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Title: A Monumental Journey
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Sauli/Tommy
Word Count: 6008
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Rating: NC-17/Hard R

This never happened, I don't think.  It's based on real people, please don't show this to any of them.  I don't mean any disrespect to the individuals or any real relationship's between them.  This is just for our entertainment!
Warnings:  m/m sex, consensual sex with a supposedly straight dude, threesome, porn, etc...
Adam, Sauli and Tommy arrive in DC and check into their hotel to find out that they only booked one room and the rest are sold out.  This is what might have happened if Tommy decides to fess up and admit he's not all that straight.

Adam came to DC on March 12th and I finally got to meet him, twice. Yay!  So, we're in line waiting to be let into the Gibson Guitar Center and my friend Donna says, "We have an idea for a fic."  I listen intently, it's good.  I likey!  And, here it is!  Thank you Donna and Bellina!!!  This was so much fun.  I hope I did it justice.

The link to my Finally Meeting Adam Adventure, if anyone wants to read it!

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A Monumental Journey

Adam and Tommy got on the plane in Nashville that would take them to the Nation’s Capitol for the weekend before the three radio station promo that would occur on Monday. 

Sauli was flying in from Los Angeles and Adam was really missing his boy.  His plane was to arrive shortly after theirs. 

On the flight, Adam and Tommy discussed the plans for DC.  They would have all afternoon and evening on Saturday and then a free day on Sunday.  Adam wanted to do some sightseeing on Sunday and show the monuments to Sauli.  Tommy had never been either, so he asked if he could tag along.

“Of course you can, Tommy”, Adam said exasperated.  “You’re welcome to do anything with us.”

That earned Adam a smirk from Tommy.  “Anything, huh?”

“You know what I mean”, he rolled his eyes.  Tommy was his best friend.  His totally straight, but willing to play along for the fans, including bending that straight a little on stage, best friend.  Although, it wasn’t like Adam had never thought about what it would be like, but he pushed that thought away.  He had Sauli, now.  Man, was he missing him.

They arrived at Washington National Airport and walked towards the gate where Sauli would be arriving in a short while.  They found a bar nearby and stepped in for a drink while they waited for his boyfriend's plane to land.

“So, I thought we’d find a club to go to tonight”, Adam informed his friend. 

“Yeah sure, I’m up for that.”

“Even if it’s a gay club?”  He asked sheepishly.

“Adam”, he huffed. “You know I don’t have any problem with that.”

“I know, Tommy, but I want you to have fun, too.”

“Hey, I am and I will.  I’m sure I’ll get a lot of attention there, anyway.  You won’t have to worry about me.”

“Aw, those poor broken hearts when they realize that you’re not gay”, Adam giggled at the thought of Tommy grinding on the dance floor and then turning the poor dude down.  “Such a tease.”

They finished their drinks and then walked to the gate to wait for Sauli.  They got there just as the passengers were coming down the ramp. 

Adam spotted his boy first and yelled to him.  “Sauli”, he was all grins.  Damn he looks fine.

"Adam", he said in that cute as hell Finnish accent, waving hysterically.  Sauli ran to them and Adam pulled him into a hug.  "God, I missed you, babe."

"Missed you too", he said, as Adam kissed him right there in the middle of the airport.  They broke apart and then Sauli finally noticed Tommy.

"Hey man", Tommy nodded at the man.

"Tommy", Sauli hugged him too, and kissed each of his cheeks.

"Alright babe, let's get our luggage and check into the hotel.”

"Mm, can't wait", Sauli licked his lips seductively.

Tommy snickered.  "I'll just have a drink in the lobby while you two get reacquainted.”

"Now, that's a good best friend", Adam laughed.

Adam and Sauli walked to baggage claim with their arms linked while Tommy was on the other side of Adam.  They chatted about going out later tonight.

"Sounds like fun", Tommy exclaimed.

"Really Tommy?  You like dancing with cute boys?"  Sauli looked at him sideways.

“Yeah, it's cool. There'll be girls to dance with too, you know."

"Girls that think you’re gay”, Adam interjected.

"That's the best part, no expectations."

"Huh", Sauli glanced at Adam who just shrugged. 

The found their bags and there was a car waiting for them outside to take them to the hotel Monaco near Chinatown.  The car pulled up to the luxury hotel and the three men got out. 

The walked into the lobby of the luxurious boutique hotel and all three gasped.  “Nice hotel, man”.

“Only the best”, Adam walked them to the counter to check in. 

“Yes, Mr. Lambert.  We have reserved for you our Robert Mills Suite.”

“We had two rooms.”

“Two?”  The desk clerk began to look nervous.  “Maybe the second room is under a different name?”  He was typing furiously as Adam gave him all three of their names, hoping that the other room would be under one of them.

“Sir, I’m sorry.  I don’t see another reservation and we are completely booked for the next two nights.”

Adam was trying not to get annoyed in front of Sauli or Tommy.  “Alright.  Tommy, you can just stay with us.”

“Adam, I can’t do that to you.  I can get another hotel.”

“Nonsense.  I insist.  Unless you’ll be uncomfortable.”

“No, of course not, but don’t you two want to be alone?”

“We’ll shut the door”, he smirked.


They took the elevator it to their suite and Adam made sure that Tommy would be alright with the couch and then he and Sauli disappeared into the bedroom.

Tommy ventured into the kitchen and found a stocked refrigerator and grabbed a beer and started to make himself comfortable on the couch.

He wasn’t trying to listen, he really wasn’t, but it was sort of hard to ignore.  And much to his own chagrin, he could feel his own dick getting hard.  What the actual fuck? He thought to himself.  But those noises that Sauli was making, he just knew what was happening.  It wasn’t like he’d never thought of Adam that way before.  Adam was hot, for a dude.  But he always shook it off.  Adam was his best friend, and he was straight, right?

Before he got any more turned on, he downed his beer and went downstairs to the lobby.  “Shit, how am I supposed to get through the night with that shit going on”, he said under his breath.  “And why the fuck did it turn me on?” He knew why.  But he’d pushed those feelings away a long time ago.  Hadn’t he?

He sat at a table in the lobby bar and ordered another beer.  He decided to check twitter and watch a few YouTube videos on his phone to get his mind off of things.

Adam and Sauli came down about an hour later, all smiles. 

Tommy just looked between the two of them and grinned.  He liked seeing Adam so happy.

“Ready to have some fun, Tommy?”

"Sure, let's go"


They were going to the Cobalt Club which was a gay night club in DuPont Circle, Washington, DC.  There was a huge dance floor upstairs and posh lounge downstairs.  It came highly recommended as a hotspot in DC.

The boys jumped in a cab and rode to the club.  Adam’s people had called ahead so they knew that he was coming.  He was greeted at the door and the three men were escorted to the VIP section downstairs in the lounge with the club management.

They had a couple of cocktails and before long, Adam was talked into playing a few tracks from the new album for the club that he had on his iPhone.

They took them over to the DJ booth and he put in the first song.  Everyone was cheering and started dancing.

A few minutes later, Sauli noticed Tommy dancing with some tall dude.  He laughed, “He’s such a tease.”

Adam laughed, “That’s what I told him.”

“I wonder…” he started to say.

“What’s that?”

“How straight he is.”

“Who, Tommy?  Very.  He’s had girlfriends.”

“Yeah, but he was totally ok with kissing you on stage.”

“That’s was just fan service”

“Adam”, Sauli looked at him seriously, “I saw the video from Amsterdam.  You two were totally making out, and he looked really into it.”

“You watched my videos, babe?”

He shrugged, “Of course I did.” 

“Not jealous are you?”

“Not at all”, he kissed him for reassurance, “but it does make one wonder.”

“He’s never shown any indication, Sauli.”

“Look, Adam”, Sauli tugged on his arm to get his attention.

Adam looked over and saw Tommy dancing really close to that dude.  “I see.  It’s nothing.”  Then Adam’s mouth dropped wide open as the guy kissed Tommy right on the mouth, “Shit.”

“Just like you two on stage”, Sauli commented.

“So, he’s used to that shit.  Doesn’t mean anything.”

Sauli looked back at Tommy and he was still dancing with the dude.  He just shook his head.  “That boy is not completely straight,” he said, to no one in particular, as Tommy kissed the dude this time.

Sauli turned his attention back to Adam at the DJ booth.  The next song came on, “Naked Love” and Adam was singing along and dancing with himself, but gazing at his boyfriend.  Sauli and Adam held their eye contact throughout the entire song, as Adam sang it to him.

Adam played four of the tunes altogether and the crown response was amazing.  He heard one girl scream, “Oh my God, It’s Trespassing”.  He loved that his fans already recognized and loved the new music.

After he left the booth, they got another drink and then went out on the dance floor.  The guy still dancing with Tommy had his hands on Tommy’s hips and they were grinding together.  Tommy had his head thrown back and looked so fucking hot.

“Adam”, Sauli was pressed against him as they danced.  “Have you ever thought about Tommy, you know?”

“Before you?  Yeah, sure.  But, like I said, babe.  He’s totally straight.”

“But what if he wasn’t ‘totally’ straight?”

“I have you now, baby.  I love you.”

“I know that.  I love you too.  I was just wondering.”



“Yeah, if he were into it?  I’d totally do him”, he smirked.

“Hah!  I knew it“, Sauli laughed and then grinded into Adam, their hands on each other’s hips.

“So, we should totally go over there and join them”, Sauli suggested.

Adam led Sauli over to where Tommy looked like he was getting fucked right there on the dance floor.  He didn’t notice them at first, but the grinding dude tilted Tommy’s head towards him so he could whisper, “Friends of yours?” 

“Huh?  Oh, hey Adam, Sauli.”

“Tommy”, they both smirked at their friend.

“Join us”, the dude said, and the all four were dancing together.  Dude tried to grind Sauli, but Adam politely stepped in between him and shook his head.  “He’s mine”, he told the dude.  “No grinding.”

“No problem” and just danced with the Finn, while Adam placed his hands on Tommy’s hips, causing Tommy to reach for Adam’s arms. 

“Do you know what you’re doing, man?”  Adam asked his friend.

“Yeah, I’m having a good time.”

“You know that guy wants to fuck you, right?”

Tommy shook his head, “He’s not really my type.”

“No, he’s not.  He’s a guy.”

Tommy just smirked and then they switched partners again.  This time Sauli with Tommy and Adam had the dude.  He felt like he should set him straight.  “So you three are a couple?”  The guy asked first.

That totally took Adam off guard.  “What?  That’s my best friend Tommy, and the other cute little blonde is my boyfriend.

“So he’s not taken.”

Adam shook his head.  He really should tell him, but it wasn’t his place to do so.

“You mind?” 

Adam shook his head again and they switched back.  “What did Tommy say?”  Adam asked Sauli.

“That the guy’s a good dancer.”

“Really, that’s all?”

“Oh, and he’s not his type.”

“Yeah, that’s what he told me.  What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“You know, Adam.  I have an idea, but I don’t want you to get mad.”  Sauli pulled Adam off the floor and they got a table.  They ordered another round and then Sauli continued.  “There’s one way to find out if he’s really straight or not.”

“Sauli, what are you suggesting?”

“Just a little fun.  You know I love you, right?”

“I love you, too”

“I thought we could experiment a little.”

Adam wasn’t much of a player, but he had done threesomes before, a long time ago.  If it was anyone else he’d say ‘no way’.  But this was Tommy.  And he was curious.  Tommy always said he was straight, but he didn’t always act like it.  Adam should know.  There was more than a few times after a show, where Adam had definitely wonder about Tommy’s straightness.

“I’ll follow your lead, babe”, the decision was made.

They went back out onto the dance floor as Tommy was just coming off, led by grinding dude.

“Hey Tommy, where you going?”

“To get a drink”, he yelled over the music.

“Can we join you?”


“Follow me, we already have a table.”


Their car was waiting for them when they finally got outside the club.  Everyone was just a little tipsy, but not drunk.  Sauli got in first, and then Adam gently pushed Tommy inside so he’d be between the two lovers.  Tommy sat back in the car and relaxed.  “Fuck that was so much fun.”

“Yeah, you looked really into that guy.  What did you finally say to him?”  Adam wondered.

“I just told him that I didn’t do that at clubs”

Adam snorted, “Seriously?”

“Yeah, that I’m not that kind of guy.”

Sauli and Adam both laughed, but then stopped.  “So what kind of guy are you, TommyJoe?”  Adam used his most seductive voice.

“Hmm?”  He leaned his head back; he was very relaxed from the alcohol.

“Would you never do it with any guy or just not a total stranger?”  Sauli had leaned over him, rubbing his chest and then lowered his hand, just over his groin.

Instead of Tommy jumping up and yelling at them, or pushing his hand away, Tommy actually leaned into Sauli’s hand, welcoming the pressure on his cock.

Adam, on the other side of Tommy, petted his hair, and then he kissed him, who then kissed him back, their tongues swirling, as Sauli’s hand was starting to work Tommy over.

“When were you going to tell me, hmm?” 

“I don’t know.  I wanted to but... Ahh", he reacted to Sauli’s fingers, massaging his balls over the cotton material of his pants.

“But what?”  Adam licked his ear.

“We’re best friends.  I didn’t want to mess that up.  And then you had Sauli.”

“But Sauli’s into it, too”, Adam pressed his lips against Tommy’s and then Sauli’s lips joined theirs.

Tommy just nodded.  He didn’t even know what he’d just agreed to.  But he wanted it. 

Here was the thing.  Tommy knew he liked girls.  But, he’d had a few encounters with guys too, in college; although he’d never actually fucked a guy, or been fucked.  He just figured it was drunken experimentation and pushed it away.  Then when he met Adam, it brought up all kinds of strange urges and longings that had been long forgotten. 

He loved kissing Adam on stage.  Adam was so hot.  More than a few times, Tommy had left the stage with a raging hard on because of Adam’s kisses.  But, they were friends, and he worked for Adam.  And, mainly, Adam thought he was totally straight.  So he let it go.

