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Title: Invisible Lover - Chapter 3
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2182
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This is fanfiction.  Just for fun, no harm intended.  Probably crack.

Warnings:  blowjob by invisible means, m/m sex, magical sand, um, IDK....
Prompt:  The Sandman’s Guild has for some time considered Adam Lambert’s incurable insomnia a source of consternation and embarrassment. Close to throwing in the towel on this failure, they decide to make a last-ditch effort in treating Adam’s insomnia by sending young Sandman-in-Training Kristopher Allen, who has had a less-than-stellar start to his sleep-inducing career, to attempt to lull Adam to sleep. Kristopher, a musician by heart, has no desire to become a Sandman and only joined because everyone insisted he looked simply adorable –and hot– in the skimpy Sandman loincloth. True to form, when Kristopher is sent to Adam’s apartment to try and get Adam to sleep, he makes rookie mistakes (e.g., by completely forgetting to make himself invisible and by forgetting to be quiet). Can Sandman-in-Training Kristopher find a way to put Adam to sleep? Will young Kristopher throw in the towel (or the loincloth) and give up his sand-sprinkling ways?

Thank you to [info]purplehaze1111 for entrusting me with her latest prompt.  I had such a great time with this one.
This is a completed fic.

Please comment, I live for it!   I've gone friends only, so if can't read, friend me and I'll friend you back or send me a message!!

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Invisible Lover - Chapter 2

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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 84 Part 4
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2329
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try an update once or twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 84 Part 4/4

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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 84 Part 3
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2207
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try an update once or twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 84 Part 3/4

Once Adam left in the ambulance with Kris, Tommy drove back to Conway and the party.  "The party, shit", he said to himself.  He called Danielle.

"Tommy, where are you?  Where are Adam and Kris?"  She was yelling, because people had begun arriving and they had music playing loudly.

"Um babe, I'm on my way, ok?  I'll explain when I get there."

He hung up, not really knowing what to tell her.  Should they cancel the party?  He wasn't really in the mood any longer, although he could use a beer after the night he'd had so far.  Then he thought of Adam and Kris.  Would they want him to?

He texted Adam, not really expecting an answer, but a few minutes later, his phone buzzed.

'Kris is OK.  Have fun at the party.  I'm staying here. Sorry'

‘God Adam, don't be sorry, I should just cancel it.'

'No, don't.  Please.’

'K. Don't feel right about it though.'


Tommy drove back towards Conway and the storage until which was on the outskirts, about fifty minutes away.

When he pulled up, there were a lot of people and cars.  Danielle ran over to him.  "What's going on?"

"Come on, I'll tell you everything", and he led her outside, away from the growing crowd.

Tommy told her what he knew, which wasn't much other than Adam getting the text in the car and then finding Kris at Bryson’s apartment.

"Who's Des?"

"A friend of Kris's."

"Some friend."

"Yeah, this guy, Bryson; I don't know who he is, but apparently he had Des drug Kris and then he drove them to his house and was about to, uh, rape him?"

"Oh my God", Danielle had her hand over her mouth in shock.  "Poor Kris.  He's really lucky that you two found him."

"Yeah, I can't even think about what he would have done with Kris afterwards, you know?  I just can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt him like that."

Danielle knew who Bryson was.  Adam had told her everything about his past, and he told her about seeing him again at the wedding.  She had a pretty good idea what he was really after, but thought that was Adam's story to tell if he wanted to.

"I have so many questions", Tommy shook his head.

"Adam will tell us what he wants us to know, baby", Danielle reassured him.  "We should get back to the party."

"I don't really feel like it", he shrugged.  "We can't play without them."

"Leave it to me, alright?"

Tommy followed Danielle back to the party and watched her walk to the stage area and grab the mic. "Hey everyone!  Happy New Year", she shouted.

After a round of 'Happy New Year's', Danielle continued.  "Small change of plans.  Adam and Kris had a family emergency and will not be able to attend tonight."

She let the crowd quiet down before continuing.  "The party will go on, however.  We have lots of music and food, so you're welcome to stay.  Thanks."  She hopped down and found Tommy again.  "Well this way, people can go somewhere else if they want to.  I feel so bad for Adam.  I feel like going to the hospital."

Tommy agreed with her.  They found Isaac and told him a little more of the story, but not much.  He and Cam would stay and let the party continue.

Tommy and Danielle drove off back towards Little Rock Memorial.  There wasn't too much traffic, so they made fairly good time.  Danielle texted Adam that they were coming, 'No arguments'.

He wouldn't dare argue with her. 



They had finally moved Kris into a room and the family was gathered around Kris's bed.  The nurse had brought in a few chairs, but Adam sat on the bed with Kris and held his hand the entire time, kissing his cheek, talking to him.

The police had come by to ask Adam some questions.  He went out into the hallway and Pam followed. She wanted to know what had happened, too.

"When did you realize that Kris was missing?"  The officer asked.

"We were having a New Years Eve party tonight and Kris was going to pick up his friend, Desmond and meet me there.  I got a text from Des saying that they were with Bryson Jackson in his car and that he'd drugged Kris."

"Who drugged Kris?"

"I think it was Desmond, but I'm not sure."

"And then you found them at Mr. Jackson's apartment?"

"Yeah, Des only told me where they were going.  I had to call Amanda and get his address."

“How do you know Mr. Jackson?"  Adam looked at his mom and then back at the police officer.  He didn't want to dig any of this up, and he needed to tell them everything that he could to help Kris.

“I was in a foster group home with him when I was fifteen, before living with my family, the Martins."

The cop was taking notes as Adam spoke.

"How did he know Kris?"

"I don't think he did.  Oh wait, he met Kris at our social worker's wedding last year, but that's all."

"And how does Kris know Desmond Holburn?"

Adam never knew the guys last name.  "Uh school."

"And they are friends?"

"Yeah, he was new this year and made friends with Kris."

He looked up at that.  "I'll have some questions for Kris when he wakes up.  Could you please call me tomorrow?"  He handed Pam his business card with his private number.

"Yes, of course, officer."

"Just a couple of more questions, Adam.  How did you get inside of Mr. Jackson’s apartment?"

Adam looked at his mom again, "Uh, I broke a window.  Am I in trouble?"

"No, of course not.  It's lucky for Kris that you did."

Adam nodded.

"We have Desmond and his social worker along with Ms. Hutchinson at the station getting their statements.  I would like both of you to come down to the station tomorrow as well."

"Did you find Bryson?"


Both Pam and Adam sighed in relief. 

The officer thanked them for their cooperation and Pam promised to call him in the morning when Kris was awake.  Then they went back to Kris's room.

“Adam”, Pam looked at his arms, “I didn’t notice this before, but you are cut.”

“Oh, right”, Adam remembered.  “I crawled through the window and got scraped.”

“Yeah, well that looks like more than just a scrape.  I’m calling in the nurse to look at you.”

“Mom, I don’t want to leave him.”

“And I don’t want you getting an infection.”

The nurse came in and took a look at Adam’s arms.

“I can bring in some antiseptic, unless you want to have him checked out.  In that case, you’d have to go to the emergency room”, she said, apologetically.

“No emergency room”, Adam was defiant.

“No, that’s fine.  Thank you”.

The nurse came back with some first aid supplies for Pam and she made Adam sit down so she could clean up his wounds.  “Thanks, mom.”


