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Title: Driving Me Crazy - Chapter 5
Rating: NC-17
By: [ profile] mhobbs0430
[ profile] wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2434
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.
Warnings: m/m sex, blowjobs, just the normal stuff.
Summary: Kris Allen is home from college and looking for a summer job. He gets a call from his cousin who works security for a venue in Little Rock. Famous pop star Adam Lambert is in town for a big concert, but one of his bus drivers fell and broke his leg. They need someone immediately to fill in for a couple of months. Kris jumps at the chance and gets the job and he ends up driving Adam’s bus.

They travel mostly at night when most people sleep, but Adam has insomnia so he is up talking to Kris... Kris can't help but fall for Adam even though he has no intention of letting on. Adam has a high maintenance, diva boyfriend back home who makes him miserable. Will Adam realize that Kris is the one for him? Or will Kris make the first move to convince Adam to dump his boyfriend for someone more laid back?

Author's Notes: This was written for Harlequin Kradam.  I tried to stay on point, but my muses have their own ideas sometimes.

Driving Me Crazy Chapter 5

Morning came fast as everyone’s wakeup calls drove them out of their deep slumbers right at seven thirty am.  “Ugh,” Kris thought.  But then he remembered shopping in New York City with Adam and he jumped right out of bed, excited to begin his day.

Waking up wasn’t quite as easy for Adam who’d let himself get just a little inebriated the night before.  He hadn’t been so drunk that he didn’t remember anything but he was kind of embarrassed at how close he came to being inappropriate with Kris in the cab ride back to the hotel.  He was really glad for Tommy; always the voice of reason, stopping him from making a huge mistake.  Or would it have been? Just then his phone buzzed.
Jason? Adam looked at the clock.  It was a little early for California.  What was he doing up this early, or late? He wondered.  Then he read the text, “Miss you, babe.”

Adam smiled and pressed the letters on his phone.  “Miss you too, Jason.”  But it didn’t feel right.  Jason hardly ever texted him something sweet like that, especially when they were apart like this.  Then he berated himself for thinking that.  Jason was a sweet guy, when he wanted to be.  “Love you”, Adam texted.

There wasn’t another text from Jason after that first one, so Adam let it go and took a quick shower.  He was going shopping in the city today.  He couldn’t wait to take Kris to all of the trendy stores.  He smiled to himself, singing the whole time.

Everyone met in the lobby for breakfast at eight thirty and was led into the lobby restaurant for brunch.  This morning Adam seemed happy, which made everyone else happy and relaxed as well.

Kris was chattering happily with his buddies, Kurt and Dillon, who were joining them for shopping later.  Adam felt just a twinge of something, watching the three of them.  What was it, jealously? Of course not, Adam, you have Jason. He had to remind himself.

Tommy, Brian, Ashley, Kurt, Dillon, Kris and Adam got into the car provided for them and headed into the shopping district of Manhattan.  The first place Adam wanted to go was Barney’s.  “Kris, they have amazing designers at Barney’s.  It’s my favorite store in all of New York.”


Tommy snickered.  “Just let him have his fun, Kris.  It’s easier that way,” he teased his boss.

Dave had called ahead at Barney’s so they were expecting them and had their best sales people just waiting to assist the rock star and his entourage.

Kris was a little out of his element here, and Adam saw that right away.  “Let me just find a new pair of boots and then we’ll head over to Soho, alright?  That’s where the fun shops are.”

Kris nodded, trying to get as excited about Adam’s boots as he was.  Tommy laughed and pulled him over to the belts.  “You should buy something; it’ll make that one happy you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Why don’t you buy something?” Kris asked the guitar player.

“Because I don’t care about making Adam happy...  Well, I do, of course, but… I mean…”

“How about this one?” Kris rolled his eyes, playfully.


Tommy was right; Adam was delirious over Kris finding something leather and gorgeous at Barney’s.

“Kris, that’s so you,” he told him, hands on hips, grinning his face off.

Chuckling, Kris had to agree.  They made their purchases and then hopped back into the car that took them to the Village of Soho.  They had a mix of trendy and unknown stores as well as big names like J. Crew and Old Navy.  Adam steered clear from those stores, and instead took Kris and the gang to “A Second Chance”, and Digs before heading over to the vintage shops of the East Village.

After a full day of shopping and lunch in a trendy café, the group slumped into the seats of their car and headed back to hotel.  Adam was teasing Kris about hitting pay dirt at Tokyo Seven where Adam picked him out the perfect Marc Jacobs jacket.  “You are so wearing that out tonight, Kris.”