Then, Adam met Sauli.  Tommy wasn’t jealous; he loved Adam and wanted him as his best friend.  He was really happy for the two of them.  Sauli’s a great guy.

But, now it appeared that both Sauli and Adam were onto him.  And, they were suggesting a what?  Threesome?  Tommy gulped.  Yeah, he wanted this.  He’d dreamt of this.

The car pulled up to the hotel and the three men got out.  Adam helping them each onto the curb and then he shut the door and they walked into the lobby of their hotel.

In the elevator, Adam addressed Tommy.  “So, have you ever been with a guy before, Tommy?”

Tommy sheepishly answered, “Yes.”

Sauli got a confident look on his face that said, See, I told ya.

“But”, he continued.  “I’ve never had a dick in my ass.”

“So what have you done?”

He shrugged, “Blow jobs, mostly.  I’ve gotten fingered a little before.”

“Is that all you want to do?”

He shook his head.  If he was doing this with Adam, then he was going all out.  “No,” the lust dripping out of his mouth as he spoke, “I want it all.”

Adam smiled, “Ok Tommy.”  They arrived at their floor and Adam opened the door to the suite. He first went to the kitchen and poured them each a drink.  He didn’t want anyone drunk, but he wasn’t sure he could do this totally straight either.

“You sure, baby?”  He asked Sauli and then kissed him hard, in front of Tommy, who reacted by palming himself.  Sauli nodded.

Adam noticed both men’s reaction and snorted, “Ok then.  Shower first.”

There was a huge tub and it would fit all three of them comfortably.  Adam figured this would be the first test; If Tommy could get naked with them.  But, his worries melted away as Tommy tore his clothes off first, dick already leaking.


Sauli and Adam followed and soon they were all naked in the bathroom, just staring at each other.  Tommy laughed first, “So, are you going to turn on the water?”

“Yeah, sorry.  It’s just…  Wow.”

“I never thought either.”

Adam climbed in the shower first, the warm water pouring over his body.  Sauli and Tommy followed and Adam helped them get under the water as well.  He rubbed soap over Sauli first, getting into all of his crevices and kissing the wet skin.  While Sauli rinsed off, Adam turned his attention to Tommy and did the same; soaping him and caressing his skin.  Tommy kissed Adam back, while Sauli was now behind Adam.  The two men helped Adam get clean as well and by the time they were all rinsed off and getting out of the shower; they were hard, leaking and panting with want.  Adam handed them each a towel as they followed into the bedroom.  The bed had already been turned down and there was a piece of chocolate on the pillow.

Adam picked it, carefully unwrapped it and then put it in his mouth, beginning to suck.  Then he grabbed Sauli and let the chocolate melt in their mouths, mingling with the saliva.

“Fuck, that’s hot”, Tommy breathed, waiting to be invited to the party.

“A couple of rules”, Adam said, releasing Sauli.  “Sit, both of you.”

They obeyed and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Adam to set the guidelines for tonight.

“Nothing changes after tonight, agreed?”

“Shit, absolutely, man.  I’m not trying to get in between you two or anything.”

“I know that, Tommy.  I’m just laying it out.”


“No one does anything they are not comfortable with.”

Sauli snorted at that, “Not a problem, babe.”

“I don’t mean you, honey.  This is Tommy’s first time.  Tommy if you panic or change your mind, just say so, alright?  No regrets tomorrow.”

“Ok, anything else, boss?”  Tommy snickered.

Adam shook his head and joined the two on the bed.  “Let’s have some fun, boys.”

Adam pulled Tommy to his knees, spreading his legs apart so that Sauli could prep him and play a little, while Adam kissed him and worked over the top half of his body.  The double sensation was incredible.

Sauli had grabbed the lube and rubbed against the back of Tommy with his own cock, he began lightly rubbing over the man’s balls, gently caressing each one and then slowly moving his hand up his cock with one long stroke.  When he reached the tip, he rubbed across the slit and circling his finger around the sensitive edge, Tommy moving to the same rhythm trying to get more friction on his cock.

Adam was thoroughly exploring Tommy’s mouth, licking across his teeth and dipping inside, swirling his tongue, not missing anything.  Then Adam released and smirked at Tommy as he moved his mouth over the man’s nipples, first the left one, licking around the bud and then sucking on it.  He popped off and mouthed his way over to the right, giving it the same attention.

Adam moved down Tommy’s body until his mouth was positioned at Tommy’s cock.  Sauli slid his hand down Tommy’s shaft, letting Adam take him into his mouth.  While Adam sucked on his tip, Sauli began pressing fingers into Tommy.  He let out a moan.

“Mm, Tommy. You’re doing great, babe.”

“Fuck, you guys are good at this.”  Tommy was glad that the two were holding him up because he felt boneless, except for his cock.

Sauli used his lubed fingers to stretch Tommy open, hitting his prostrate.  Tommy let out a squeal.  “God, do that again.”

“Like that?”

“Please, I want…”

“What do you want, babe?”  Adam asked his guitar player.

“Adam, fuck me.”

“I thought you should start with Sauli.  I’m a lot to handle.”


“Don’t worry, you’ll have this later.”  He pointed to his own cock.

Sauli spoke, “I’m the appetizer.  You’ll thank me later.”  He winked.  Sauli wasn’t small, by any means, just smaller than Adam.

“Ok”, he panted, “Just hurry.”

Sauli grabbed a condom and sheathed it over his cock and then slicked himself with a generous amount of lube.  Then Adam gently laid Tommy on the bed, holding his legs in the air while Sauli positioned himself, and then he rested them on Sauli’s shoulders.  “Ready, Tommy?”

Adam kissed Sauli for encouragement as his boyfriend slid his dick inside of his best friend’s virgin ass.

“Ah, burns”, Tommy spat.

“Want me to stop?”  Sauli quickly offered.

“Fuck no”, he panted.  “Just…”

“I’ll go slowly”, he promised.  Sauli inched his way inside of Tommy’s ass, stopping every inch to let the man adjust to the intrusion. 

Meanwhile, Adam occupied Tommy’s mouth.  “Adam”, he stopped the kiss.


“Let me suck you.” 

Adam smiled, evilly.  How did he not know this about Tommy?  He was so kinky.

Adam lowered his cock over Tommy’s mouth, his hands resting on the headboard of the bed.

Tommy stuck his tongue out to lick the tip of Adam’s cock.  They were right, he was huge.  He always knew he would be.

“You tell me if it’s too much, alright?”


Adam fucked Tommy’s mouth, being careful not to choke him.  He slid his cock in and out of Tommy’s wet mouth.  “Fuck, Tommy.”

Adam could tell when Tommy was getting close to coming from Sauli fucking him.  He pulled out and jerked off Tommy’s cock instead.  Tommy couldn’t have done much else at this point anyway; he was moaning and panting too hard.  He let the boys work him over and then choked out obscenities as he came all over Adam’s hand.

“Good boy, TommyJoe”.

Sauli pumped his cock inside of Tommy just a few more times till he was coming as well.

The three men met up at the top of the bed and kissed each other while the two blonde’s came down.

“Adam, what about you?”  Tommy realized after that amazing sex that Adam hadn’t gotten off yet. 

“I’m gonna fuck my boy, now.”  He smirked.  “And you’re gonna watch.”

Tommy was just as glad. He didn’t think he could even move right now.  Besides, watching Adam fuck had to be quite something to see.


After getting cleaned off in the bathroom, Tommy returned to the bed and got himself situated at the head, propped up on pillows, hands behind his head, soft cock nestled between his legs.

Sauli and Adam were on their knees making out, arms around each other; tongued flicking and tasting, lips connecting.

Tommy was still spent, or he’s sure he’d be getting hard just watching this.

Adam’s hands were caressing Sauli’s ass, kneading his two perfect globes.  Then Adam pushed his boy back on the bed, resting him next to Tommy.  He looked over at Tommy once and smirked, then went back to the task at hand.

Adam was on top of Sauli, their cocks grinding together as Adam made love to his mouth.  It was only kissing and sucking tongues, but it was the hottest fucking thing Tommy had ever seen.

“On your knees, babe”, he instructed, as Sauli turned over, onto his hands and knees and stuck out his ass for Adam.  “Mm, nice.”  He spread Sauli’s legs a little further apart to give him better access and then he opened his cheeks and began to lick at his hole.

“Fuck”, escaped from Tommy’s lips as he sat up to get a better look.  That perked up his dick a little too, surprisingly.

Adam dipped his tongue in as Sauli squirmed. Then, not breaking contact, Adam rubbed across his balls, caressing.  Sauli, hard and leaking again, began fucking Adam’s tongue.  “Adam”, he panted.

“You like, babe?”

Tommy nodded furiously as he whispered, “Fuck yeah.”  He was having trouble keeping his hands to himself at this point.

Adam held Sauli’s hips to keep him from thrusting and went back to licking around his hole, firm pressure on his nuts.  “Turn over, babe.” 

Sauli collapsed and then rolled over for Adam, his legs bent and spread apart.  “Lube”, he growled to anyone, and then Tommy handed it to him.

Adam leaned over his boyfriend, his chest spreading Sauli's legs even further and he kissed his belly button and inched his mouth down to his groin, licking along the way until he stopped at his cock.  He poured some lube on his fingers and while sucking the tip of Sauli's cock, he dipped a finger into the man's hole.

It was filthy and delicious all at the same time.  Tommy was rubbing his own cock now, but, as fucking hot as it was being a just a spectator, Tommy couldn't just watch any longer.  He somehow got Adam's attention and begged with his eyes.

Adam nodded, and Tommy leaned over and kissed Sauli.  It was hard and wet and caused a moan from the Finn's mouth.  Tommy was on his knees leaning over Sauli now as they made out.

Meanwhile, Adam had three fingers inside of him, stretching his hole and hitting his pleasure bump.  Sauli was fucking his fingers, Adam's mouth now lapping at his balls.

"Please", he breathed into Tommy's mouth, who then shimmied his way behind Sauli now, letting the man's head rest in his lap, while Adam generously applied lube to his own cock, now wearing a condom.  They hadn't used them in a year, but didn't want Tommy to feel bad.

Tommy petting Sauli's head and rubbed his shoulders as Adam's huge cock slid into his eager hole.  He did it so easily.  Tommy wasn't sure he could take it that fast, or at all.

Adam saw the look on his guitar player's face and laughed.  "He's used to me, Tommy.  Don't worry; I'll go easy on you."

Tommy smiled and relaxed.

"Adam", Sauli begged, "Move."

Tommy liked this view, he could see Adam's cock slide in and out of Sauli's ass. It was incredible.  He was so fucking turned on.

Adam's cock thrust long and hard into Sauli, whose legs were wrapped around Adam’s upper body allowing the bigger man to go as deep as possible as he leaned over his man.

“Love you baby”, Adam pressed kisses into Sauli’s thighs as he pumped him with his cock, massaging his prostate, Sauli openly moaning in pleasure.

"Tommy", Sauli reached behind him, wanting Tommy to touch him.

He understood immediately and reached for his cock and tugged it a few times, mixing the pre-cum and sweat, making it slick.

“Fuck”, the Finn screamed out as he came; Adam following him.

Tommy sat back and really, he just wanted to applaud.  It was a beautiful thing to see.  He was just glad to be apart of it.

Adam’s rested on top of Sauli, their breathing slowly coming back to normal as they lay together.  “Come here, Tommy”, Adam coaxed him over closer so they lay together, as one.

Tommy offered to get washcloths to clean them up and then made some more cocktails.  He thought he should give them some time alone.

He brought the wet towels and then made his way into the kitchen.  He couldn’t believe how the night was turning out.

Tommy finished the drinks and brought them into the bedroom, where Adam and Sauli were still laying together, lazily kissing.  They sat up when Tommy came into the room.  “Here, guys”, he chuckled, “You earned this.”

“I think we have one more round, don’t we Thomas?” Adam smirked.

“Shit, yeah.”

“But, why don’t we take a short nap, first”, Sauli said, yawning.

“Good idea”, Adam agreed.

“I’ll go to the couch, then”, Tommy offered.

“TommyJoe”, Adam commanded.  “You get right over here on the bed with us.”


Sauli started laughing; “I think after having sex with us, it’s ok to actually sleep in the same bed.”

“Ok, I don’t want to intrude.”

That got Adam laughing as well.  “I think we’re way past that, man.”

The three got under the covers, Adam in the middle, curled around Sauli, with Tommy spooning the back of him.  They fell asleep immediately.


A couple of hours later, Adam awoke to both Sauli and Tommy working his cock.  He sleepily watched them for a minute, each licking a strip along his shaft and then meeting at the tip, licking around the edge and then lips connecting.  Somehow they were able to make out with Adam’s dick in the middle and it felt fantastic.

When they both looked up and saw that Adam’s eyes were wide open and lust blown, they worked him even harder.  Sauli took Adam completely in his mouth, while Tommy spread Adam’s legs so he could suck on his balls.  As much as he was enjoying this, “Guys, fuck”, Adam panted.  “I won’t last long like this.”

Tommy pushed Sauli away and smirked, “I still need him to fuck me.”

“I have an idea”, Sauli suggested.  He lay Tommy on the bed and then lay opposite him in ‘sixty nine’ position. 

“Good idea”, Tommy had to admit.  “But don’t let me come.”

Adam went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and pee and get a glass of water.  When he came back, his two boys were making the most delicious sucking sounds.  He wanted in.  “Flip over”


“I need Tommy on top.”  They obeyed, ending up in the middle of the bed, which was just fine with Adam.  Tommy’s cock was still buried between Sauli’s lips, but Adam spread his legs really wide, to give him better access.