The detective came into the holding room and introduced himself to Desmond and the two social workers.  Leslie made a point of telling him that Des was her charge.  He nodded and directed his attention to Amanda first.

“Ma’am, I understand that you were the social worker for Mr. Jackson and that he works in your office.”

“Yes, sir; I am.”

“And how do you know Desmond?”

“Desmond is my charge”, Leslie interrupted.

“Yes, I’m aware of that.  Ms. Hutchingson?”

“I didn’t before tonight.  I know the victim and his foster family because I am also the social worker for Adam Lambert.”

“And he’s the one who called you?”

“Yes, Adam called me this evening saying that he needed Bryson Jackson’s address because he had drugged Kris and taken him to his apartment.”

“And how did he know that?”

“Desmond here”, she smiled down at the scared boy, “texted Adam from Kris’s cell phone while he was in the back seat without Bryson’s knowledge.”

“And you are the one who called the police?”

“Yes, I called them and drove to the apartment as well.  We all arrived minutes after Adam, I believe.”

“So, the door was opened when you arrived?”

“No, but the window had been broken and Adam was already inside.”

“Was Bryson there?”

“No sir, by the time we got upstairs and found Kris, Bryson had escaped though his bedroom window.”

“Alright.  I think that’s all the questions that I have for you, Ms. Hutchinson.”  Then he directed his attention to young man.  “Desmond?”

“Yesss ssir”, he was trembling.

“I have some questions for you.  Would you like Ms. Hutchinson to stay?”

He nodded, “Please”

“If that is alright with you, Ms. Peril.”

Leslie huffed, but agreed.  However she walked over to Des and took his hand, staking her claim on the child.

“Desmond, how do you know Mr. Jackson?”

Des took a deep breath, “I’m in a foster group home, sir.  He comes over to mentor some of the kids.”

“I see.  Were you friends?”

“No.  He made me do stuff.”

Both social workers looked in horror at each other.

“What do you mean, stuff?  Were you sexually abused by Mr. Jackson?”

“Oh shit, no.  I mean he made me become friends with Kris and then he made me give him the drugs.  He was always telling me what to do.”

“Has he ever given you drugs?”


“Des, it’s ok.  You need to tell them everything.”

Desmond told the officer how Bryson used to come over and get him high and then gave him some stash.  Then he started threatening to turn him in if he didn’t help him.

“So, he wanted you to get close to Kris, just so he could do this to him?”  The officer knew that wouldn’t hold up in any court, but he really wanted to know.

“He never told me why, but he wanted me to get Kris alone and high.”

“And you didn’t think that was strange?”

“Yeah, but every time I asked him questions, he’d tell me it was none of my business. “

“Ok, tell me about tonight.”

Des told him everything.  How Bryson told him to convince Kris to come to his house for dinner, and then putting the Rufi in his soda.  And then Bryson showing up and dragging Kris out to his car and driving them both to his house.

“How did you get the victims cell phone?”

Des winced, “His name is Kris.”

“Kris, how did you get his phone?”

“After Kris started to pass out, I realized just what I had done.  I quickly grabbed his phone when Bryson wasn’t looking.  He had no idea that I had it. I knew that I had to tell Adam.”

“What happened when you got to his apartment?”

“He made me help him get Kris upstairs and we laid him on his bed.  Then Bryson grabbed my arm and took my cell phone and locked me in his bathroom.”

“So he was alone with the vic… I mean Kris.”

“Yeah, I tried breaking the door down and he yelled and threatened me again. “

“Uh huh, and when did Mr. Lambert arrive?” 

“He texted me when he got here, asking how to get inside.  It was locked.”

“And what did you tell him.”

“Well, I didn’t know what Bryson was doing, but whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.  So, I told Adam to start making noise to distract him.”

“That was good advice.  And then?”

“Then I finally busted the door down and I ran into the room and saw Kris lying on the bed, naked.  Adam crashed through the window and came in right after me.  Bryson must have heard all of the noise and stuff and took off.”

“Ok, I think that’s all I need for now.  But, I may need to bring you back.  If Mr. Jackson was giving you drugs that could be a whole other charge.”

“You mean, he could go to jail?”

“Yes, I hope so.  We have to make sure that your story collaborates with the other witnesses, and also Bryson Jackson’s, but I have high hopes that we can bring him to justice.”

“You found him?”  Amanda asked.

“Yes, he had gone back to his apartment and was coming out the front door when the police caught up to him.”

“Well that’s good.  I’ll tell Adam.”

“We’ll need Adam and the other kid who was with him to come in for questioning also.  And Kris, of course.”

“Of course.”

“Well, I’ll take Desmond back to his group home now”, Leslie said smugly.

“Actually, I promised Des that I’d bring him to the hospital to check on Kris and talk to Adam.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“Please?”  Des looked pleadingly at Amanda.

Leslie pursed her lips together. 

“I was hoping that you would join us, Leslie.  Stay outside with Desmond until I have a chance to talk to Adam.”

“Oh, I see...  Well, alright.”

The three of them got into Amanda’s car and drove to the hospital.


Tommy drove as fast as he could, towards the hospital in Little Rock.  They parked and ran inside, asking for directions to the room that Adam had texted Danielle.

They found them a few minutes later.  “Adam”, Danielle ran over to him and gave him a big hug.  “I’m so sorry, baby.”

“Thanks for coming, guys.”

“We’ll leave you alone for while”, Pam addressed the group.  “I need some coffee.”

“How is he?”

“Sleeping.  They said that he’ll be out of it for at least eight hours after taking it.  It’s been about five or six so far, so…”

“How does Bryson know Desmond?”  Danielle asked.

“I don’t know.  I have so many questions.  I was hoping that Amanda would come, but she’s probably still with the police.”

The three friends talked about the events of the evening.  Adam told Danielle what he knew, which wasn’t much more than Tommy.  Tommy did ask about Bryson and Adam told him, without all of the gory details.  Then Adam asked about the Party.  “Did you cancel it?”

“No, it’s still going on.  But we wanted to be with you.”

“Thanks, I really mean that.”

Pam and the rest of the family came back a little while later and then there was a knock on the door.  They all turned their heads to see who it was.

Adam jumped up, “Amanda!”  He ran over and hugged his friend. 

“We need to talk, Adam.”


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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 83
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2207
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try an update once or twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 83

Christmas was only a week away and everyone was finally home from college for a three and a half week vacation.  Kris didn’t get out of school for a few more days, so Adam had plenty of opportunity to go shopping for his present.

Pam was working now, so she needed help this year getting ready.  Chelsey and Adam were going to do all of the grocery shopping and also plan the Christmas dinner with the entire clan.  It was mostly the same menu every year, so it wasn’t that difficult; even for those two.

The three older Martin kids drove to the mall one morning and Adam picked Chelsey’s brain for ideas for Kris.  “I think you put way too much pressure on yourself, Adam.  You know he’ll love anything that you buy for him.”

“Yeah, but…”

“But you want it to be perfect.”

He grinned, “He’s worth it.”

Adam had money now, and he would have loved to have bought Kris something really expensive, all of the family, really.  But he decided that wouldn’t be fair to any of them; since they wouldn’t be able to do the same in return.  And Adam didn’t want anyone, especially Kris, to feel bad about Christmas.  So, he gave himself a modest budget and vowed to make the most of it. 