Tommy and Ashley just looked at each other with Brian snickering in the corner.

“Yes, we’re going out again, I know the perfect club.”

“This is your town, baby boy,” Tommy told him.  “We’re in, right Ash?”

“We’re dressing you,” Kurt informed Kris, who didn’t dare argue the way that Dillon and Kurt were practically sneering at him.

“Don’t make him look like a porn star,” Adam warned the pair.

“We’ll make him gorgeous,” Kurt promised.  For you, he barely whispered.

Kris groaned in his seat, but still looking forward to it.  Not that he thought anything could come of this, but he really enjoyed going out with Adam.
After naps in their hotel rooms, the boys scurried over to Kris’s room with several items of clothing in each of their hands, and something that looked like a makeup bag.  “Oh no”, Kris told them even before fully opening the door.

That didn’t stop them as they barged in, Kurt walking Kris into the bathroom and plopping him on the closed toilet seat and then spreading out the products across the counter, while Dillon kept bringing in combinations of different look for Kurt to “poo poo” at.

“Adam wants me to wear the jacket.”

“So, you do like him,” Kurt accused.

“Of course I like him, he’s a great guy; you all like him.  And, he has great taste, so…”

“That’s not what I mean,” Kurt stood grinning, his boyfriend shaking his head at him.

“Ok, okay, yes, I like him.  But, he’s got a boyfriend, so I’m going to be happy just being his friend, alright?” Kris huffed.

“Sure thing, darlin’,” Kurt proceeded to apply a little eye makeup to his squirmy canvas, while Kris sat and contemplated his situation as pathetic as it was.

Dillon came in to check on the progress and nodded his approval.  “You’re gorgeous Kris; he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.”

“This sounds an awful lot like a set up,” Kris eyed Kurt, suspiciously.

“Whatever do you mean, Krissy?”  Kurt batted his eyelashes at his accuser.

“I think that Adam has a boyfriend and that no matter how you parade me in front of him, that’s not going to change”, he said, sadly.

“Well,” Kurt continued working on Kris’s eyeliner, “I think that boy deserves better.  Have you met Jason?  He’s a total douche bag.”

Dillon snorted from the door jam, arms folded.  “Yeah, he really is.”

Kris so didn’t want to get his hopes up and these two were making it worse.  “Okay, look.  I like him, but he’s with someone else, and I’m not a cheater and unless I’m very mistaken…”  He looked pointedly at both of his friends, “…neither is Adam.”

“We’ll make you pretty anyway”, Kurt decided.  “There”, he sat back and admired his work.

Kris stood up and looked in the mirror.  He looked good.  “Wow”, he gazed at himself.

“Let’s go make a rock star crazy, huh?”



Tommy, Ashley and Brian were in the lobby first.  Adam texted Tommy and said he’d be down in a minute when the boys arrived.  Dillon and Kurt walked in front of Kris and tried to keep him hidden until Adam came down and they could ‘reveal’ him.

“Why are you hiding, Kris?” Tommy asked, trying to get a peak.  Kurt was too quick though and kept him concealed.

“Oh,” the guitar player snickered.

Just then, Adam came down the stairs looking absolutely stunning; wearing the boots he bought at Barney’s and a very tight pair of leather pants along with a low v-neck shirt that revealed ginger chest hair.  Kris couldn’t help staring at the tiny soft hairs that blanketed that broad chest.


“Hi Adam.”

“You look amazing,” the rock star complemented him.

Kris just nodded, still stunned by the presence before him.

Kurt nudged him, hard and Kris jumped.  “Sorry, thanks, Adam.”

Snickering, Tommy broke the tension by telling them they both looked amazing and then led everyone out to the cars waiting for them.
“Way to be cool, Kris,” Kurt teased him.

“Shut up,” he punched his friend in the arm, but totally blushing.

Adam had picked out the club for the evening.  It was one of his favorites, XL Nightclub.  The ride over was cozy, Kurt shoved Kris in next to Adam and he could feel his warmth.

“I’m really glad you came out tonight.  I can’t wait to dance.”

Kris couldn’t either, but he had to remind himself that Adam was taken and he shouldn’t get his hopes up.

Adam’s phone buzzed when they were in the car.  He picked it up and smiled.   ‘Hey babe, how was shopping?’

Adam quickly typed into his phone, ‘Awesome, wait till you see my boots’

He waited for a response but didn’t get one.

‘Love you’, he typed.  No answer from Jason.  Shrugging, he put the phone away.

Tommy wondered what that was all about.  “Everything alright boss?”