Adam grabbed the lube and placed a condom next to him.  He started working Tommy’s ass open with a single lubed finger.  Tommy welcomed the intrusion and stuck his ass in the air, his cock sprung from Sauli’s mouth as he pushed Adam’s finger in deeper, wanting that feeling.  Adam found his prostate, “Oh god, again!”

The dual cock sucking obviously over, Sauli tried to carefully slide out from under Tommy, but Tommy had another idea.  “Sauli, just turn around, so I can rim you.”

“I really can’t believe this is your first time.”  He shook his head, but obliged.  Adam had to scoot back just a little to accommodate but had to smile at the sight in front of him.  Tommy’s ass in the air, begging for Adam to invade his body, while he had his tongue buried Sauli’s hole.

While Tommy’s mouth was occupied, Adam lubed more fingers and had three inside of Tommy stretching him before he realized what was happening; Adam being careful to hit his pleasure bump frequently.

When Tommy was fucking back on his fingers and making the filthiest sounds while still sucking on Sauli’s ass, Adam sheathed on the condom and began pushing inside of his puckered hole.

“Ahh fuck, Tommy.  So fucking tight.”

“Adam”, Tommy sounded a little panicky.

“You’re doing great Tommy.”

He nodded as Adam pushed a little farther.  Sauli turned around again, and was kissing Tommy to keep him focused. 

“Still with me, babe?”  Adam asked as he finally slid the rest of the way in and stopped, letting Tommy adjust to his size.

When Tommy started pushing back, Adam knew he was fine.  “Ok, Tommy, I’m going to start fucking you now.”  He warned.

“God, do it.” 

Sauli chuckled, only watching now.  With Tommy on all fours, Sauli had room to get underneath him again.  He put some lube on his hand, slowly tugging on Tommy’s cock, but not enough to make him come yet.

Adam had picked up the speed, talking Tommy through, while he penetrated his ass.  “You’re doing great babe; taking all of me.  Good Boy, TommyJoe.”

Only grunting sounds were coming out of the blonde guitarist now as he was being thoroughly violated and enjoying every second of the debauchery.

Adam felt really close, “Sauli, babe”, he called to his boy.  Sauli took the hint and began pumping Tommy’s cock. He was beyond any words, so he just screamed out as he came hard, his body jerked through his orgasm.

Adam grabbed his hips and thrust repeatedly until, “Fuck”, he slammed Tommy’s ass one last time, forcefully coming inside of him.

Sauli caught Tommy as he fell, Adam’s cock sliding out of him.  He groaned at the loss, but was thankful as well.  Adam reached for him, hugging and kissing Tommy as he came down.  Sauli, petting his hair and grinning.  He hadn’t gotten off yet, and Adam quickly realized it.  Letting Tommy alone, he turned his attention to his baby, sucking him till he came.

All three men, exhausted and sated wanted to just sleep, but Adam made them get up for a quick shower.  He found extra sheets in the closet and changed the bed, while his boys cleaned up.

Adam rinsed off alone, while Tommy and Sauli fell onto the bed, hugging the clean sheets.  When Adam came out of the bathroom, they were both sound asleep, holding each other.  He smiled at them and then crawled under the covers too, embracing both of them.


After a long deserved sleep, they woke up to a knock on the door.  It was room service.  Adam was already up and got the door, bringing the table into the bedroom, where his two boys were stretching and rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

“Breakfast”, he announced, taking the lids off of the steaming plates of food. 

“Mm, smells fantastic”, they both said at the same time.

“I thought you both deserved a feast after last night.”

Tommy smiled, “Yeah”, he said, rubbing his back side.  “I feel like I took a giant dick up my ass.”

“Any regrets?” 


The three men sat together on the edge of the bed and dug into their meal.  “Delicious.”

“So, you two want to see the monuments, today?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

They finished breakfast and got dressed.  Adam called the driver to pick them up and take them out for a full day of sightseeing in the nation’s capital.

Tomorrow, it was back to work.  Adam and Tommy had three radio station gigs and meeting their fans.  They couldn’t wait, and then they were flying to their next city.  Sauli was flying back to Los Angeles.  But today they would have some fun being tourists.   

“What are we going to do tonight, Adam?”  Sauli asked the question as they got into the car.

“Early night”, he said.  “No clubs.”

“Oh”, they both groaned.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t have some more fun tonight, boys”, he leered.

Tommy knew that after tonight, they’d go back to being just best friends.  He was totally ok with that.  He had a lot of fun, and he planned on having more, tonight.  There was one thing he hadn’t gotten to do yet.  A smirk appeared on his face just thinking about it.

Adam apparently could read his mind and shook his head, but the amusement on his face said otherwise.  Then he turned to kiss his boyfriend and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Thank you”, Sauli replied.

Sadly, the End!

mhobbs0430: (Beautiful Adam)
Title: Cute Boys Make the Best Valentine's
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Sauli, Tommy/Kris, Adam/Kris, Sauli/Tommy, Sauli/Kris, Adam/Tommy...
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
Word Count: 7543
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Please don't tweet this to any of them, it's really porny.

Warnings:  m/m sex, orgy, bj train, lots of sex
Adam and Sauli go back to NY for a promo tour and Valentine's Day.  They call the boys from the Plaza for some more fun.
This is the Sequel to Hurricanes, Maids and Cute Boys, Oh My!  You should read that one first.
I don't mean to offend any shippers out there.  This all for fun.

Link to Hurricanes

Cute Boys Make the Best Valentines  Part 1

Cute Boys Continued...

“Company, babe”, Adam jumped off the bed to greet their guests.  He was wearing the hotel bathrobe and nothing underneath.

Adam yelled, “Coming boys”, and then walked through the suite to the front door and opened it to find the most delicious boys, anxiously waiting on the other side.

“How have you two been?” He squealed, giving them both a hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

“Great, Adam.  So good to see you again”, Kris tried not to flail. 

“So, are you two working tomorrow?”  Adam asked the pair, licking his lips.

“Um, no.  We both got the day off.”

“Good boys.  I have tickets for the meet and greet tomorrow if you’re interested.”

“Oh my god, yes!  Thanks, Adam.” They both said.

“You’re’ welcome”, he giggled. He held out his hands.  “You know the deal.”

They handed him their cell phones and he shut them off, popping out the batteries, laying them on the table.  Then he walked them into the main room.

“Shit, this is amazing.”  The room was on the corner having a double view.  The city was all lit up gorgeous.  They could also see the river from here. 

“Well, it’s not the Plaza”, Adam winked.

“No, it’s way nicer”, Tommy whispered to Kris, causing him to snort.

“So boys, cocktail?”  He emphasized ‘cock’.


Adam led them to the master bedroom, where Sauli was sitting, robed as well, sipping on a drink.

He stood up and also gave the boys a hug.  “Nice to see you two again.”

They talked for a bit, while they relaxed.  It wasn’t like any of them were used to orgies, but the four of them just worked this way.  They decided long ago not to over think it and just enjoy it when the opportunity arrived again.

“So, here we are again, gentlemen...”

Adam walked over to Tommy and massaged his shoulders, while Sauli walked over to Kris and kissed him.  Then he began to pull him into the smaller bedroom with him.  “Thought we’d change it up a little this time, boys.”

They both nodded in agreement as Adam began to undress Tommy.

“You’re so pretty, Tommy”, Adam tugged on the last of his clothing, leaving Tommy exposed and vulnerable.  Tommy just blushed, and then pulled Adam’s robe completely off.  Tommy stared at the gorgeous man in front on him and licked his lips.

“You want this?”  Adam tugged his own cock, to show Tommy that it was ready for anything.  Tommy nodded and kneeled down on the floor and licked the slit of Adam’s huge cock.  Then the reached around and grabbed both of Adam’s ass cheeks, pushing all of him into his mouth at once, the tip hitting the back of his throat.

“Fuck”, Adam hissed.  Tommy played with his balls and teased his hole while sucking that big dick.  He didn’t want Adam coming; no he wanted Adam to fuck him.

“That’s so good Tommy”, Adam was bouncing, and then Tommy pulled off and turned around, showing Adam what he really wanted.   “Ok, eager.  On the bed, babe.”

Tommy went on his knees while Adam grabbed the lube and then began pressing fingers inside of the blonde boy.  “So pretty”, Adam repeated, as Tommy fucked his fingers, wanting them deeper and then Adam hit that spot and made him jerk and pretty noises come out of his mouth.

“Turn over, Tommy.  I want to see you.”

Tommy rolled onto his back, legs in the air.  Adam wrapped them around his waist, exposing Tommy’s hole while his cock twitched, wanting attention.  Adam pushed two fingers back inside, stretching him, while he took that beautiful cock into his mouth, slowly licking the shaft and teasing the tip.  Tommy needed more, he thrust into Adam’s fingers.  “Please”, he grunted.  Adam stopped moving his fingers, and sucked on the boy’s cock, his lips stretched around it, fucking him with his mouth. 

Tommy was going along with the rhythm, making dirty sounds with his mouth when Adam released his cock, and jerked his legs up to his shoulders.  Adding one more finger and hitting his prostate regularly now, he then quickly withdrew his fingers and slammed his cock in one swift move.  Tommy whimpered in pleasure-pain. 

Adam looked Tommy in the eyes, looking for a sign that he was ready for more.  Tommy started moving and Adam smiled.  “So good for me, aren’t you Tommy?”

“Uh huh, Oh god”, he yelled, as Adam slammed into him again.  Then he pulled almost all the way out and then slowly back in, massaging the area just below Tommy’s balls at the same time, building a rhythm.  Every time Adam hit his prostate, Tommy moaned.  This was the biggest dick he’d ever taken in his life and it felt good, so fucking good.


Meanwhile, the smaller men in the other room were getting comfortable with each other.  They made out on the bed, exploring their bodies with their hands.  Kris found Sauli’s cock with his hand.  It was already leaking, so he used the pre-cum as lube and teased his slit, rubbing it all around.  “Mouth”, Sauli groaned.

Kris eagerly slid his body down to Sauli’s groin and took his cock into his mouth, licking the tip, rubbing his balls with his other hand.  “Fuck, that’s so good.  Suck my cock, so good.”

Kris couldn’t resist that accent and sucked him harder, his mouth drawn around that beautiful cock.  He sucked in his cheeks, making the friction tighter and he fucked him with his mouth.  Sauli was so into it.  He knew he wouldn’t last long like this.

“Kris, stop.”

“Sorry, is it too much?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna come, babe.  Let me flip over onto my knees.”

Oh, Kris thought.  He wants me to.  Kris smiled.  He really wanted to.  He grabbed the lube while Sauli changed his position.  Kris generously lubed his fingers and inserted the first one, slowly, into Sauli, who let out the most delicious sound, encouraging Kris to continue.

Sauli pushed back on Kris’s fingers as he added a second and then a third, crooking them so they rubbed against Sauli’s pleasure bump and he practically shrieked, fucking Kris’s fingers, begging him to fuck him.  “Please.”

“Ooh, I love the way you beg.”


Kris giggled, Tommy would get bossy like that too.  He withdrew his fingers and placed the condom on his cock and poured the lube, spreading it around.  Then he placed his cock just at the entrance of Sauli’s hole and began to push, causing the European to curse in Finnish.

“Wow, that’s…”  Kris was dealing with his own pleasure, but to hear that man babble in another language was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard.  “Fuck, you’re so tight”, Kris groaned.  “So good.”

“Move Kristopher.”

“Like that?”  He began to slowly move in and out of the older man.  They got a rhythm going, Kris hitting his prostate over and over, driving Sauli to the brink.  He spoke a word in Finnish, but Kris knew exactly what he was trying to say.  He reached for his cock, and twisted and pulled, paying extra attention to the head.

“Faster”, the man panted.  Kris obeyed and they were both coming.  Sauli first, spilling all over Kris’s hand, just as Kris clenched and shot his load into that hot ass.


Several minutes later, Sauli and Kris came out of the smaller bedroom.  Still naked, they stopped in the kitchen for a bottle of wine and brought it to their boyfriends in the other room.

Adam and Tommy were lying flat next to each other, still breathing heavily from their hot session.  They both looked up, cracking up at the sight in front of them.  Sitting up, they each took a glass, their own partner settling in close.

“Mm, baby”, Adam kissed Sauli.  “You look so… spent.”

“Ha.  Not yet”, he smirked.

On the other side of the bed, Tommy and Kris were making out.  “Love you.”

Adam smiled at the pair.  This was the perfect fit.

They finished their drinks and then Sauli was tugging on Tommy.  “My turn”, he said to the other blonde.

Tommy gave him a wide grin and kissing Kris one last time, hopped off the bed, grabbing the Finn’s hand.


“This is what I’ve really been looking forward to all night”, Adam glared lustfully at the brown haired boy still lying on the bed.

“I love my boyfriend”, Kris reminded both Adam and himself.

“And I love mine”, the rock star smirked.

Kris just nodded.  They knew their chemistry together and it was smoking hot, and at the moment, neither wanted to resist it. 

Adam rolled onto Kris and began to kiss him.  He loved kissing Sauli, but the way Kris submitted to him and allowed him total control was so intoxicating for the naturally toppy rock star.  Adam licked across those sweet lips, pushing his tongue inside sucking on the other man’s tongue, causing a small moan; Kris squirming beneath him, trying to get some friction on his cock.  Adam broke the kiss, looking down at Kris with a mischievous grin and then he went down on him.

Kris was so pliant that Adam could arrange him anyway that pleased him.  He pushed his knees up and then spread them apart, exposing his swollen and leaking cock, dangling free and demanding attention.  Adam licked a stripe across Kris’s length causing it to harden further.  “Please”, the boy squeaked.

“Please what, baby?”  Adam growled.

“Please suck my dick Adam”, Kris said in that sexy southern voice that Adam just couldn’t resist.

“Since you asked so nicely”, Adam gave him relief by swallowing his cock, letting the tip hit the back of his throat. Then he expertly sucked and licked as he bobbed up and down on his cock, the most delicious and dirty sounds coming out of the other man.