They arrived at the mall and Adam still had no idea.  “Jewelry?”  Chelsey suggested first.

Adam shook his head.  “I’ve gotten him that.”



“Yeah, you’re right.  You love clothes.  Kris just wears them.”  They both laughed.  Brent just looked at them like they were crazy. 

“Uh, I wear clothes.”

That caused both Adam and Chelsey to double over.  “Yes you do, Brent”, replied Chelsey.

“Boys, they just don’t get it”, Adam added, still laughing.

Brent split up from Adam and Chelsey.  He had his own shopping to do, and he did it differently than those two, for which they were both grateful.

Adam and Chelsey each picked out gifts for their parents and Brent.  Chelsey found a really cute large buckled belt for Kris.  “He’ll love it”, Adam exclaimed.  But, he still had no idea what he was going to get him.

“You’ll figure it out”, Chelsey promised. 


Kris got home from school that afternoon and Adam was waiting for him in his room.  “Baby”, he ran over and pulled Kris into a hug and kissed the breath out of him.

“Mmm, that was really nice”, Kris sighed.  “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, Kris.”

On Saturday, Adam took Kris out shopping so he could finish buying for everyone in the family.  Kris had already gotten Adam’s gift weeks ago, but he didn’t let on or Adam would have been searching his room for it.

They spent the rest of the weekend baking cookies preparing some of the Christmas dishes ahead of time.  Kris was finally finished with school, so they could spend Christmas Eve day together. 

They met up with their friends at the diner early in the day.  Everyone was there except Desmond.  They hadn’t seen or heard from him all weekend, either.  “I hope everything’s alright”, Allison said, truly concerned.

Kris hadn’t told them anything about Desmond living in a group home.  That wasn’t his news to tell.   But, he secretly wondered if something happened and Des got moved again.  He tried texting him again, but didn’t get a response.

Kris asked Adam later, if they could stop by his house and check on him.  “Sure, baby.”  Adam knew that Kris felt really bad for the kid, and well, he did, too.  He and Kris were the lucky ones.  Not all kids were.  He briefly thought back to his old roommate, Bryson, but quickly brushed him out of his mind.  He had no good feelings where that guy was concerned at all.

They drove to the house and no one was home.  No cars in the driveway.  “Huh”, Kris said, now extremely worried.

They drove back home and Kris tried not to panic.  “I’m sure everything is fine, Kris.”  They drove over to the storage unit to have some alone time before heading back to the house.


They’d forgotten all about Desmond by the time they got home.  The Martin family was just beginning to arrive. They were spending the night so everyone would be there in the morning.  Grandmother Martin had a big hug for her boys.

“Hey, what about us,” Chelsey grumbled, until Grandma hugged and kissed her and Brent as well. 

They sat down to a lovely dinner made by Adam and Chelsey.  Pam had worked all day, and gladly let her children take over the cooking duties.

They made turkey and stuffing, just like for Thanksgiving, with a few more festive dishes to go along with it.  Adam made the homemade mashed potatoes.  He liked whipping them with the butter and milk.  Kris laughed at his domestic skills.  “You’re just jealous”, Adam stuck his tongue out.  Kris stood up and licked it, surprising both Adam and Chelsey.  “God, you two”, she giggled.  “I can’t wait to come over to your house someday for dinner.”

“Yeah, my little housewife”, Kris teased.

“Hey”, Adam complained.  “I’m not the girl.” 

“You are wearing the apron”, Chelsey agreed.

But they all got a lovely glimpse into their possible future and it made them both smile. 

The family gathered around the dining room table and congratulated Adam and Chelsey on the beautiful meal.

Kris and Brent snickered between them, ‘wait till they taste it first’.

“I heard that, baby”, Adam kicked him under the table.

However, the meal was delicious.  Afterwards they went into the family room to sit around the tree and enjoy each other’s company.

Adam and Kris excused themselves early and went up to Adam’s room to make out.  Mom was definitely more lenient, but they didn’t want to overstep any boundaries, so they put on pajamas and lay on top of his bed.

They ended up falling asleep together, and waking up early the next morning, with blankets covering them.  “Merry Christmas, baby”, Adam said, kissing Kris awake.

“Mmmerry Christmas”, Kris repeated, sleepily. 

“I can’t wait till you see what I got you.”  Adam had finally picked out the perfect gift for Kris. 

“Can I give you your first present early?”  Kris smirked, pulling down Adam’s sleep pants.

“Mm, Kris”, Adam moaned.  “This is exactly what I wanted”. 

Kris giggled as he hummed his lips around Adams’s shaft, under the covers.


After giving each other mutual gifts, the boys showered and got dressed, waiting for the rest of the family to finally wake up.  They all met downstairs and had a huge breakfast of eggs, sausage and Christmas Stollen, which Grandmother Martin had brought. “I used to make it myself”, she began, “But I discovered the Swiss Colony’s a few years ago, and I have to admit, it’s better than mine”, she giggled.

“I would loved to have tasted yours, Grandma”, Adam praised.

“You are such the charmer, Adam”, she flirted, giggling again.

Finally they all made their way back into the family room to open their gifts.  Mr. Martin put a log in the fireplace while Pam turned on some Christmas music and turned the lights on the tree.

The family took their seats while Mr. Martin passed out wrapped presents to everyone.

Adam and Kris had gotten Grandmother Martin a silk scarf and some body lotion, which she loved. 

By the end, there were open boxes scattered around the room, while small piles of gifts were at everyone’s feet.

Pam had gotten all of her kids the new iPhone and they were thrilled.  They had fun with Siri all afternoon, asking her silly questions.

Finally, Adam and Kris had one gift each on their lap.  It was the gift they were giving to the other one.  Adam smiled at Kris and handed him his gift.  “Merry Christmas, baby.  I love you.”

Kris blushed, and handed Adam his gift.  “I love you too, Adam.  Merry Christmas.”

“Well, are you too going to sit there and make googly eyes at each other all day?” 

“Yeah, open your presents” They all coaxed.


Later in the afternoon, while they were enjoying all of their new gifts and each other’s company, Kris’s phone buzzed.  He checked it and it was from Desmond: ‘Merry Christmas, Kris’, it said.

Relieved that he was ok, Kris quickly texted back, ‘Man, WTF have you been?  Was worried about you.’

Des saw Kris’s response and smiled.  No one had ever worried about him before.  He thought he’d better call and explain.

Kris’s phone rang this time, and when he saw that it was Des, he left the room, answering it.  “Des?  Everything alright?”

“Yeah man, its fine”, he sounded surprised.

“We stopped by your place yesterday and no one was home and since we hadn’t seen you in a couple of days, I thought that maybe…  um..”

“Kris, I’m fine. The group leader took us away for Christmas.  I’m at a cabin in the mountains.”

“Took you away?”

“Yeah, none of us have family to spend Christmas with, so he took us on vacation.  I guess to keep our minds off of shit…”

“Oh.  Wow, I never thought of that.  That’s cool.”

Des shrugged, “Yeah.  I learned to ski.”

“Awesome.  Well, I’m glad you’re alright.”

“That’s really nice of you, Kris.”  And he meant it. 

They hung up a few minutes later and Kris came back into the room.  Adam asked him if everything was alright, and he just nodded, smiling.


Pam, Chelsey and Adam worked on the Christmas dinner together.  They were having Goose and Roast Beef.  They had made roasted baby potatoes, green bean casserole and buttered carrots.