“Yeah, it’s great.  Let’s have a good time.”

“But not too good, we have to be on the road in the morning,” Tommy reminded everyone.

Adam looked over at Tommy, his behavior the previous night.  That couldn’t happen.  Then he looked over at the brown-eyed boy next to him.  He was so cute, but…

He reached for his phone again and texted his boyfriend, ‘I miss you, Jas”

His phone was eerily quiet.  Huh, Adam thought to himself.  Maybe he’s busy?

Just then, they arrived at the club.  People were already lined up outside waiting for entrance.  Adam and his entourage were led right through the door and upstairs to the VIP lounge.  They ordered a round of drinks and watched the dance floor until Adam couldn’t stand it any longer.  “Wanna dance?”  He asked Kris.

Kris downed his drink and jumped up a little too eagerly, causing Kurt and Dillon a fit of the giggles.

“Yeah”, he answered, ignoring his friends.

As they walked away, Tommy and Brian both shook their heads, while Kurt smiled smugly, taking all the credit for Kris’s look tonight.
“What are you two up to?”

“What?  I think he’s good for Adam.  He’s obviously head over heals for him,” he shrugged.

“Well, I agree,” Tommy said, holding up his drink in a toast.  “Let’s hope Adam comes to his senses.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Brian answered and they all took a swig.

The waiter noticed the empty glasses immediately and had another round brought over.

Meanwhile, Adam and Kris had found a spot on the floor.  “You look great, Kris,” Adam told him.

“Thanks, Kurt had his way with me.”

“What?”  Adam almost choked.

“You know what I mean.”

Adam felt a twinge of something at the thought of someone else touching Kris.  Why?

They danced a few fast and slow numbers and were building up a thirst.  “Should we head back?”

“Sure,” Kris said, actually wishing they could stay on the dance floor together all night.

When they got back to the table, Adam noticed his phone has several missed calls; all from Jason.  Followed by an angry text, ‘Where the fuck are you?’  and then ‘You’d better not be fucking around, Adam’ and finally, ‘fuck you, two can play at this game’

Adam looked at his phone in shock.  Where the fuck did that come from?  Then he felt kind of guilty because, yeah, he briefly had thoughts of Kris that way.  But what did Jason mean by that last one?

He started to text back, but kept erasing his message.  How did he answer something like that?  He sighed and then handed his phone to Tommy.  “Keep this for me?”

“Sure thing, baby boy,” Tommy took the phone and then placed it in his pocket, smiling at his friend.

They had another round and then Adam was pulling Kris to the dance floor again.  This time he was dancing closer to the younger man, grinding him and losing himself in the music.  Kris knew he was being used, but he didn’t care right now.  He was dancing with the hottest man in the club.  And he was totally falling for the guy.

They ended with a slow song and Kris had his arms around Adam’s, feeling his warm body close to his.   He really wanted to kiss the man, but he didn’t.   Only because he didn’t want the rejection; Adam was taken, after all.

Soon, it was time to head back to the hotel.  Adam kept his wits about him tonight, and didn’t drink too much.  He tried not to think about those messages but they were eating him up.  Why did he put up with that shit?  And what the hell did Jason mean by, ‘two can play at that game’?  Was he fucking around on him?

He was going to call him first thing tomorrow.


Adam woke up the next morning to no further texts from Jason.  He didn’t know what to do.  Should he call him?  He wanted to last night, but now, he didn’t know.  Did Jason really think he was fucking around on him?  He felt frustrated, but then Kris popped into his mind and before he realized it, he was smiling.

Kris, meanwhile, went to bed and woke up to thoughts of Adam.  Dancing with him, holding him, kissing him…  He had to take care of himself twice since last night.  He was glad they were getting on the road again.  He needed time to think.

After breakfast, Kris and the other drivers headed out to the bus to get prepared for the journey to the next city which was only two and a half hours away in Albany.  They’d be in NY for a few days with shows in Syracuse and Buffalo before heading up to Boston.

Adam kept checking his phone, but wasn’t really expecting anything.  It was way too early in the morning for Cali.

Dave settled their bills and the group headed out to their mobile home.  Kris greeted them all as they climbed aboard.  “We just saw you,” Tommy teased him.

Adam arrived last; he was looking at his phone again.  He climbed up the steps and smiled sadly at Kris.  “Hey Adam, you alright?”

Adam just nodded and kept walking all the way into his lair.  He didn’t get it.  Why would Jason text, ‘You too, babe’ and then a minute later ‘Morning baby, miss you’.  What the fuck?


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