He didn’t want Kris to come yet, so he popped off his cock and licked from his balls to his chest, sucking on the pink buds.  “My turn”, Kris said, shimmying down Adam’s body till he reached that amazing cock.  He couldn’t wait to get that inside of him.  But first…

Kris reached for the base of Adam’s shaft, right near his balls and began to stroke him.  “Oh Kris.”

Kris gave him a very sexy smirk and stuck his tongue out, tasting the pre-cum that had pooled along the slit.  “Mm”, he hummed around the man’s cock, tasting and teasing.

“Please...  Kris…”

Kris sucked in his cheeks, taking Adam’s cock into his mouth, his tongue sweeping along as he engulfed his cock.  “Uh God”, Adam moaned.  Kris was a world class cock sucker and as much as he wanted Kris to make him come this way, he really wanted to fuck him first.  “Kris, stop.”

Kris popped off, surprised.  “Was that ok?”

“It was fucking fantastic, but I want to fuck you, ok?”

Kris grinned, “Yeah.”

“Lay back and let me take care of you”, Toppy Adam was coming out.  Adam arranged Kris’s legs so he had perfect access to Kris’s perfectly puckered hole.  He lifted his legs a little, so he could taste him.  He licked the area around the entrance first, and then poked and sucked at his hole.  “God, you taste so good, Kris.”  He smelled like sex and Adam was so turned on he started fucking him with his tongue.

“Adam, want…”

“What do you want, baby?”

“You, God, please…” and then he whispered, “Fuck me.”

Adam pushed his tongue in deeper and fucked Kris with it. 

“Uh God”, Kris babbled. 

Adam grabbed the lube and quickly prepped Kris to take him.  He pushed in the first finger, which Kris immediately began fucking.  “So eager”

Then he added a second and a third, stretching him.  Once he had four fingers inside of Kris, he used the other hand to massage his sac and the double stimulation was almost too much for Kris.  “Now”, he squeaked.

“Ok baby.” Adam withdrew his fingers, but not before stroking his pleasure spot over and over; then replacing fingers with cock in one steady stroke.  “Fuck, Kris… Tight”

Kris’s eyes were blown and he was mumbling something trying to reach around Adam’s ass to pull him in closer to him and his cock deeper.

“Ok, babe, I’ll give you what you want”, Adam began to move slowly at first, sliding in and out of that gorgeous ass, picking up speed along with Kris’s plea’s for more.

“So hot for me, aren’t you?”  Adam couldn’t resist kissing the younger man while he plunged into him.  “You’re doing great, Kris.”

Kris tossed his head back, eyes rolling back, in complete ecstasy as he was being fucked.  Adam turned just a bit, his cock hitting Kris’s prostate as the he squealed.  “Oh God, again… Adam…  fuck…”

Adam got a rhythm that brushed against Kris’s spot every third thrust, sinking Kris into a babbling mess of beautiful boy.  “I’m gonna make you come now”, he said into his ear, licking, and then biting the lobe.  Adam sped up, striking his pleasure bump over and over until Kris was gasping and screaming Adam’s name and then he was coming hard, without one touch to his cock; which is exactly what Adam had wanted.   “Good boy.” He panted thrusting harder now, “Kris”, he yelled out, “Fuck”, he said as he pumped Kris’s ass through his own orgasm.


Tommy and Sauli in the other room had their own dirty scene playing out.  They were in a sixty-nine position; sucking and licking the other’s cock while prepping each other with slick fingers.  “How’s this going to work?” Tommy panted.

“You can fuck me first, Tommy, but don’t come yet.”

“Roll over”, Tommy growled. “On your knees.”

Sauli obliged and got on all fours, spreading his legs as wide as comfortably possible, sticking his ass out, waiting to be lubed and stretched.

Tommy was good at this.  He knew just where to rub inside of Sauli to make filthy noises come out of the Finn.  Then he sheathed on a condom and began to press his cock inside of him.

Tommy was slamming his cock inside of Sauli, who was pushing back with the same fervor.  “God, you feel so good.”

Sauli was getting close, so he stopped.  “Tommy, switch.”

Tommy pulled out, leaving the condom on and rolled under Sauli, leaving him in almost the same position.  He rolled on condom for the other man and lubed him up, guiding Sauli’s cock to his ass.  Tommy was still open from Adam fucking him earlier, so Sauli easily slid in.

Tommy’s legs were wrapped around Sauli’s waist, and Sauli’s arms were around Tommy’s ass, giving them leverage as Sauli pounded into him.  “I want you to come for me”, he whispered to Tommy, grabbing his cock.

They could hear Kris from the other room and it gave them encouragement.  “Tommy”, Sauli shouted and came inside the younger man and Tommy shot his load over Sauli’s hand.


Sauli cleaned them up and then they padded over to the suite, where Adam and Kris were laid out on the bed, naked and totally sated, Kris looking slightly dazed.

“Hey babe”, Sauli announced their arrival. 

Adam sat up, smiling.  “Come here and kiss your boyfriend”, he directed that to both of them as they came into the room and sat on the bed, kissing their respective boyfriend.

Kris was still lying down and Tommy lay down next to him.  “Hi baby”.

“Tommy”, Kris breathed, as Tommy kissed him hello.

Sauli and Adam reunited as well and then Adam suggested a round of cocktails.  Sauli nodded, and he and Adam jumped up to make them, leaving the other two boys alone.

“You doing alright, baby?”  Tommy asked a still debauched looking Kris.

“I’m great, Tommy.  Love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Adam and Sauli returned a few minutes with the drinks as Tommy and Kris were still making out.

Adam cleared his throat.

They broke apart, sitting up now, while Adam handed them each a glass.   “I’d suggest we get some room service, but I don’t want anyone dressed just yet.”

“No, food sounds really good”, Tommy replied.

“Ok then”, Adam got menu and let everyone decide before calling room service.

Adam suggested showers while they waited for their food.


Adam and Sauli went first so they could hear room service when they knocked.  Adam put on a robe so he could answer the door.  Sauli remained in his towel, making more drinks while Tommy and Kris rinsed off, rejuvenating themselves.

The food came and Adam signed the check, adding a generous tip. He thanked the waiter at the door and wheeled the meal in himself.

When he got to the bedroom, all three were sitting on the bed, towels fallen away.  They looked so good.  He got an idea.

“Why are you smirking, Adam?” Sauli asked suspiciously.

“I was just thinking how delicious you all looked”, he answered, taking the lids off the plates.  “Let’s eat, first.”

Adam had ordered a large assortment of appetizers that they all shared.  When they were finished, they washed it down with the wine that he’d also ordered.

“So, I thought we could try something”, he grinned.  “Babe, Sauli.  Lay down on the bed on that side.  You’re head at the end, babe”, he pointed to the lower right side of the bed.

Good thing it was a king or this would never work.

Then Adam hopped on the other side of the bed, his head at the top; a wide space between them.  He spread his legs a little, and gently touched his cock.

Tommy and Kris both looked at each other and then the two gorgeous men lying on the bed.  “I get it”, Kris said, his cock twitching.

“You are so bad”, Sauli breathed, realizing Adam’s plan.

“Where do you want us?”  Tommy asked, licking the inside of his lips. 

Adam just smirked at Kris and spread his legs a little wider, hoping that he’d get Kris’s cock.  He really wanted it to taste it, like right now.

Kris saw the look on Adam’s face and climbed onto the head of the bed, his Legs dangling near that wanton mouth and he placed his head on the other end against Sauli’s hips.

Tommy got the picture and crawled onto the other end of the bed, his head at Adam’s crotch and as he pulled his lower half on top of Sauli… ‘Oh god’, his cock was being sucked and then he moaned. “Shit, this is brilliant.”

For the next several minutes, there was no speaking, just dirty sounds of sucking and moaning, while mouths were busy pleasuring one another, balls being massaged and fingers making their way into their begging targets.

It looked like a porno, but no one cared or even noticed.  Their bodies and mouths developed a strange rhythm as they moved as one well oiled machine.

“Fuck, let’s switch.”

No one knew who even said that, but both Tommy and Kris changed positions at monumental speed, so now Kris was sucking Adam’s cock who was licking at Tommy moaning as Sauli felt Tommy’s tongue on him as he found Kris’s aching cock.  They barely missed a beat.

They could probably do this forever, but they needed more friction to come after all of the previous sex.

Tommy, who was a true switch, spoke first.  “I want to fuck Adam.”

Adam’s cock bucked as a response as he popped off of Tommy’s and Sat up nodding furiously.  “Now.”

They got into their new positions, Adam on his knees for Tommy who began probing his hole with lubed fingers, one at a time, since Adam was the only one not fucked yet.  It didn’t take him long to find his prostate and then Adam was begging Tommy to get inside of him, “Right the fuck now, Tommy”, he begged.

On the other side of the bed, Sauli gave Kris an unspoken invitation to fuck him, however, he stayed on his back, legs in the air, so Kris crawled in between them, lifting Sauli’s ass till he was in the right position.  Sauli was still open, so Kris immediately shoved three fingers inside of him, rubbing his spot till he was begging.

No more coherent words spoken; just grunting and ball slapping against ass and the occasional “fuck” and “oh God” and “faster”, spilling out as they got closer and closer to...

Tommy grabbed Adam’s cock and jerked him off as he fucked into him.  He couldn’t help it, it happened so fast, he was coming inside of the man, his own spasms making the right jerks to Adam’s cock, causing an immediate reaction.

They broke apart, not waiting to come down.  Adam bent over and kissed Sauli, while Tommy sat behind Kris, reaching for Sauli’s cock, encouraging Kris with kisses to ‘fuck him harder, baby.’

Within seconds, they were both spilling their seed.  The four debauched men breathing heavily and giggling at themselves.

“Fuck.”  They all laid back allowed their breathing to return to normal.

Everyone was too tired to move, but Adam suggested they shower again, while he and Sauli changed the sheets in both rooms; he’d thought ahead to get extras from housekeeping the night before.

When everyone was clean and somewhat dressed, they all kissed each other and then Adam suggested that Tommy and Kris take the other bedroom so they could be alone, as he needed Sauli to himself, too.

The last thing he said to them was, “Stay for breakfast in the morning.”

Sleep happened fast for both couples as they cuddled with their partner.  Orgy sex was fun, but having that special person was priceless.


The next morning, Tommy and Kris woke to the sound of room service knocking at the suite door.  Adam and Sauli were already up, arranging breakfast at the table when the younger boy’s came out of the room.

“Ready for today, boys?”  Adam announced, inviting them to sit down and eat.

“Um today?” They’d momentarily forgotten.

“The Meet and Greet?”  Adam giggled. 

“Oh right.  Yeah, can’t wait to meet you, Adam.”  Kris, Tommy and Sauli all laughed out loud.

They had about three hours until Adam’s car came for him, so they did an encore performance of the previous night.

They showered and dressed.  Kris and Tommy were getting a cab taking them there separately.  None of the Glamberts waiting at the radio station needed to know about their odd relationship. 

They stood in the hallway of the suite and kissed each other goodbye.  “Well boys.  This has been fun.”  Adam grinned.  “Till next time?”

“Oh yeah”, they both chanted.

Tommy and Kris left first, getting into the pre-paid cab which Adam had generously arranged for them.

Then Sauli and Adam left for the station together, kissing the entire way in the car.

“This was the best Valentine’s day ever, Adam.” 

“Yeah, it really was…”

The End...ish

mhobbs0430: (Beautiful Adam)
Title: Cute Boys Make the Best Valentine's
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Sauli, Tommy/Kris, Adam/Kris, Sauli/Tommy, Sauli/Kris, Adam/Tommy...
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
Word Count: 7543
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Please don't tweet this to any of them, it's really porny.

Warnings:  m/m sex, orgy, um,
Adam and Sauli go back to NY for a promo tour and Valentine's Day.  They call the boys from the Plaza for some more fun.
This is the Sequel to Hurricanes, Maids and Cute Boys, Oh My!  You should read that one first.
I don't mean to offend any shippers out there.  This all for fun.

Link to Hurricanes

Cute Boys Make the Best Valentines

“So, if you two are not working tonight, let’s go to a club?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“Good, see you later”, and they walked out front where it was a beautiful day and jumped into a cab to check out all of those things that Sauli had wanted to do.

That was six months ago that Kris and Tommy had had their ‘two night stand’ with Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli.

"Adam has my number", Kris said to himself for the umpteenth time.  "He'll call the next time he's in town", he tried to convince himself.  Ah, who was he kidding, Adam Lambert had the hottest boyfriend on the planet.  Why would they spend time thinking about Kris and Tommy?

Kris was daydreaming at the front desk again when his boyfriend came up to the counter and startled him.

"Jeez, Tommy, you scared the shit outta me."  Kris said holding his chest, while Tommy bellowed.

"Thinking of the rock star again?"

"No", he snorted.  Then, he laughed.

“So, what are we doing tonight, babe?”

“Anything you want, Tommy.”  Kris made sultry eyes at his boyfriend.


Meanwhile, back in LA, Adam was busy with his new album.  He'd just come back from doing a promo tour in Europe, making stops in Germany and the UK.  He was home for just a couple of weeks and then he and Sauli were headed to do more promo for his new single in New York City.  "I'm sorry babe, I'll be so busy."

"It's ok, Adam.  I'll find things to do", Sauli winked.  Adam knew that meant shopping.  He was jealous.  He wanted to do damage in NY’s trendiest stores, too.

"At least we'll have Valentines Night together", he promised.  "I have something special planned”, he said, pulling Sauli into him, licking behind his ear.

"What is it?"  The smaller man squeaked.

“Mm, it’s a surprise.”  Adam kissed him on the cheek, and then lay on the bed, inviting his boy to join him.


“Love you, baby.”