Amanda and Tanner came for dinner.  She was just a couple of months into her pregnancy, but feeling pretty good.

“You look amazing, Amanda”, Adam gave her a huge hug.

Dinner was delicious.  Everyone complimented the cooks.  Kris made a comment under his breath to Adam, who smirked, whispering back, “Maybe I’ll only wear the apron.  Then see if you’re calling me housewife.”

Kris’s eyes widened as he blushed, picturing Adam in only an apron and a huge …

They retired to the family room to enjoy the tree for the rest of the evening.  Pam made coffee and brought out the cookies that the kids had made during the week.

Adam and Kris excused themselves a little while later, saying they had plans.

They drove to the storage unit to be alone for a while.  They had barely closed the door before Adam was tearing off Kris’s clothing.  “I’ve been waiting to do this all day”

“Adam”, Kris pulled at Adam’s clothes too, wanting him on top of him.

They fell onto the couch and made love.  Adam slowly prepped Kris with his fingers, hitting that spot.  Once he was ready, Adam slowly pressed his cock into his boyfriend.  “I love you so much, Kris.”

They made love forever, taking turns and not wanting to leave.  Reluctantly, they got dressed and were making out on the couch when they heard voices outside.

“I knew they’d be here”, they heard Tommy say before he knocked loudly.  “You guys decent?” he chuckled. 

“Tommy”, Danielle reprimanded. 

Adam and Kris started laughing, as Adam walked over and unlocked the door, lifting it up to allow their friends inside.

“Hey guys”, they hugged the other couple.  “So, I invited the band over for a little celebration.”


A few minutes later, Cam and Isaac showed up with a couple bottles of wine.  “Merry Christmas, everyone.”

They took sips and toasted each other.

“So, what about having a New Years Eve Party right here?”  Tommy asked the group.

“I think we’d have to get permission from this place.”

“I already did”, Danielle offered. 

They spent the next hour planning the party of the year.  “You’re friends are invited, Kris.”

“Great, thanks guys.”

He texted Allison right away and gave her the news.  Within ten minutes he had texts from the entire gang.

“It’s going to be a blast”

They made plans to get together the next day and practice.  They only had one week till New Years Eve.


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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 81
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2387
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try an update once or twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 81

About ten minutes later, a car pulled up and Des got inside.  The guy in the driver seat gave him a sly grin.  "Hello Desmond, thanks for meeting me", the man greeted him.

He rolled his eyes, looking out the window.  Wasn't like he'd been given a choice, "Sure thing, Bryson."

My life totally sucks, Des thought to himself, as Bryson drove the car to wherever they were going.

He'd gotten mixed up with the older guy by accident. Well, fate or something, anyway.  Desmond had been in the foster care system since he was about ten years old.  Mother dead; father a deadbeat.  He'd gotten into some trouble with shoplifting and personal property theft and had ended up in Juvi.  After the second time was when he was taken away from his father and put in the system.

He'd been in a couple of different foster homes, but ended up in a group situation after having multiple drug arrests and the last family couldn't handle him any longer. 

While in Juvi for the fourth time, he'd found a couple of drug contacts that indirectly led him to their dealer.  He never knew the guy's name.  Not until he'd been moved to this latest home in Conway, AK.

They dude must have been waiting for the right kid to show up, because it wasn't two days after Desmond had arrived that Bryson first paid him a visit.  He hooked him up with some weed and other stuff and pretended to be his friend.  After a few months of accepting gifts from him, Des found himself owing Bryson a lot of money; which he generously promised to wipe the debt clean if Desmond did something for him.  He didn't really have a choice, because in the second breath, Bryson threatened to turn him in if he didn't play nice. So, Desmond found himself this asshole's errand boy. 

"So, what's you’re problem with Kris Allen, anyways?"  Des asked.

"None of your business."

Des shrugged, "He's really nice."

"Like I said before; once I get done with him, he’s all yours."

"You're gonna hurt him?"  Des knew that this guy was a dick, but he didn't think he'd actually hurt anyone.

"You only have to worry about your part, alright?  I need him alone and stoned."

"Kris is never far from his boyfriend, Adam."

Bryson eyes darkened for just a second and then he quickly looked away.

"You know Adam?"  Des asked, questioningly.

Bryson was quiet the rest of the way until the car stopped.

"Where are we?"


Bryson dropped Des off two blocks from the diner so he could meet his new friends.  He handed him a small bag of weed which Des gladly took and stuck in his pants pocket and then walked into the diner where Ethan and those girls were sitting.

“Isn’t there anything else to do in this town?” 

“Not really.  Sometimes we hang out at someone’s house, but it’s more fun here.”

“So, you all want to get high?”

You’d have thought that someone turned off a switch, the place got so quiet.  Ethan glared at him.  “Man, I play ball, I can’t be doing that shit”.

“Oh, sorry, I mean, I didn’t no… no problem.”  Desmond thought he really fucked up with them.

“Hey, I don’t care if you do, it’s just… I’d get kicked off the team.  I’ve got a future”, Ethan sounded apologetic.

“Yeah, Ethan’s a saint”, Lucy chuckled. 

“No I’m not, I drink.  Just no drugs.”  Ethan defended. 

“That’s cool, man.”

They quickly changed the subject and ordered some sodas until it was time for Ethan to leave.  “I’ve got to get to practice.  I’ll see you guys later, ok?”  He kissed Lucy on the cheek and then he left. 

Allison and Lucy gave each other a quick look and then, “So you have pot?”  Allison grinned.

“Uh yeah, but I thought…”

“Oh, Ethan doesn’t, but…”

“We would.”

Desmond grinned; he’d been taking the wrong approach all along.  But this could work out after all…  “Where do you want to go?”


Allison and Lucy took Desmond to a park that was surrounded by woods.  They didn’t have a clue but it was right near Adam and Kris’s special place; where they used to go to be alone.

“This is cool”, Des said, as Allison took out a blanket for them and laid it on the grass.  Desmond sat and reached in his pocked for the bag of week that Bryson had given him that morning.

“So if Ethan doesn’t get high, neither does Kris?”

Allison shook her head.  “Do you like him?”

“Who, Kris?  Sure.  Ethan, too”, Des lit the joint.

“No, Alli means, do you like him?” Lucy emphasized ‘like’.”

“Huh?  I’m not gay, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Oh, we weren’t implying, it’s just that you’re always bringing Kris up and we just thought that maybe…”

Des knew he’d been pushing too hard.  “I like him, he’s cool.  He plays guitar really well.”  He inhaled deeply and passed it to Allison.

“Yeah.  You know, he and Adam have been together for years, now.  They met when Kris’s family took Adam in.”

“Took him in, what do you mean?”

Allison and Lucy told him about Adam and Kris both being foster kids.  “Kris had lived with the Martin’s for years, before they got Adam.  But it was like fate, you know?”

“Really?”  Des had no idea that they were…  That must be how Bryson knew them, but… He was confused.  He needed to talk to him; tonight.

They toked on the joint getting a good buzz.  The higher the girls got, the more they chatted.  Fortunately, they didn’t really know any of Adam’s history before he came to live with the Martins, other than his mom and aunt were both dead; leaving him with no family and he ended up in foster care and eventually the Martins. 

After they finished smoking, everyone was hungry, so Allison drove them back to the diner to get some fries. 


