and slowly massaged Kris’s balls, driving the other man sweetly insane.
When Kris was thoroughly stretched, Adam withdrew his fingers, causing a groan from Kris in protest.  Adam just smiled and rolled on the condom, spreading a generous amount of lube over his cock.  “Adam, fuck”

“I know, baby”

Adam slowly began to press himself into Kris’s hole.  “Breath, Kris.”

“I’m good”, he said, lying back, his eyes closed, feeling Adam’s cock stretching him and filling his ass.  “God”, he panted, while Adam pushed the rest of the way in.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, just give me a sec”

Adam kissed him, waiting for Kris to give him a nod, then he began to move; slowly at first, in and out of Kris’s tight heat.  “Fuck, you feel amazing, Kris. “

“Faster, Adam.”  Kris tightened his legs around Adam’s waist while they moved together, Adam plunging deep inside the other man, both grunting and panting.  “Fuck, more.”

“Okay, hang on, baby”, Adam warned, as he reached around, grabbing Kris’s ass and then thrusting his cock in and out of the other man, impaling his hole, and assaulting his prostate.  “Oh God”, Kris howled.  “Adam, fuck, I’m gonna…” and then he quivered, the tremor building inside of him as his orgasm finally hit him hard.

That’s all it took for Adam, as he came inside of Kris.  Panting so hard, and sweat forming on his brow, he finally stopped; looking at them man beneath him, and he put his head on Kris’s chest.  “Fuck that was incredible, Kris”, Adam murmured in Kris’s ear.

All Kris could do was moan. 

Adam pulled out of Kris and tied off the condom, chucking it in the wastebasket by his bed.  Then he lay next to Kris and they kissed again; this time, sweetly, as they were both still riding their high.

“Adam, that was amazing.  I’ve never felt anything like that… before.”

“To first times”

They snuggled, wrapped up in each other.  “Stay with me?”  Adam asked.

Kris just nodded, and soon they were both asleep.


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