Adam and Sauli flew out to NY a week later with Kevin, Adam’s new musical director.  They were doing several radio stations and then Adam would get a little free time before heading down 95 to finish up the east coast promo before heading home.

They were driven by a hired car to their hotel.  As they drove through the city, they passed the Plaza hotel, where they stayed last time.   “Huh.”  Sauli said out loud.

“What’s that babe?”

“Remember that place?”  He pointed to the beautiful hotel across from Central Park.

“Of course”, he said, remembering the cute boys inside.  They wondered if they were working today.  Adam still had the brown hair boy Kris’s telephone number programmed into his phone, with his picture.  He sent him a quick text: ‘we’re in town for a few days’.


The Plaza was busy today with new guests checking in all day.  Kris hadn’t had a moment free since he’d come in that morning and poor Tommy was running all over with guest’s bags.  Whenever he’d pass the front desk, he’d smile at Kris who’d smile wearily back. 

Kris had his phone in his pocket on vibrate and he felt it buzz, but was in the middle of checking in a guest.  When he was finished, he asked for a break, and went into the back and pulled out his phone.

Since he didn’t know Adam Lambert’s number, he could only assume that ‘3235556868: we’re in town for a few days’, was from him.  He felt himself beginning to shake with glee.  He went to a computer in the back and googled 323 area code.  It was Los Angeles.

Tommy, who noticed Kris not at the desk, ducked into the back to look for him.  “Hey babe”, he said when he found Kris with the stupidest grin on his face.


“Look”, he shoved his phone in front of Tommy’s face.

“You think?”

“Who else?”

“Text him back.”

“What do I say?”

“Um, how about, ‘really?’

“That sound’s really lame.”

Kris started typing into his phone. ‘awesome, we get off at 10p’ and then showed his response to Tommy.  “That works”, he giggled.

Kris hit send and then they waited.

Adam, who was still in the car looked at his phone and smiled, ‘jet lagged tonight, what about Tuesday?’

A few moments, Kris’s phone buzzed again.  He looked at it and then showed it to Tommy.

“That’s Valentine’s day”, Tommy said.  He’d made plans for them but…

“I know baby.”

Then his phone buzzed again.

“Have your romantic dinner first, then meet us at the Mandarin at 10p.”

Kris chuckled.  Then his phone buzzed again, ‘Unless you don’t want to.”

Kris quickly texted back.  ‘OMG, of course we do.  See you then’

Adam laughed from the back seat of the car, Sauli pressed into him, watching the display back and forth.

Adam texted back ‘Winkyface’ I’ll text you our room# tomorrow.’ And then put the phone down, not waiting for the response.

“That’s what you wanted for Valentines, babe?”

“Oh yeah.”

“So kinky.”  Adam kissed Sauli’s forehead.  “Love you.”


Tommy grabbed the phone to read the last text.  “Wow.”

“I know, right?  Are you sure?”

“Shit yeah.  Last time was a total blast.”

“I wonder why they’re not staying at the Plaza?” 

“I’m sure it has nothing to do with us.”

Kris wondered, though.  Maybe they didn’t want us to get into any trouble.


The next couple of days were agony for Kris and Tommy.  They couldn’t wait until Tuesday night.

Tommy went ahead with his dinner plans for Kris.  He’d made reservations at the Plaza in their Rose Club for the two of them at seven o’clock.  The original plans were to go back to their place for more dessert but the new plans were even better.  They’d be at the Mandarin with Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen all night long.  ‘Holy Shit.’

They both worked the early shift Tuesday morning and would be done by three pm.  That gave them time to go home and shower, make love to each other and then head back to the Plaza for dinner.

Adam had texted them as promised the night before with his room number.  After the first text, Kris had programmed his number into his phone, added his favorite Adam picture and then looked at the number.  ‘He had Adam Lambert’s number programmed into his phone’, he did a secret flail dance.


Adam and Sauli checked into the Mandarin Oriental hotel on 57th Street.  Adam had been in New York many times, but he’d never stayed here before.  His management booked them the ‘Taipan Suite’ with a view of the Hudson River and Central Park.  It also had two bedrooms which they planned on utilizing Tuesday night.

They spent a quiet evening on Sunday in the hotel.  They had dinner at Asiate Restaurant overlooking all of Manhattan and then cocktails in the Mobar at a private table for two.  It was intimate enough, but Adam wanted Sauli all to himself, naked and spread out for him on the king sized bed in the elegant suite on the fifty fourth floor.

Once Adam got them back to their room, he pulled at Sauli’s clothing until he was naked before him.  “So beautiful, Sauli.”

“Adam, please.”

“Mm, babe”, he wrapped his hand around Sauli’s aching cock and squeezed replacing his hand with his mouth, grabbing his ass cheeks pulling Sauli into him, Sauli’s cock going deeper into his throat, Adam’s talented tongue driving him mad with want.

“Adam, get naked now.”

“So bossy, baby.”

Adam stood up slowly undressing for his boy.  When he was fully naked, he took Sauli into his arms and pushed him onto the bed, making love to him slowly and completely.


They woke up early the next morning.  Adam had interviews lined up all day at Fuse, Vh1 and Z100.  He would have opportunities to meet the fans, which he always loved.  His fans were amazing and he loved each and every one of those Glamberts, he thought, smiling to himself.

Adam got dressed in black, wearing his Rick Owens’s boots.  He stood up, admiring himself in the mirror.

“Babe, you look amazing”, Sauli stood behind him, arms wrapped around him.  “I’ll miss you today.”

“Me too.  You have fun, Sauli.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will”, he winked, mischievously.  Sauli would be cabbing it around the city today.  There was one store he knew that Adam loved and he wanted to get him something special.

They kissed goodbye, as Adam went downstairs to meet Kevin in the lobby and then walked out to the car which was waiting for them.  “How’s your room, Kev?”  The rock star asked his sole band member for this trip.

“Awesome dude, really.”

“That’s cool.  Sorry we didn’t spend time with you last night.”

“Hey it’s cool, man.  I found ways to occupy myself”, he winked.

“I knew I liked you.”

They climbed into the car which took them to their first appointment at the radio station.


Sauli went to all of the typical New York shopping areas; Fifth Avenue Saks and Bloomingdales then to Times Square where there was  little bit of everything. But his favorite was Soho.  He took a cab to the artist’s district in lower Manhattan.  He totally lost himself in the trendy stores and second hand shops.  He picked out several things that he and Adam could use for Burning Man.

Several hours and bags later, Sauli was hailing a cab back to Central Park and the Mandarin Oriental.  He dropped off his purchases in the room and changed then went to the lobby lounge for afternoon tea.

He got a text from Adam, who was heading back to the hotel himself.  ‘Where r u babe?’

Sauli texted back: ‘having tea in the lounge. miss u’

About twenty minutes later, Adam was walking through the lobby and found his boy in the lounge.   Sauli had ordered for him and his tea was just arriving as he sat down.

“Perfect timing as usually, babe”, he kissed him hello.

“Love you.”

“Love you.”  Adam sat down and they talked about their day.  “The fans were awesome today.”

“They always are.  They love you, too.”  Adam smiled, his life was amazing.


Kris woke Tommy up to an amazing blow job, “Mm morning, baby.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Tommy.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Kris.”

They eventually got out of bed, needing to get ready for work.  Early shift today, but then they had the entire evening.  They both blushed at the thoughts of their plans for tonight.

They arrived at the Plaza hotel in time for their shift.  Tommy went to the bell stand and Kris to the front desk.  They had a long day before tonight.


Adam had another day of television shows and interviews.  Sauli decided to tag along for part of it.  He got to tour the MTV and Vh1 studios while Adam taped the shows that would air later in the week.

Afterwards, they had a quick lunch before the next round.  Sauli went back to the hotel to plan their evening.

He’d made reservations ‘Upstairs’ at 21’, to surprise Adam.  He also had the master bedroom decorated with rose petals and chocolates.  He wanted a little romantic alone time with Adam before their night time activities with the cuties.

Everything was ready and he’d showered and was lying naked with rose petals all around him and these miniature dark chocolate medallions on various parts of his body, waiting to be licked or sucked off.  There was also a bottle of wine and two glasses already half filled with the hotel’s best chardonnay. 

“Babe”, he heard Adam calling as he turned the key card and entered the suite.  “You here?”

“In the bedroom”, Sauli growled sexily.

“Uh, shit”, Adam drooled when he entered the bedroom, gawking at his boy spread out before him.

He stood at the doorway, shedding his clothes.  “Quick shower?”  He was sweaty from the day of interviewing and car rides.

Sauli just nodded, gently playing with his semi-hard cock and licking his lips. 

“Oh God”, Adam groaned and ran into the shower before he changed his mind.  It was probably the quickest shower he’d ever taken.  He came out of the bathroom naked and hard, gently toweling his hair and body.  He couldn’t get to his boy fast enough.

Adam took a good look at Sauli and the bed and giggled.  “So, what am I supposed to do with you?”

“Take a sip of wine and then come and taste me.”  Sauli sat up enough to take of the glasses out of Adam’s hand, then sipping the drink, while palming his dick with his other hand.

“Mm, this is really good wine, babe.”

“I knew you’d like it.”

“But you look even tastier.”  Adam spread Sauli’s legs apart and then sat in between them, taking the tiny morsels from Sauli’s body and sucking on them one at an excruciating time.  He took extra time on the ones at Sauli’s nipples, licking at them, making them harden, the candy melting in his mouth.

“You’re teasing me”, Sauli drawled in that beautiful accent of his.

“This was your idea, you know.”

“Ung”, the blonde man groaned as Adam sucked and licked at the candy placed around Sauli’s cock. There were two little pieces on his sack, which Adam took completely into his mouth, the chocolate making its way into Adam’s mouth and he sucked on each of Sauli’s balls.  “Fuck, Adam.”

“This is your game, babe”, he smirked.  “I’m just making the most of it.”

Once the candy was gone, and Sauli was panting and begging for some friction on his swollen and leaking cock, Adam took pity on his man and engulfed him, the tip hitting the back of Adam’s throat.

“Ahh”, he moaned and thrashed on the bed. 

“Be still, babe.”  Adam pushed his knees up, and fingered Sauli’s hole.  “Lube?”

Sauli pointed to the bed side table.  Reaching for the lube, Adam sucked on Sauli’s hole, fucking him with his tongue.  Sauli was squirming to the point of agony, when he yelled out, “Fuck Me! Now”

Adam giggled, teasing Sauli was so fun, but he wanted to put him out of him misery.  “Ok, baby.  I’ll give you what you want.”

He lubed himself generously with one hand, while the fingers in his other hand were stretching Sauli’s hole and hitting his prostate.  “Ready for me, babe?”

He nodded furiously, trying to fuck back on Adam’s fingers.  He pulled them out at once, while Sauli groaned and in one swift move, thrust his cock, impaling Sauli’s hole until his balls were touching his man’s beautiful ass.  “God, you feel so good, babe.”

He made love to Sauli, fucking him hard and telling him how much he loved him.   Sauli was begging for release, so he grabbed his rock hard cock and tugged on it till he came, breathing out Adam’s name over and over in between the cursing.

Adam released his cock, grabbing Sauli’s ass and then he fucked him until he was coming inside of his amazing man.  He loved this man so much.  “Sauli, God!”  He screamed shooting his love juices.

He fell on top of Sauli, kissing this man who made him feel so special.  “That was incredible.”

“Mm, Happy Valentines Day, Adam.”

“Thank you.”


“Dinner, where?”  Adam asked.

“You’ll see.”

They showered again and got dressed fancily.  Adam’s car came around for the two of them and Sauli whispered to the driver, their destination.

The driver pulled up to the ’21 Club’ and Adam was in awe.  “Babe, this is amazing.  I’ve always wanted to eat here.”

“I know.”  Sauli said confidently.

They walked into the beautiful lobby of the landmark bar.  “Are we eating in here?”  Adam asked.

“Nuh uh”, Sauli shook his head, leading Adam over to the hostess stand.  “Upstairs.”

“You got a table upstairs?” Adam was impressed.  It only had thirty two tables and was the most romantic place to eat dinner in all of Manhattan.

They were greeted by the hostess, “Evening Gentlemen”, she said, doing a double take, realizing who they were.  “Um, wow”, she said under her breath.  “Do you have a reservation?”  She regained her composure.

Sauli nodded, “Koskinen.”

Adam smiled at his boy; he loved when Sauli took charge, while the hostess located their reservation.  “This way, sirs.”

“So fancy, baby”, Adam followed Sauli and the girl up the stairs to their table overlooking the park.  “This is fabulous”, they said taking their seats.

The hostess handed them menus, looking like she wanted to ask them a question.  “Um, I’m sure this isn’t professional of me at all, but could I please get your autograph?” she said quietly.

“Sure, honey”, Adam said graciously.  She handed him a piece of paper and a pen.  “What’s your name?”

“Thank you so much.”  She squealed, going back to the hostess stand, pocketing the coveted signature.

“So popular with the ladies, Adam.”

Adam took Sauli’s hand and kissed it.  “This is amazing, baby”, he said, looking around at the four murals of 1930’s New York Landmarks.

They ordered wine while they looked over the three course Prix Fix Menu.  Sauli chose the Mesclun Salad, while Adam opted for the ‘21’ Caesar.  For their main course, Adam ordered the Pan-Roasted Salmon Trout and Sauli got the Grilled Fillet Mignon, medium rare.

They enjoyed each other’s company while they dined in luxury.  “Sauli, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Adam.”

“This was really beautiful”, then he reached for his pocket and pulled out a long box.

“What’s that?”  Sauli asked, taking a bite of his succulent steak.

“Happy Valentines, baby.”  Adam handed him the box wrapped in red paper with a silver bow.

Sauli unwrapped the small box quickly, tossing the paper on the table.  Inside was a silver bracelet with both of their names engraved and underneath, the word ‘Forever’.

Sauli had to catch his breath.  This was the most beautiful gift anyone had ever given him.