Adam and Kris finally got out of bed and showered.  They came downstairs and into the kitchen where mom had left them breakfast in the microwave to warm up.

Kris had baseball practice later and Adam promised to go with him.  “You’ll be bored?”

“Nah, baby.  I want to.”

Kris found Ethan, who didn’t mention spending the morning with Desmond.  They warmed up and then ran some laps, waiting for the rest of the team to show.

Adam sat in the stands and watched them practice.  He took out his phone and texted Dani.  ‘Hey, where are you?’ 

She texted back right away: ‘With Tommy.  Where are you?”

‘Baseball practice.’

Dani laughed, “Tommy, let’s rescue Adam?”

“Yeah, sure.”

About ten minutes later, his friends showed up to hang out with him on the stands.  “You guys are the best, you know that?”

“Yeah, we do.”

After practice, they headed over to the diner with Kris and Ethan before heading home.  Adam and Tommy needed to get back to school tonight before curfew, but Adam wanted a good home cooked meal and definitely more Kris time before he left. 

After dinner, Adam and Kris drove over to the storage unit.  It definitely wasn’t as romantic as their special place had been, but at least it was private.  They spent the last possible minute together before Adam had to get back.  Tommy was picking him up there, and Kris would drive home alone.


Des got back to the group home in time for dinner.  That was the only requirement.  Be home for meals and chores.  Other than that, they didn’t really care.  They had a big brother kind of system there.  Older kids that had successfully made it out of the system would sort of mentor the kids at the group home.  That was the premise that Bryson used to get to know some of the boys.  He was really just a thug drug dealer, but no one would rat him out. 

After dinner, Des went upstairs to his room to play his PS3.  The other kids joined him shortly after, so he didn’t have a chance to call Bryson.  He sent him a text instead.  ‘What’s the deal with Adam?’

A few moments later, Jackass: ‘WTF is that supposed to mean? My only concern right now is the kid’

‘His name is Kris.’  What a dick.  He threw his phone down.

Des asked one of the other kids to play Modern Warfare with him.  His two roommates were both a year younger than him and were thrilled when he asked them to play.

After a while, he let the two of them play, and he got into bed.  He lay there wondering what that asshole was up to.


The next day at school, Des met up with his new friends.  Allison and Lucy did a lot of giggling whenever he was nearby.  “What, so you like that guy now?”  Ethan complained.

“Jealous, baby?”  Lucy teased him.  “You know you’re the only one for me, Eth.  He’s just nice, that’s all.”

“Whatever.”  He wasn’t jealous. 

Des had lunch with them every day.  Kris was getting used to the guy.  He enjoyed talking to him in Jazz band, anyway.  But he started asking questions about Adam, which Kris thought was strange. 

Finally, Des decided to just come out and ask him.  “So, you’re a foster kid, too?”

“What?  How did you know that?  Wait, what do you mean?”

“Don’t be mad.  Allison and Lucy told me.”

“That’s ok, it’s not a secret.  But I’ve been with the Martins for almost all of my life. They’re the only parent’s that I remember.”

“That’s really good, Kris.”

“So, what did you mean?  Are you a foster kid, too?”

“Yeah, I didn’t exactly have the luck you do, though.”

“Are you with a family, now?”

“No, group home.”

“Really?  So was Adam.”

Desmond realized he better drop the subject.  But he had the sneaking suspicion that Bryson did know Adam.  Maybe that was how? 

“Yeah, I don’t really like to talk about it.”

“I’m sorry, Des.”

Kris made a mental note to be nicer to him.  They had a connection.  Sort of.

The rest of the week, Kris either had baseball practice or too much homework to visit Adam.  Pam was adamant about it this time.  So, they talked on the phone after dinner every night.  “I miss you so much.”

“Me too, baby. “

On Friday, Kris drove to school to pick up Adam. 


They got into a routine over the next few weeks.  They were both busy with school and Kris had baseball, while Adam was rehearsing for the fall play.  On Friday after school, Kris would pick up Adam and they’d spend the weekend together.  Usually the band would rehearse.  Kris usually had a baseball game on Saturday and occasionally Sunday.

Chelsey and Brent came home just once before the winter break, so that weekend, they tried to spend as much time with them as possible.  The entire family went to Kris’s game.  Afterwards, they went to Pizza Hut, just like they used to.

Pam had gone back to work fulltime.  Amanda was able to get her a job at the agency doing administrative duties.  They had lunch together often.  She also got to know Bryson, since he worked there as well.  Pam didn’t get a very good feeling from him, though.  He was always staring at her.

She would get home after five o’clock, and she, Ron and Kris would have dinner together. 

When Kris didn’t have practice, he’d have the house to himself.  It made him miss Adam more.  He had his friends over a few times, but usually just did his homework and waited for his parents to come home.

Desmond finally invited Kris over to his house a couple of times.  It was a little weird; Kris could only think of Adam in that situation, but the other boys seemed ok.  They’d play video games in his room.  He was trying to be nice.  It couldn’t be easy on Desmond living here. 

Des did bring up getting high just once, but Kris nicely turned him down and he didn’t want to push him away.

Kris really just looked forward to the weekends when Adam would come home.  He missed him, but at least he had his friends and family.  He looked at Des and realized just how lucky he really was.


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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 79
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2387
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try an update once or twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 79

Kris awoke in the morning to his alarm clock blaring Led Zeppelin on the classic rock station.  He’d updated his musical tastes since joining the band.  Today was the first day of school and he was actually looking forward to it.  He was taking jazz band as an elective this year.  Having auditioned the end of last year, Kris just found out a couple of weeks ago that he’d made it.

After showering, he texted Adam, then he got dressed and waited for him to answer.  He must still be sleeping.

Pam had made breakfast for him and was waiting downstairs.  “Good morning, Kris.”

“Hey mom.”

“Ready for your first day of school?”


“Good, sweetie.  I’ve been a little worried about you.”


“You seem a lot happier this week.”

“I’m fine, mom.  I really am.”

And she believed him.  They finished breakfast as Ethan arrived to pick up Kris for school.

“Have a great day, boys”, Pam shouted as they left.

Then Pam sat down at the kitchen table with a fresh cup of coffee and took a deep sigh.  Sure, he was OK, but she was a mess; missing all of her children at once.  Maybe it was time for her to go back to work.  She had a part time job, but maybe she needed something more.

As she was sitting there, stewing over what to do with her life, there was a knock at the kitchen door.  Pam turned to look and saw Amanda waving at her.  She grinned and opened the door.  “How did you know I needed a friend today?” she asked, hugging the younger woman.

“I thought this might be a hard day for you.”

“Yeah, a little.”

The two women chatted about everything.  Pam told her that Kris seemed to be a lot better now that he knew what to expect with Adam at school.  “He went over every day to see him last week.  And, Adam comes home on the weekends.  I think it really was just the anticipation of not knowing.”

“Sounds like it.  When I talked to him, he was really down.  I’m glad he’s feeling better, Pam.  So, how does Adam like school so far?” 


Ethan and Kris drove to school and parked his car in the student lot.  Now that they were juniors, they were allowed to reserve a parking spot.

Ethan parked the car and they sauntered into the building, like they owned the place.  They looked around at all the new blood; “freshmen”, Ethan nodded in the direction of a couple of doe eyed, scared looking girls.  “Can we help you?”  He asked.