“Do you like it?”  Adam smiled.

“Adam”, he had a small tear forming.  “I love it”, he held out his hand for Adam to put the bracelet on him.

They finished their dinner holding hands.  So far, this day was perfect.

Next came their dessert and after dinner cocktails.  Adam had chosen the Grand Marnier Soufflé while Sauli couldn’t resist the Classic Crème Brûlée.

They sipped on their drinks and shared their desserts.  This was the most romantic Valentines Day that either had ever spent.

Sauli paid the check, “Hey, I invited you out tonight, babe.”  And they walked down into the main bar and out the door and waited for their car.

It was a little after nine.  They had time to get back to the hotel, clean up the room and shower and then wait for their guests.

They were looking forward to seeing Kris and Tommy again.  They had a really great time before; that first night of course, and then clubbing with them the next. 

Once everything was ready, Adam ordered room service and they relaxed on their bed, lazily making out until they heard someone knock at the door.


Kris and Tommy were off at three.  They arrived home and made love one last time before getting ready for dinner.  They wanted each other to know how much they loved each other before…

Their dinner reservations were at seven in the Rose Club.  They wanted to treat each other to a really nice dinner and the hotel gave them a pretty good discount.  They’d had their reservations for weeks.

They got really dressed up and packed an over night bag, since they knew that they wouldn’t be home until the next morning.  Then they headed back to the hotel for dinner.

The Rose Club was having a special Valentine’s dinner with a fixed menu.  Kris’s manager had given them a voucher that would cover most of their meal and with their discount on the other things like drinks, their dinner would be affordable for two young guys working in a hotel.

The meal was delicious. They began with the hotel’s signature mixed green salad and they shared an appetizer of Maine Lobster Mini Tacos. 

“What?  You know I love tacos.”

“Oh, I know, Tommy”, Kris snorted.

For dinner they had a the prime rib with roasted potatoes and fresh steamed vegetables and for dessert, Kris couldn’t resist the ‘Oak Bar’, which was a peanut butter nougat, caramel and maple ice cream.  “Yeah, I’ll have that too”, Tommy agreed.

They talked about the rules for tonight.  They never did things like this, but who’s going to pass up having sex with Adam Lambert and his hot Finnish boyfriend?

After dinner, they took a cab to the Mandarin Oriental.  It was a little after nine thirty, so they had some time to kill.  They went over to the lobby lounge and had a couple of drinks to loosen up.  They almost lost track of time and quickly tried to pay check.  “You are Kris and Tommy?”  The waiter asked.

“Uh, yeah.”

“You’re check is already paid by one of our guests.”

“Oh wow, thanks.”

“You’re welcome, sirs.”

“That was totally cool, babe.”

“Yeah, they are really nice guys.  Ready, Tommy?”  Kris checked his phone messages for the room number and then they took a really deep breath and walked to the elevators.

The ride up to the fifty fourth floor took a while, with other guests getting off at lower floors.  Kris tried not to be nervous.  This wasn’t the first time, but it had been six months.  Tommy put his arm around his boyfriend, hugging him.  “Relax Kris.”

He giggled, and put his head on Tommy’s shoulder and nodded.

The elevator dinged at their floor and they both swallowed and walked out, looking for the room numbers for which way to go. 

They found the corner room way down the other end of the hotel.  They took another deep breath and then Tommy knocked on the door.

It was too big to post all at once.  Continue to the next part
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Title: Hurricanes, Maids and Cute Boys, Oh My!
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Sauli, Tommy/Kris, Adam/Kris, Sauli/Tommy/ etc, etc, etc...
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
Word Count: 6085
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Please don't tweet this to any of them, it's really porny.

Warnings:  m/m sex, orgy, um,

Adam and Sauli go to NY for a small vacation and end up stuck in the hurricane.  Since they can't go out, they make their own fun with the front desk cutie and the bell hop hunk.

Well, this started out because of that tweet from Adam about the maid.  I suggested a sweet hurricane, Adam and Sauli in a hotel and the maid walks in on them having sex, to my wonderful beta, [ profile] wizardesslyn.  Then she has to go, "Omg! My mind went to"  and I was like, seriously?  lmao.  So, anyway somehow this happened instead.  Love you, Jenn.

I don't mean to offend any shippers out there.  This all for fun.

Master List

Hurricanes and maids and cute boys, Oh my!

Adam and Sauli had arrived in New York City just one day before the hurricane was to hit the east coast. They took a cab from LaGuardia airport to the Plaza hotel just as it began to lightlyrain. The doorman took their luggage out of the trunk of the cab, while Adam and Sauli walked inside the grand entrance of the hotel, holding hands.

Adam checked them in at the front desk while Sauli walked over to the brochure table. “Hey Adam”, he said. “We should check out …”

But Adam was checking out the cute front desk clerk. Not really, after all, he was here with his super hot, Finnish boyfriend, but damn that boy behind the desk was cute; brown eyes, slightly ruffled brown hair, perfect height.

“Ok, baby”, Adam replied to his boyfriend while handing the eye candy his credit card, waiting for the keys to their room.

“So, are we expecting bad weather this far north?” Adam asked the uniformed clerk who couldn’t help checking Adam out either.

“Um, sir?” the clerk realized he’d been staring. “Yes, we should be getting a lot of rain and wind in the next several hours. It’s best to stay inside of the hotel, sir.”

Adam winked at the cute boy, “Thanks, I’m sure we can think of something to do”, he flirted, looking down at the boy’s nametag, “Kris”. He then walked over to his boyfriend, who was planning what he wanted to do while they were in New York City.

“Come on, baby”, Adam pressed himself against the warmth that was Sauli. “Let’s go upstairs.

I can’t wait to show you our room.” He whispered into his boyfriend’s ear, breathing against it.

Sauli blushed and then took Adam’s hand while he led them to the elevator, giving the front desk clerk a little wave. “So, he’s cute.”

“Yeah, but not as cute as you, baby”, Adam assured him.

Sauli couldn’t help but look back at the front desk and check out the hottie, himself.  Inside the elevator; thank God they were alone; Adam took Sauli into his arms and pressed him against the wall, kissing his way into Sauli’s mouth, demanding control. “You’re so hot, baby. I can’t wait to get you inside our room and just f...”

Sauli, who couldn’t resist the way Adam kissed him, just nodded. “Please”.

They arrived on the 18th floor made their way to their deluxe Rose Suite. “You’re gonna love this.” Adam led they way, taking out the key, sliding it into the door handle.

“Ready, baby?"

Sauli just nodded and followed Adam inside of the amazing room. “Adam, shit this is incredible!”  He looked around at the décor. They were in an elaborate sitting room with a sofa, chairs and coffee table and a large picture window facing the inner courtyard. Off to the side was an enormous bathroom with a bathtub roomy enough for at least two. Adam led him into the bedroom.

Sauli just flew inside and jumped onto the bed, laying back, inviting Adam to join him with his eyes.

“You look tasty, baby”, Adam pulled his shirt off and then crawled on top of his boyfriend. He began kissing and grinding into him. Adam guided Sauli’s hands over his head and pushed his legs apart with his knees.

Sauli loved this position, he felt so vulnerable underneath Adam. They were so into each other, just touching, that they both forgot that Adam had left the door open.

“Hello? Bell Services”, the voice called out. “I have your luggage. Sir?” He called again, walking through the open door and through the sitting room.

Adam and Sauli couldn’t hear him and continued making out on the huge bed. Adam was beginning to pull Sauli’s clothing off, still lying on top of him when they heard...

“Oh, excuse me”, said the embarrassed bellhop as he reached the entrance to the bedroom.

Adam and Sauli both looked up, slightly debauched and so horny. Sauli whispered to Adam, “He’s cute too.” Adam just nodded, but jumped up and stood right up to the blonde bellhop with the long bangs covering his eyes.

“Thanks, man”, and Adam reached into his pocket and handed the cute bellhop a generous tip. “Sorry about that”, Adam gave him a seductive look.

"No Problem", he looked from the tall dark haired man to the blonde hunk on the bed and unknowingly licked his lips. "Thanks", he said pocketing the tip and both walked out of the room.

Then he turned around to look at the gorgeous dark haired man one last time and saw that he was smiling at him.

"Thanks for bringing our luggage", Adam looked at the boy's nametag, "Tommy", he said flirtingly and then shut the door to the suite and locked it.

Adam walked back into the bedroom and over to the bed, where his very hot boyfriend was laying completely naked, spread out for him.

"God, you're so beautiful, Sauli", Adam said, stripping off the rest of his own clothes, letting them fall to the floor, pushing his boyfriends legs up before crawling in between them and taking his cock into his mouth.


Riding down the elevator the eighteen floors to the lobby, Tommy the bellhop was still flustered at best. He’d been in a lot of hotel rooms and had seen a lot of things, but that was just… hot as fuck.

He walked out of the elevator and made his way over to the front desk where his boyfriend Kris was standing behind the counter. “Hey baby.”

“Tommy”, Kris squealed. “Take a break with me?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

They walked to the back of the house and made their way down the hall to the employee cafeteria, where they grabbed a drink, sitting at a table in the corner, holding hands and stealing kisses.

“So baby, did you see who checked in earlier?” Kris asked Tommy, excitedly.

“Fuck, Kris, I brought up their luggage and they were half naked, making out on the bed. It was
the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen.”

“Really?” Kris giggled, trying to imagine Adam Lambert half naked.

“Yeah, and he gave me this huge tip, and smirked at me.  God, I thought I was going to die.”

“Shit, Tommy, you’re so lucky you’re a bellhop. I’m always stuck behind the desk”, Kris pouted.

“So the next time they call for something, you go instead. I’ll cover for you.”

Kris smiled. He was a huge fan and both he and Tommy had small crushes on the rock star and thought his boyfriend was pretty hot too.


Sauli got up and went over to the mini bar to make cocktails for himself and Adam. Crawling back in to the large, comfortable bed with the two drinks, Adam was waiting for him. “Thanks, baby.”

“So what are were going to do first, Adam?”

“Well that cute boy downstairs said that the weather was going to get bad in the next few
hours, so we might not get to go very far.”


“Yeah, we can do that, baby.”

After they finished their drinks, they cleaned up, got dressed, and made their way to the lobby. They passed right by the elderly gentleman at the concierge desk and went straight to the front desk where ‘cute’ Kris was standing. He noticed them walking towards him and his breath hitched.

Tommy, who was walking the lobby, noticed the two walking towards Kris and he stood near
enough to hear.

“So Kris, right?”

“Yes, Sir”, Kris blushed that Adam Lambert remembered his name.

“Adam”, he corrected. “Where’s a good place for me and my boy to have a nice dinner?” He flirted, with Sauli smiling shyly at him as well.

“Adam, sir; um... We have several restaurants right here in the hotel.” He handed him a brochure of the amenities inside the Plaza.

Adam leaned into the counter and spoke softly, “What’s the best one around here?”

“Um, well all of our restaurants are very good, sir, Adam”, he cleared his throat.

Adam leaned further into the counter, “We want to go somewhere romantic.” He practically whispered.

Kris leaned towards Adam as well, so no one would hear him. “Well, actually the best is Bar Breton, in Central park, just a couple of blocks away from here.  You’ll adore it, sir, Adam.”

“Thanks, Kris”, Adam winked and walked away, arms around Sauli.

“Fuck”, Kris said under his breath.

“They were so flirting with you, babe.” Tommy said, walking quickly over to Kris.

“Oh my God, I know, right?” Kris was practically shaking. “Shit, Tommy. I love you, but I’d give anything to…”

“Yeah, I know; me too…” They both giggled, each momentarily lost in their fantasy.


After a spectacular meal at the Bar Breton, Adam and Sauli walked outside where the rain and wind were beginning to pick up. They decided to take a cab back to the Plaza and then walked up to the front desk where Tommy was standing, talking to Kris.

They eyed them both as they approached the desk. “Thanks for the dinner tip, Kris. It was amazing”, Adam smiled.

“You’re welcome”, Kris replied shyly.

Tommy just stood there staring.

“Tommy, right?” Adam addressed the star struck bell hop.

“Um, yeah.”

“Nice to see you again”, Adam flirted.

“Um you, too. Nice to see you…”

“Dressed?” Adam smirked.

Tommy looked away, flushed.

Adam gave them both a wink and took Sauli upstairs to their suite.

Tommy tried to regain some sort of composure.  “So does he do that with everyone he meets, or were they actually coming on to us?” He wondered out loud.

“Tommy, come on, with a boyfriend like that?” But Kris saw it, too.


Later in the evening, Adam and Sauli came down to the lobby again.  This time they went to the concierge desk to ask about cocktail lounges inside of the hotel, since the weather was getting worse outside.

As they walked through the lobby, they noticed that cute bellboy talking to that other cute boy at the front desk again.

“So, they’re friends?” Sauli asked quietly.

“Looks that way.” Adam’s gaydar was going crazy with those two.

The Rose Club was gorgeous.  They were seated at a private table and they listened to a jazz pianist while sipping on cocktails. It was lovely, but…

“I wish we could go to a club, go dancing or something”, Sauli said dryly.

“Come on babe, let’s get out of here”, Adam finished his drink and stood up, taking Sauli’s hand.  He charged the drinks to their room and they walked back into the lobby, getting ready to head out side to hail a cab to the nearest gay bar.

They saw Tommy in the lobby. “Hi Tommy; so, we’d like to get a cab and go to a g... um club.”

“Sir, the weather is getting worse. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Oh, really?”  Adam sounded bummed.

“I want to have some fun, Adam.”  Sauli whispered.

“I know, babe.”

Just then there was a loud crack, and the electricity went out all over the hotel.  Sauli grabbed onto Adam, startled.

“Excuse me, sirs.” Tommy quickly went over to the bell stand. They had planned for this type of event and he needed to get his instructions.

Adam and Sauli watched Tommy walked away from them.  Sauli had a lustful stare.

Since all of the computers were out, the employees were now milling around the lobby, trying to assist guests and answer questions.

Kris went over to where Tommy was standing behind the bell stand, and Adam thought he saw him caress Tommy’s shoulder and kiss his cheek?  Did he just see that right?

The lobby had begun filling with all of the guests, who had to walk down the stairs from their floors since the elevators were out. There was only limited electricity provided by the generator.

It was almost ten o’clock and Tommy and Kris were due to get off in about thirty minutes; however, the management were asking employees to stay overnight, so they’d have coverage the next morning. They had both agreed, since they’d be given a room to spend the night.  “Wow, Kris. We get to stay here, cool.”

When their shift was finally over, Tommy and Kris went through the bell stand to the back of the house to clock out and get changed into their street clothes.

Since the computers were still out, they couldn’t get a key to their room, so they were stuck in the lobby with the rest of the guests. And, since they were off the clock and out of uniform, they headed over to the lobby bar to get a drink.

Adam and Sauli, who were sitting at a table, noticed the two cuties walk up to the bar. Adam nudged Sauli. “Look, babe.”

The younger boys were waiting at the bar for their drinks, Tommy’s arm around the brown haired boy.  Once they’d been served their drinks, they turned around to find a table.  Instead they saw Adam Lambert and his
boyfriend eyeing them.

Adam smiled, and lured them to their table. Kris and Tommy just looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and joined the rock star at his table.

“So, you two are boyfriends?” Adam risked offending them. But, he was pretty sure he was correct.

“Um, yeah we are”, Tommy spoke first.

“So, you’re gay.” Sauli added.

“Yeah”, Kris piped in. He left out the obvious, ‘duh’.

Adam just nodded. Thinking… “Join us, please?”

They sat down with their drinks.

“Are you stuck here until the weather clears up?” Sauli asked them.

“We’re staying here tonight. That way they know we’ll be at work in the morning.” Kris laughed.

“You’re staying here.” Adam stated. “As guests.”

“Yeah”, Tommy repeated.

“Well boys, let’s have another drink.” Adam held up his glass to the bartender to get his attention.


Adam asked Kris and Tommy a lot of questions.  They’d been together for three years.  They met in high school and were friends, but didn’t come out until a year after they had graduated and had gone their separate ways. Tommy had gotten a job at the Plaza first.  Kris started the next year and they reconnected and became boyfriends. They were now living together.

“So, are you monogamous?” A slightly tipsy Sauli finally asked, licking around the rim of his drink.

"Yeah", Kris said too quickly.  “Usually”, he added.

Tommy shot him a look that said at first shocked, but then changed to, ‘yeah I’m up for it, babe.’

About twenty minutes later, the electricity had finally come back on in the lobby. Kris went to get their room key and then came back to the table where Adam signing the room charge and the three stood up to leave.

Adam held out his key and said, “Get yourselves settled into your room and then come up to our suite, it’s 18209.”

Kris swallowed and took the key from Adam, glancing wide eyed at Tommy, who just nodded.


“Wow, is this really happening?” Kris asked Tommy as they rode the elevator to the ninth floor to their room.

“Yeah, you ok with it?”

“Shit yeah, are you?”

Tommy nodded, “Tomorrow, we’re back to just us, ok?  Let’s have some fun tonight.”

“OK, baby.” Tommy kissed Kris deeply on the mouth. “Love you.”

“I love you, too.  Shit, we’re about to have sex with Adam Fucking Lambert, holy shit.” They both laughed nervously.


Adam and Sauli made their way back to their suite and jumped in the shower. Resisting the urge to fuck Sauli right there in the shower, they both quickly cleaned up and then toweled off.  “Ready to have some fun,

“Oh yeah; those two are hot; especially the blonde one.” Sauli said, dreamily.

“I sort of like Kris.”

“Yeah, I could tell.” Sauli chuckled at his boyfriend’s predictability in cute boys.

Dropping their towels, Adam gently pushed Sauli on the bed and they made out lazily until they heard the door open and two nervous voices entered the room.

Adam popped up and grabbed a robe from the bathroom, then walked in the sitting room and greeted the boys.  “So, the rules.” Adam stated.

Kris and Tommy looked at each other, confusedly.

“Hand me you’re phones, cameras, anything else you got.”

They reached in their pockets and pulled out their cell phones. He smiled at the petrified looking duo and then winked, saying, "Can't have this shit pop up on you tube, ya know."

The boys got a look of realization on their faces, "Oh right, of course", and gladly handed the man their phones. He took them and popped out the batteries, and set them on the coffee table.

“Rule number one, everything that happens stays right here, understand?”

“Yeah, definitely. We could get into a lot of trouble for this, so yeah.”

“Good”, Adam gave them a warm smile. “Let’s have some fun, alright boys?”

“Uh huh.” They both nodded.

Then he guided the boys towards the bedroom where Sauli was sitting propped up, naked, gently stroking his own cock. Tommy's eyes got wide and he licked his lips again.

Adam noticed and gently nudged Tommy while saying, "Don't be shy, Tommy.”

Sauli sat up and motioned for Tommy to join him on the bed, still stroking himself.

Kris just stood there in the doorway, mouth opened wide, which Adam took as an invitation and shoved his tongue deep into Kris’s mouth.  Taken off guard, Kris moaned into Adam’s mouth.  “That’s it, pretty boy.” Adam
encouraged.  "I can't wait until you're screaming my name while I’m buried inside of you", he whispered into Kris's ear which caused another moan.


Tommy walked over to Sauli, staring wide eyed at the beautiful blonde man.  “You’re awfully pretty, Tommy”, Sauli said, standing up and slowly undressing him.  “What do you want to do honey?”

“I want to suck you”, Tommy answered, breathlessly. “So bad”, he added.

Sauli had a bright smile and sat back down on the bed, scooting to the end for better access.  “Tommy.” 

Tommy took the invitation and kneeled at the edge of the bed spreading Sauli’s legs apart.  He looked up at him once and then put his face into his crotch, slowly licking from Sauli’s balls all the way to the tip of his cock in one stroke.  “Oh fuck, Tommy.  Do that again.”

Tommy smirked, and did it again, this time lingering at the tip, licking across the slit and then rimming the edge of the tip with his tongue and then sucking.  Slowly, Tommy slid all of Sauli’s cock into his mouth, sucking the entire time until he was hitting the back of his throat.  Not wanting to choke, Tommy stopped for just a second.

“That’s it honey, feels so good.”  With the extra encouragement, Tommy started moving again, pumping Sauli’s cock in and out of his mouth, using the right amount of suction.  Soon, the Finnish man was fucking into Tommy’s mouth.  “I’m getting soo close”, he panted.

Tommy placed his hands on Sauli’s balls using just a little pressure, massaging them and then he moved his fingers to Sauli’s hole; just teasing the entrance.


Tommy put his finger to Sauli’s mouth, who sucked on it, getting it really wet.  Then Tommy slowly pressed it into the man’s hungry hole, moving it around until he found…

“Fuck”, Sauli was thrusting into Tommy’s mouth and finger.  The double stimulation proving too much and without any warning, Sauli was shooting into Tommy who sucked him down, drinking all of his juices.

Tommy lifted his head and moved his body up till he reached Sauli’s face and then kissed him so Sauli could taste himself.  “You’re so delicious”, he said.  “Can I fuck you?”  He asked shyly.

Sauli flipped them over so he was now on top.  “Yeah”, he said still breathless. “But I want to taste you first.”  And with that, he slid down and began to return the favor.


Meanwhile, Adam had Kris pressed up against the wall, kissing the breath out of him, while pulling his clothes off.  Adam having long ago, dropped his own robe so they were both standing naked in the hallway. 

“Fuck babe, I want your mouth on me Kris”, Adam was pushing Kris down till he was on his knees.

Kris eagerly took Adam into his mouth and was using his talented tongue to drive the man wild, swirling it around Adam’s cock, licking and sucking the sensitive tip.  Then he took all of Adam into his mouth;
Adam leaning against the wall, threading his hands through the soft brown hair, bobbing the boy’s head up and down, fucking his mouth.  “Feels good, babe.”

Adam pulled Kris off of his and stood him up, “But I want to fuck you,” he said shoving his tongue into Kris’s mouth again.  He took Kris’ hand and led him over to the bed where Sauli was blowing Tommy, both moaning.

Adam just smirked at the sight of his boyfriend with his mouth on the other boy’s cock.  Then he turned his full attention to Kris.

“Lay back for me babe, I need to get you ready for me.”  Adam voice was dripping with lust.  He reached all the lube and scattered it over the bed so anyone could reach it when needed. Then he threw a handful of condoms on the bed, too.

Adam lifted Kris’s knees in the air and spread his legs, rubbing the inside of his thigh, making Kris squirm with anticipation.  Adam reached for the lube and poured some into his hand and began rubbing around Kris’s hole, making it glisten.  Adam moved his hand to Kris’s balls, and massaged them with his fingers.  When he felt Kris relax beneath him, Adam pushed one finger inside of the brown haired cutie.  He slid his finger in and out of the warm, inviting hole and then crooked his finger, pressing that special bump that make Kris jump. 

“Like that, babe?”

All Kris could do was moan.

Adam added another finger, sliding them in and out.  Kris was getting so hard and the tip was beginning to leak.  “Tasty”, Adam said before licking across Kris’s tip, tasting the precum oozing from it.  Kris was mouthing something that looked like ‘fuck’ and ‘oh God’ and was moving to the rhythm of Adam’s fingers that were now three and stretching his hole.  Adam kept hitting his prostate with every thrust and Kris was begging for Adam to get inside of him.


Sauli, who had Tommy firmly wrapped around his lips, spreading the boy’s legs as far apart as they would go so he could fuck him with his face, abruptly stopped and lifted his head.  “You’re boy makes the most delicious sounds.”

Tommy who was frustrated at the loss of feeling Sauli’s mouth on his cock nodded, “You should hear him when he’s being fucked.”  He breathed out, wishing that mouth would reappear.

Instead Sauli lay on top of him and then flipped them over, raising his knees up, “Fuck me, Tommy”, he whispered.

“Ready for me, pretty boy?”  Adam quickly withdrew his fingers and slid his cock inside of the boy who groaned, and grabbed Adam’s hips to still him while he got used to the giant cock that just intruded his body. 

Adam bent down and kissed the boy until he felt him relax.  Kris kissed him back and then whispered, “Fuck, me”.

Adam complied, and began moving inside of Kris.  He started slowly, almost pulling all the way out and then pushed back in, grunting when his balls were up against the smaller boy’s ass.  He repeated the motion, slowly sliding out and then each time, going a little harder and faster until he was slamming into Kris with each thrust.

Kris had his eyes closed and his mouth open, making the most erotic, incoherent sounds.

“See what I mean”, Tommy said as his lube drench fingers were buried inside of Sauli, stretching him and making him see stars with every touch to his prostate. 

Kris was begging for release, so Adam reached for his cock, sliding his hand up and down the boy’s shaft while thrusting harder and harder until Kris tensed and spilled his load over Adam’s hand, screaming his name
while bucking his hips.  He fell back and Adam grabbed his ass, fucking him faster and faster until he felt his own release inside of the gorgeous brown haired boy.  He fell on top of him, not wanted to pull out and panted, sweat dripping onto the body beneath him.  As they allowed their breathing to come back to normal, they could hear their boys building up their own pleasure.

Adam pulled out and led Kris to the bathroom to clean up, toss the condom, and give the other two some  privacy to let loose.  He also wanted to make out with Kris.  He sat Kris on the counter and
cleaned him with a warm washcloth, while kissing him into the mirror, making him hard again.


Tommy withdrew his fingers from Sauli’s ass, leaning over the blonde man, placing his condom sheathed cock right at his entrance.  “Come on, babe.”  Sauli was coaxing him.  Tommy inched his way in, not wanting to
hurt the man, which was funny because Sauli was used to Adam’s much larger cock buried inside of him.

Sauli grabbed Tommy’s hips and shoved him in the rest of the way.  Tommy looked at him, surprised but Sauli just smiled at him.  “It’s ok, babe.  You can move, you won’t hurt me”, he said in that thick, sexy, Finnish accent.  Tommy began moving in and out, building up a rhythm.

Sauli was thrusting his hips to meet Tommy, encouraging him with his sounds.  “Fuck, that’s it, babe.”   Tommy had his head back and eyes closed, pumping his cock into the man beneath him.  He was getting close and could feel Sauli about to lose it as well.   He poured some lube right on Sauli’s cock and put his fist around him, squeezing and pumping at the same time.  Sauli clenched his ass and let out a filthy sound while coming all over his stomach.  Tommy released him and thrust a few more times into his ass and he was coming too, fucking Sauli through his orgasm.

“God they’re so hot”, Adam said, standing in the doorway, hand on Kris’s ass.  “I think you need to go kiss your boyfriend, babe.”

They both walked into the room and went to their own partners.  “Anyone want a cocktail?”  Adam offered. 

They all accepted, and Sauli helped Adam at the mini bar.  “I love you, babe.  You alright?”

“Perfect, Adam.”  Sauli smiled shyly.  He really was a kinky little thing.

Kris had taken a washcloth and was cleaning the cum off of Tommy, planting kisses on him, while Adam and Sauli carried the drinks into the bedroom, handing one each to Tommy and Kris.  “Enjoy, boys.  I don’t think we’re finished yet.”  Adam smirked.


After they finished their drinks, Adam made his way over to Tommy and kissed him roughly on the mouth, pushing his tongue inside, licking and sucking.   Tommy submitted to him, moaning into the taller man.

Adam took his hand and guided him over to the bed and crawled on top of him.  “You ever bottom, Tommy?” He asked.

“Yeah, usually Kris, but and I… sometimes”, Adam already had two fingers inside of him, so Tommy was having trouble speaking.