Kris stood back and laughed at his friend.  After Ethan pointed the girls in the right direction, he turned to Kris.  “Wow, hitting on the freshmen already, Eth?”

“Hey, I’m just being a good citizen, that’s all”, but laughed at himself.

They found homeroom and took a seat.  They recognized most of the kids in here.  “Cale”, Kris called to his friend, just walking into the classroom.

“Hey man”, he answered and they all started chatting about their summer until the teacher came in and got their attention. 

Kris had friends in almost all of his classes, for which he was grateful.  Allison had Algebra II and both she and Lucy had science class with him and Ethan.  Kris met up with Charles and Cale during History.

The last class of the day was Jazz Band.  He was so excited; he’d be one of two guitarists, but he didn’t think he’d know anyone in this class.  However, he walked in and sat down, waiting for the teacher begin, and this guy he didn’t recognize bounded into the classroom.  “Hey there”, he said, coming right up to Kris and practically getting in his face.   

“Hey”, Kris answered, a confused look on his face.

“I’m Desmond”, the boy announced.  “You’re Kris, right?”

“Um, yeah.  How do you know that?”

The boy laughed, “I just know”.  Kris’s eyes got wide and the boy laughed again.  “I’m the other guitar player”, he covered, nicely.  “You can call me Des.”

“Oh, cool”, Kris felt the awkward moment dissipate.  Then Des reached his hand out to Kris, “Nice to meet you, Kris.”

He’d just transferred schools from across town.  “Better neighborhood”, is all he said in explanation.  It wasn’t Kris’s business, anyway. 

“You play any sports?”  Kris asked him.

“Nah, just guitar and some bass.”

“Cool, I play both too. And piano.”

“I know”, Des chuckled and then turned his head.  Quickly, he added, “I asked about my competition”, he said, smiling.

Kris thought that was kind of an odd thing to say, since they weren’t really competition and he hoped the guy wasn’t like a stalker or anything.  But after that strange introduction, Desmond turned out to be a pretty cool guy.  They talked about music they liked and other stuff until class started.   The guy could play well, anyway.


Ethan and Kris drove home after school and Kris immediately checked his phone.  There were three texts from Adam.  ‘Morning, baby!  Miss you’, then an hour later, ‘I guess I did miss you. Slept in’, and then twenty minutes ago, ‘Call me when you get out’.  Kris smiled, reading all of his messages.

“Adam?”  Ethan commented on the goofy look on Kris’s face.

“Yeah”, he said, already dialing Adam’s number.  Adam answered on the first ring.


“Hey, Adam.  I missed you, too.”

“Can you come over?”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to ask when I get home.  I’m almost there.”

After Kris was dropped off, he walked in the kitchen door to sweet talk his mom into letting him go and see Adam tonight, but no.  She wouldn’t cave. 

“Not on a school night.  Sorry, Kris.”  She said, firmly.

“But, I don’t have any homework.”  He gave her his best innocent smile.  “Just until dinner?”

“That wouldn’t be much time, Kris.”

“Enough”, he slipped.  “I mean…”

She gave him the evil eye.

“I just miss him, mom.”

“We will eat at 6:00 sharp.  Be here”, she warned.

Kris kissed her cheek and ran out the door, “Love you, mom”, texting Adam running out to the car.  ‘On my way’

He started the engine and pulled out of the driveway and sped off towards Adam.

‘She caved?  LOL’

Kris didn’t see the response till he’d parked the car in front of the dorm.

Adam was outside waiting for him.

“I have to be home by six.”

“Ok baby.”  Adam kissed him and then they walked to his room.

Tommy was there and offered to leave, but they both shook their heads.  “Tommy, you don’t always have to leave.  We’ll just hang today, alright?”

“Ok.  I don’t want to be a cock blocker or anything”, he snorted.

“It’s cool”.  Then he turned all his attention to Kris, “So baby, how was your first day of school?”

Kris told him about his classes, his friends, everything.  Then he got to the last class.  “So Jazz band is gonna be great.  There’s one other guitar player.  His name is Desmond.”

“Is he cute?”


“Just asking.”

“Not really.”

Kris decided not to mention that at first, Desmond totally gave him the creeps.  It was probably nothing.

Isaac joined them and they made plans for the weekend to finish putting in all of the band equipment into the storage unit; the amps and stuff.

At about five-thirty, Adam reminded Kris that he needed to go.

“I wish I could stay”, he said, sadly.

“I know baby, me too.”  Adam walked Kris out to his car and they spent a few minutes saying good bye and then Kris drove home.

Adam walked back to his room and then he and the guys went to dinner.


The next day at school, Desmond found Kris at lunch, so Kris felt like he should invite him to sit with him and his friends.  They all liked him, well enough.  After school, he found Kris and Ethan.  “Hey, what are you guys doing now?”

“Um, I’m going to see Adam”, Kris announced.

“Oh”, he replied, rolling his eyes.  Only Ethan caught it.  Then, “Who’s Adam?” Sounding curious and interested.

“My boyfriend”, Kris had never mentioned he was gay to Desmond. Everyone who counted already knew that.

He just shot him a strange look, “Tomorrow, then?”

Ethan interjected, “Man, Kris is seeing Adam every day”, he chuckled, while Kris punched his friend in the arm, but nodded in agreement.

“We should hang out sometime.  I don’t have many friends yet.”

“I’ll hang out with you, Desmond”, Ethan offered.  “You play ball?”

“Ball?  Uh, no.”

“He’s a musician, Ethan.”

“Uh, I guess I better go.  See you tomorrow, Kris?”

“Yeah, we’ll see you tomorrow”, Ethan broke in again.  When Des had left, “Man, there’s something strange about that guy…”

“He’s ok”, Kris shrugged.  “I think he just wants to be friends.”

“Yeah, with just you”, Ethan giggled.  “He has a crush on you.”

“No he doesn’t”, Kris shook it off.  “You want to hang out with me at Adam and Tommy’s today?”

“Ok”, Ethan agreed.  Kris texted his mom, ‘Can I see Adam? Be home by 6p.’

A few minutes later, his phone buzzed, “Don’t be late”, she replied.

“Their dorm is really cool”, Kris said as they drove to the campus and then he texted Adam that they were on their way.


Desmond started the walk home.  Home, if that’s what you could call it.  His phone rang as he was walking.  “Yeah?”

“How’d it go?”


“Fine?  Are you friends, yet?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You guess”, the other voice spat.

“It’s just the second day, man.  Fuckin’ chill.”

“Don’t tell me to chill”, it spoke through clenched teeth.  “I’ve waited long enough.”

“He’s nice.  I like him.”

“Well, after I get done with him”, he smirked through the phone, “You can have him.”

Des hung up his phone, “What a dick”, he said out loud.  Unfortunately for him though, the asshole owned him right now.


Adam answered the door and pulled Kris inside; Ethan following behind.  “Baby”, he started and immediately engulfed Kris’s lips with his own.

Ethan laughed, “Man, I’d say, get a room, but, this is your room, so…”

“Hey Ethan”, Tommy nodded, strumming his guitar on his bed.

“Hey man”, Ethan sat down and they immediately started talking about Dani, while the other two said hello.  When they came up for air, Adam joined their conversation.  “I talked to her yesterday; I think she’s coming home this weekend.”  And then went back to Kris’s lips.

“How does he do that?”

Tommy shook his head.

Eventually, the conversation turned to school and Ethan just had to tell them about Desmond.

“Oh, he’s totally hitting on you, baby?”

“No he’s not”, Kris defended.

“Baby, you’re so hot.  I wouldn’t blame him”, Adam teased.

“He’s new.  He just wants to be friends”, he shot Ethan a look for bringing it up.

“Well, maybe I should meet him, just to make sure.”


“Not unless I should be.”

A few other guys came over and hung out with them and pretty soon it was time for Kris and Ethan to get home.  “I’m just teasing you about that guy, you know that, right?”

Kris nodded, “I know.  I’m usually the one who’s jealous.”  They briefly remembered Curtis, but that made them think of Earl, and they both shuddered. 

“See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, unless mom puts a stop to this.”

“I love you, Kris”, Adam kissed him goodbye, while his friends catcalled and whistled at them. 

“Love you too, Adam.”

As they left, their more obnoxious friends made kissing noises.

“Funny, guys”, Adam chucked a pillow in the general direction of the offenders.


Kris drove to Adam’s after school on Friday to pick him up.  Mom was planning a nice dinner in Adam’s honor, so he had to promise that they’d be home by six.  Tommy had already taken off to see Dani, so they had the room to themselves.

“I missed you so much”, Adam said, leading Kris to the bed, undressing him along the way.

“Me too”, Kris was also pulling at Adam’s clothes.  Once fully naked, Adam pulled him under the blankets.  They kissed and pawed at each other until they were panting with want.  Adam reached for the lube and prepped Kris.  “I’m gonna make you feel so good baby.”


They got home just before six and Pam greeted them at the door.  “Smells delicious, mom”, Adam kissed her on the cheek.

“Tell me all about school, sweetie…”

They had a nice dinner and talked about their week.  Adam told them about the upcoming audition for their Shakespeare Theatre.  It ran through the school year by semester. 

After dinner, the boys excused themselves and went to Kris’s room.  They were going to enjoy this weekend, because Kris was starting fall ball this week and wouldn’t be able to come over until Friday.

“It’s ok, Kris.  At least we had the last two weeks, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Hey, babe, let’s go over to the storage unit tomorrow.  Tommy and Isaac are meeting us at 2:00 o’clock with a keyboardist to audition, but we can go early and…”

Kris nodded, while Adam petted his hair, lying together on the bed.  The door was shut, but not locked.  Tomorrow, Kris thought, smiling.


After dinner, Des went up to his room and got on his PS3.  He played Modern Warfare online with random players.  Tonight’s wasn’t random, though.  He wondered how the guy did it; but sure enough the sound of his voice was coming through the television.

“So I have an idea”, he said, as his character was shooting at a moving target on the screen.

“Yeah?”  Des answered.

“I’ll hook you up with some pot.  Invite him over.”

“Here?”  Des dropped his controller.  “That might be suspicious.”

“You’re right.  You need a place, though.  Secret” The older dude was brainstorming.

“I’ll figure it out, alright, man?  I just met the guy this week.  These things take time.  You want this to work, right? ”

The other guy conceded for now. 

“Hey, can I still get the weed?”

“You make a date with the kid first and then I’ll deliver.”

Fucker “Yeah, alright.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

And he saw his character drop off the screen and then he was alone.

Desmond got ready for bed, before they his brothers came in.  He pretended he was asleep so they didn’t ask any questions.  And then he plotted his next move till he drifted off.


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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 78
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2387
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try an update once or twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 78

Kris felt a lot better the next morning.  He was really glad that he’d made up with Adam.  He came downstairs for breakfast with the family including Chelsey and Brent.  They were driving back to school today and he wanted to spend some time with them before they left took off.

Pam was paying careful attention to Kris while they ate.  She wanted to take him shopping for some new clothes and then lunch out, just the two of them today, but Kris wanted to see Adam, instead.

“Well, I think it would be nice for us to spend some time together.”  Pam was pushing, and she knew it.

“I know, mom.  I'd like that too.  Maybe next week?”  When Adam begins classes, he was thinking.

“Ok, I’m going to hold you to it, alright, Kris?”

“Thanks, mom. He knew what she was trying to do and he really appreciated it, but he wanted to spend today with Adam.

Chelsey and Brent finished loading up their car and hugged Kris and Pam good bye.  "See ya in a few weeks", and then they were gone.

Kris tried to not be sad, but Pam grabbed and hugged him, her own tears falling.  "It never bothered me before either, Kris.”

"I'm going to see Adam", Kris announced, trying not to cry.

"Ok, sweetie.  Tell his we love him."

"I will, mom."  Kris texted Adam on his way out the door.  'On my way.'

His phone buzzed a minute later.  "Can't wait.  Miss you."

That relaxed Kris a bit, knowing that Adam was looking forward to him coming.  He drove over to the campus and walked to Adam’s dorm.  Tommy was gone when he arrived, and he figured that Adam kicked him out so they could be alone.

“Hey baby”, Adam pulled him into the room and kissed him hard.  “I’ve wanted to do that all morning.”  They barely talked before they ended up stripping each other’s clothes off and having sex on Adam’s twin bed.  It wasn’t the most comfortable place, but they needed each other right now.

After they cleaned up best they could without water, Adam showed Kris their hallway bathroom that they shared with twenty or so other guys.

“Wow, that kind of sucks”, Kris commented.

Adam chuckled, “Yeah, I guess.  It’s not home, that’s for sure.”

“Have you met anyone else here?”

“Yeah, a few people.”

Tommy came back a while later and the three of them walked around the campus, pointing out all of the hot spots to Kris.  They decided to hit the snack shack again; everyone was starving.  Eventually, Adam and Tommy would have to try out the cafeteria, but they’d wait until classes started.

When they got back to their room, there was a knock at the door.  Tommy answered it and it was their new drummer Isaac.  They hung out, while Tommy brought out his guitar and then the bass which he handed to Kris and they jammed with Isaac, who’d brought his sticks, tapping on anything that would make a sound, while Adam sang.  After a while, a small group had gathered in the boys’ room; drawn in by the music. 

“Man, you can sing.”  It ended up being a party in their room.  By the end of the evening, there must have been thirty kids in their room.  Kris didn’t want to leave.  But, there was a curfew and he needed to get home.

After everyone cleared out, Kris said good night to Adam.  “I’ll see you tomorrow, baby?”

“Yeah, what time?”

“As early as you want, Kris.”  So far this was working out perfectly, Adam thought.


Adam came home for the weekend and the boys spent every second together.  Adam really enjoyed the home cooked meals.  Sure, it had only been two days, but damn, he missed his mom’s cooking. 

Kris had to work at the pool, and Adam wasn’t needed, but he dropped Kris off in his car and told him that he’d stop by later.  Dani had called and she was home too, so he met her and Tommy at the diner.  Isaac came too so they could talk about the band.  They needed a place to practice, since Monte had moved away. 

“My house is out”, Isaac said.  “Way too far.”

“What about on campus?”  Tommy suggested.  “We should look into that.”


Adam left the group talking so he could visit Kris at the pool like he promised.  He found him at the snack bar, some younger girl flirting with him.  He could see Kris practically rolling his eyes and decided to rescue him.

“Hey babe”, Adam came up to the counter.

“Adam”, Kris replied cheerfully, beaming that he’d come to see him.

“Hi there”, Adam said to the girl.