“You’re so tight, Tommy.”  Adam was thrusting and stretching Tommy’s hole, preparing him for the biggest cock, he’d ever seen.

Meanwhile, Sauli and Kris were rolling around the top of the bed, hands all over each other.  Sauli wasn’t used to a partner his size and could man handle Kris, which he liked.  “Can I fuck you, honey?”  He asked sweetly.

Kris got on his knees for Sauli, who grabbed the lube and began prepping Kris.

“This gives me a really good idea, babe”, Adam gave Tommy an evil grin and sat them both up.  “Tommy”, Adam whispered, handing him the lube.  “Prep Sauli, while he’s fucking Kris.”

“What, really?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.”  Adam shrugged.  He had no idea if this would even work, but it was just too tempting not to try.

Sauli had three fingers inside of Kris when he felt lubed fingers pressing inside of him.  Startled, he let out a squeal, then instantly realized what his kinky boyfriend had thought up.

“Adam.”  He panted out.

Soon, Adam had fingers inside of Tommy, and the three were all making incoherent, dirty noises.

Kris, having been at this the longest, was begging Sauli to enter him.  Sliding a condom on, Sauli positioned himself in front of Kris’s hole and slowly pushed his way in.

He was moving back and forth both into Kris’s ass and Tommy’s fingers.  The sensation was incredible. 
“Fuck, genius, fucking Adam.”  He was spitting out.  “Tommy, do it.”

Tommy, having quickly put on a condom, had to change his angle based on how Sauli’s was now positioned, as he pushed his way inside.  Sauli groaned.  He was going slowly into Kris who was pumping his own cock,
keeping with the same rhythm as Tommy.

Adam was hitting Tommy’s prostate and he was cursing incoherently too.  After slipping the condom onto his own leaking cock, Adam thrust himself all at once inside of Tommy. 

They had this strange rhythm going, slower than normal, too much stimulation.  Kris came first, shooting into his hand; soon followed by Sauli and then Tommy.  They all fell on top of each other.  The only one left standing was a frustrated Adam whose cock had slipped out of Tommy’s ass.

He pouted at the three, coming down from their amazing orgasms.  Kris noticed first and nudged Sauli.  “Adam”, he said.

“Baby, want us to take care of you?” Sauli pushed Adam down on the bed.  Adam hardly ever bottomed, but he knew what was coming and he wanted it.  And, he knew who he wanted to be the one to do it.

Kris was the only one who hadn’t fucked anyone yet, and he gulped nervously at the thought of being the one to get to fuck Adam.

Sauli crawled up near Adam’s head and planted kisses on his boyfriend, whispering ‘I love you’ to him, while Tommy pushed Adam’s knees up, spreading the man’s legs apart, giving Kris better access to the rock star’s hole, while he caressed Adam’s balls and licked the tip of his dick.  Kris sat at the edge of the bed, in between Adam’s legs.  He grabbed the lube, pouring it generously on his fingers and gently pressed one into Adam, who groaned at the intrusion. 

Sauli kept kissing him, holding his hands above his head.  Adam had a habit of wanting control, and Sauli wanted him to just relax and enjoy this thoroughly.

Kris was glad he wasn’t doing this alone.  Adam was a little intimidating for him and was probably the best fuck he’d ever had; ‘sorry Tommy’, and he could only hope to be half as satisfying a top that Adam was.

Sauli was keeping Adam’s mouth busy, controlling the kiss for a change, when Kris added another finger and hit his pleasure bump for the first time, causing Adam to moan deeply into his boyfriend’s mouth.  “You doing great, baby”, Sauli encouraged him.

Tommy was busy working Adam’s balls and cock.  Not too much though, he didn’t want to make him come.  That job was for his Kris.

“Can I try something?”  Kris quietly asked as he scooted his face to Adam’s ass and licked around the edge of his hole.  Tommy looked at him as if to say, ‘Um, you can do that to me anytime, babe.’

Kris had withdrawn his fingers, and was pushing his tongue inside of the rock star’s ass, fucking him with it, causing more moans and sounds from Adam.  “Please, more.”  He managed to get out.

Sauli had gone to kissing and licking Adam’s neck, caressing the upper part of his body, since Adam was not capable of kissing back at the moment.

Once Adam was pushing back on Kris’s tongue, he withdrew and having poured more lube on his fingers, he pushed three in and began stretching the man’s hole, scissoring him and continued to hit his prostate with
every other thrust. 

The voice that could make the most beautiful sounds, was sound babbling incoherently, cursing and begging Kris to fuck him now.

Kris spread Adam’s legs apart further, and Tommy lifted his head, and poured lubed all over Adam’s hole, while Kris grabbed a condom and smoothed it over his cock and lined himself up to Adam’s welcoming hole,
glistening and puckered. 

Tommy held Adam’s legs, gently rubbing the inside his thighs while Kris easily glided his cock inside of Adam.  Kris had the most blissful look on his face, Tommy thought, as he watched his boyfriend begin to fuck
the rock star.

Kris gave Adam a moment to adjust and waited for a signal from Sauli, who was moving his hands all over Adam’s chest, licking and sucking on his nipples that it was alright to start moving.  He nodded his head and
Kris began slowly pumping his cock in and out of Adam’s ass.  Leaned a little over Adam and the new position caused his cock to his Adam’s prostate again, and his knees jerked.

Tommy and Sauli were now leaning across Adam’s stomach, touching him and kissing each other.

Kris had picked up his pace, thrusting his cock into Adam harder and harder and he was getting closer and closer.  Adam was begging for release, ass raised in the air, fucking back into Kris.   Sauli poured
some lube into both his and Tommy’s hands and together, they worked Adam’s cock till he was screaming and cum was shooting onto his stomach.

Then Tommy and Sauli licked up all of Adam’s cum, kissing whenever their mouths met.

Kris pumped just a few more times before he was screaming out and coming inside of Adam.

He fell on top of Adam’s stomach, meeting the other two’s mouths and they giggled at the sight of themselves.  “Hey, what about me?” Adam half heatedly complained.

“Aw poor baby”, Sauli teased, and they all lay next to Adam, taking turns kissing him.

“Kris, that was fucking awesome.”

They were all thoroughly sated and exhausted, but the bed was a mess.  Kris went to get wash cloths to clean everyone up, while Adam called for extra sheets and towels.

They all lay of the bed, lazily kissing each other and had completely forgotten the call, when they heard knocking and then ‘housekeeping’ and finally the door handle turning.  The boys quickly covered themselves
with the sheets as the startled maid entered the bedroom, noticing the multiple bodies tangled on the bed.

“Oh, sorry”, she squealed.  “Here, I’ll just leave everything right here.”  She added and quickly left the room.

When they heard the door close, all four of them began to laugh.  “Fuck; that was crazy.”

Sauli and Kris poured more drinks while Tommy helped Adam make the bed.  They quickly showered; two at a time and then all fell into the large, inviting bed, falling asleep almost immediately.


The next morning, Adam and Sauli woke up alone and smiled at each other.  “I’m glad we’re alone.  I want to make love to just you, baby.”  Adam crawled on top of his boyfriend and kissed him.

A little while later, they got up and ordered room service.  Adam noticed a note by his bed from Kris.  “We had a blast.  Don’t forget about us, Kris Allen” and he left his number.

Adam and Sauli came down to the lobby after they had dressed and eaten and found their two boys working.  They stopped at the front desk to say hello to Kris.  Adam took his phone out and showed Kris where he had
stored his number.  Then he snapped a picture of the cutie.  “So I won’t forget you”, he winked.

“So, if you two are not working tonight, let’s go to a club?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“Good, see you later”, and they walked out front where it was a beautiful day and jumped into a cab to check out all of those things that Sauli had wanted to do.


mhobbs0430: (Beautiful Adam)
Title: The Darkened Room - Adommy One-shot In Honor of [ profile] wizardesslyn's birthday
Author: [ profile] mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
BETA: [ profile] wizardesslyn   Thank you, bb!
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer:  This is fiction, and fantasy and just entertainment.  And not even remotely true.

Warnings:  m/m sex, masterbation, one night stand

Summary: Tommy tried to remember what happened last night, while pleasuring himself this morning.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!!  I love you, bb.  Have a wonderful birthday!

I've gone friends only, so if you want to read, please friend me and I'll add you back, or send me a message.

Master List

Tommy awoke with a pounding headache.  He sat up, rubbing his temples, trying to remember where he was, or what had happened last night.  As he leaned forward, he felt a burning, but not entirely unpleasant, soreness in his ass.  “Shit”, he thought.  Lying back down, looking around the darkened room, blinds drawn shut.

He pulled down the covers around him and realized that he was totally naked and he was hard; morning wood.  He moved his hand down his body until he had reached his aching cock and pulled on it a few times.  Then he reached for the lube on the nightstand, poured some over his hand and started sliding it up and down his leaking length.  “Ah”, he said out loud; still trying to recall the events of the previous evening.

As he was pleasuring himself, he began to remember…


Tommy walked into the bar that evening, all dressed in black, blonde hair swept to the side, wearing dark sunglasses.  He walked up to the bar and ordered his usual.  “Anything exciting going on this evening?” He asked the bartender, Dave. 

“Don’t you mean anyone?”  Dave smirked, and then pointed to a dark haired man with blazing blue eyes dancing near the stage with a couple of different guys surrounding him, each fighting for his attention.

“He came in alone”, Dave continued.

Tommy looked in the direction of the stranger and liked what he saw.  He gulped his drink and put the empty glass on the bar, while Dave filled it up again.  “Thanks”, he said, standing up and walking towards the dance floor, in between all of the sweaty bodies dancing to the beat of the DJ playing on the stage.

He put his again empty glass on a table and proceeded over to the dark haired man and began grinding into the man’s ass.  The man turned around abruptly, ready to complain and eyed the small, pixyish, gorgeous man in front of him.  Nodding only, he began grinding back, hands over his head, having completely forgotten about the other two twinks.

They danced together for the next two songs and then the dark haired stranger asked if he wanted a drink.  Tommy nodded and the two proceeded to the man’s private table in the VIP section of the bar.  It was upstairs in the very back of the bar.  The man invited Tommy to sit down on the leather seat and the waitress immediately appeared with two cocktails.  The man grabbed them and handed one to Tommy, placing his now free hand on Tommy’s leg.

While he sipped on his drink, the stranger moved his hand over to the inside of Tommy’s thigh, massaging and caressing.  Then he put down his drink, leaned over to Tommy and kissed him roughly on the mouth.  Tommy moaned and opened his mouth, allowing the stranger’s tongue entrance.  It was hot, he was hot and Tommy wanted him. 

The stranger pushed him down on the seat and started opening his pants.  “Wait”, Tommy said.  The stranger stopped and looked at him.

“It’s ok, we’re alone up here.”  He responded, pushing Tommy back down, pulling off his pants, taking out his red and leaking cock.  The stranger took it in his mouth and licked along the entire length, then taking all of it at once, making Tommy moan again.  “Fuck my mouth”, he said, and Tommy did.

Just before Tommy was about to come, the stranger pulled his own pants down to reveal the biggest cock that Tommy had ever seen.   “Fuck”. 

The man smiled and then he grabbed the lube from his pocket and poured some on his fingers.  “You want me, babe?”  The stranger said.

Tommy could only nod, as his balls were now being rubbed and fingers placed in his hole, stretching him, hitting the special spot inside of Tommy that made him squirm.

The dark haired beauty poured lube on his fucking huge cock and as he withdrew his fingers from Tommy’s hole, he pressed in his cock.  He looked at Tommy who had tensed up.  “Relax for me, babe.  You’re doing great.”

Once Tommy had adjusted to the intrusion; he reached around the stranger and pulled him into him, causing his cock to go in deeper.  Tommy couldn’t speak, only grunt.

“Ready for me?”  The man said as he pulled out almost completely and then slammed into Tommy’s ass.

Tommy jumped as the man’s cock hit his prostate.  “Gahh.”

“Good, baby?”

“Fuck yeah”.

“Good”, he said as he slammed against him again and again, building up a rhythm.

Tommy fucked him back and he felt himself building up an incredible orgasm.  “Please”, he squeaked out.

The stranger grabbed his cock and pumped it just a couple of times before Tommy was slamming back into him, hot squirts of cum shooting out of him, hitting the man’s hand while Tommy was screaming incoherencies. 

Then the man lifted Tommy’s legs so they were over his shoulder, grabbing his ass and fucking him fast and hard. Then he clenched and Tommy knew this was it; the man closed his eyes, while he came inside of Tommy’s ass. 

He pulled out, grabbed the condom and tied it off, throwing it in the waste can next to the table.  Looking at Tommy, he said, “Can we go somewhere, now?  I’m not done with you yet."

Tommy nodded again, not having recovered his ability to speak yet and allowed the man to pull him out of the seat.

Silently, Tommy followed the blue eyed stranger out of the bar, passing Dave who was smirking at him, knowingly, and got into the man’s black mustang.

“Where to?”  the man asked.

“My place is only a couple of blocks away.”

Once they arrived and were inside of his apartment, Tommy grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses.  He handed the man the bottle who poured the deep red wine into the glasses, taking one from Tommy.

“Bedroom?”  He asked, huskily.

This time around, the stranger showed a more gentle side.  Worshipping Tommy’s entire body; loving every inch of him, even licking around the edge of Tommy’s ass, pushing his tongue inside of him.  He made sweet love to Tommy and then afterwards, he allowed Tommy to enter him.  Tommy had never before had such an incredible sexual experience. 

He finally asked the man his name, and he told him. 


Tommy’s thoughts were brought back to the present just as he felt himself tighten up, shooting his cum all over his stomach.  As he calmed down, only one word came to mind and to his lips.


Tommy swore to find Adam again, and hoped that he’d be at the bar tonight.  He wasn’t ready to give him up, not yet, and maybe not ever.

unless you beg...


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