“Hi”, she looked like she just hit the jackpot, talking to two hot guys. 

“Can you take a break, babe?” 

“Yeah, gimme just a minute”, Kris finished with the girl’s order and ran out from behind the counter and practically accosted Adam. 

The girl looked at Kris, and then Adam and then huffed and walked away.  “Man, why are the cute ones always gay”, she muttered under her breath.

Giggling, the boys found a table and sat down.  “So, the band was talking at the diner.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, we need a place to practice.”

“What about our place?”

“Our house?  Where?  Brent has the garage now.  Tommy thought maybe at school somewhere.”

“Hey, I have an idea.  But it’ll cost some money.”

Adam looked intrigued, the one thing he did have was money, “What’s that, babe?”

“Self Storage.”


“Yeah, I was reading this thing online where bands rent a self storage unit to keep their equipment and then practice right there.  It’s just like a garage.”

Adam got big eyes and smiled, “Kris, that’s brilliant.”

“And”, Kris got an evil grin…

“I know exactly what you’re thinking, you are so bad…” He hugged Kris and whispered in his ear, “But so good”, and then kissed him on the forehead.

“I better get back to work, hang out with me?”

“Can I get some fries?”

“Coming right up”, he giggled as he went back behind the snack counter.

Adam hung around for a while and then went to see a few of his lifeguard buddies and finally came back to Kris until it was time for his shift to end, and then they drove home together.  Pam insisted that they have dinner at home.  Adam didn’t argue.  He was starving for her meatloaf.

Sunday was spent lounging around and eating.  Later in the day, they met up with friends, but mostly stayed home.  Kris would drive Adam back to school that evening.  He was really thankful that Adam was so close.

Adam started his classes the next morning.  Kris had another week off before he began the eleventh grade.  He was most excited about fall ball with a lot of the guys he’d played with since little league.  Ethan and he would be playing varsity this spring, and he couldn’t wait for that.  There was a trip to New Orleans each year for a tournament and they’d be going this year.

Kris worked at the pool the whole week and spent as much time with his friends as possible, trying not to miss Adam too much.  He knew that he’d be busy this week, getting used to his classes and homework that he didn’t want to bother him.

So, he was pleasantly surprised when Adam texted him around 4:00 pm.  ‘Come over?  Miss you’

Kris smiled.  He didn’t know what he’d been so worried about.  ‘Be there soon’, he texted right back.

“Adam?”  Allison said.  They were sitting at a table at the snack bar with Kris since he’d finished working.

“Yeah”, he grinned.  “I gotta go”, he kissed his friend on the cheek and left for the dorm.

Adam had purchased one parking space for the school year, so Kris didn’t have to worry about parking each time.  He got out of the car and Adam was waiting outside for him, talking to some people.  They looked like they were probably theatre students; a few guys, but mostly girls.  

Adam saw Kris coming up the walkway and ran to greet him.  “Baby”, He hugged Kris and kissed him.  “Come and meet some of the guys.”

“Hey everyone, this is Kris.”

“Hi Kris”, they all said, shaking his hand.  One of the girls hugged him.  “Adam wouldn’t stop talking about you.” 

That made Kris blush.  Everyone introduced themselves to Kris.  They were all from Adam’s theatre arts classes.

“Come on, we’re going to have dinner together.”  The boys walked with Adam’s new friends to the cafeteria.  They got their food and found a table and sat down.

“You an actor, too?”  One of the guys asked Kris.

“Nah, I used to do sets and the tech stuff for the plays.”

“That’s cool.  So I hear Adam was a fantastic Phantom.”

“He’s amazing”, Kris said with hearts in his eyes.

After dinner, they said good bye to Adam’s knew friends and walked back to his dorm.  “So where’s Tommy?”

“I haven’t seen him all day.  We don’t have any classes together.”

Tommy was in the room when they got back.  “Hey guys”, he was sitting on his bed, playing guitar. 

They talked about their classes.  Tommy had a couple with Isaac.  They also met this girl Cam, who played the keys.  “She’s really good, Adam.  We should talk to her about the band.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

Tommy took off a while later to have dinner with Isaac and left Adam and Kris alone.  “So you had a good day?”

“Yeah, I met a lot of people.  Oh, and I saw Ms. Fisher.”

“Ms Fisher?”  Kris didn’t know that name.

“Justine, from the plane”, he clarified.

“Oh, that’s cool.”

“Yeah, she teaches one of my acting classes.  So, how was your day?”

“Ok.  Mom’s trying to keep me busy.  We’re going out to lunch and school clothes shopping tomorrow, since I have the day off from the pool.”

“That’s good, Kris.  I think with all of us out of the house, its hard on her, too.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Just then, someone knocked on the door.  Adam got up to answer it.  It was Jacob, from two doors down.  He’d come over the night when Tommy and Kris were playing. 

“Hey guys”, he said.  “Scott’s room is having a party tonight.  You guys want to come?”

“Yeah, sure.  I’ll tell Tommy, too.”

“I saw him earlier, so cool.  See ya later.”  Then he shut the door.

“So, is there a party every night?”  Kris laughed. 

“Can you stay?”

“Till they kick me out”, he announced.


Adam’s first week of school went pretty well.  He was getting into his classes.  Not too much homework, yet.  He saw Tommy and Isaac at lunch sometimes, but started hanging out mostly with the theatre kids; most of whom didn’t sing.  He was realizing that this was theatre, not musical theatre.  He was hoping that they did at least one musical during the year.  He did have a singing class, and he was really looking forward to that one.  Adam loved acting, but it was singing that made him feel alive.

This week, because he wasn’t back to school yet, Kris came over every afternoon to see Adam.  But, Pam had already told him that during the school week, when he had homework, he’d have to stay home, “You’ll see Adam on the weekends”, she’d say.

So, they made the most of that first week.  Tommy was cool; he had made plenty of friends and always had a place to go, but Adam sort of felt bad kicking him out of his own room every time.  “Its fine, man”, he’d say, patting Adam’s back.  “If Dani were here, you’d do the same, right?” 

Kris had dinner with Adam every night that week and he’d leave at curfew, which was eleven o’clock. 

During the day, when Kris wasn’t working, Pam would occupy his time.  They went shopping at the mall and had a nice lunch.  Pam tried to get him to talk, but Kris seemed really ok, right now.  She wondered if he was feeling better about things.  But, he obviously had been thinking about his parents.  She wondered if she should bring it up, or just keep an eye on him.  She decided that for now, she’d leave it alone.  But, make sure that Kris never felt like he was alone.

Kris picked Adam up Friday night and drove him home for dinner.  “Mom, I think I miss your cooking the most.”  Adam told his smiling mom as he wolfed down his meal.

“Thank you, sweetie”, she did a little curtsy. 

On Saturday, he, Kris and Tommy went to look at storage places that might be able to accommodate their needs.  They found one that was out of the way, so the noise wouldn’t bother any neighbors and Adam put down a deposit. 

They called Isaac and started bringing their equipment to the unit.  They wanted it to be comfortable for people to watch, so Pam gave them a couple of chairs, and Tommy had an old couch.  Kris eyed the sofa and then shot Adam a look, who just smirked.

They got the place fixed up with the equipment set up in the back and the furniture towards the front.  There were plenty of plugs for their amps and stuff.  They all took a seat and looked at their handy work.

“Looks great guys”, Dani just arrived. 

“It’s perfect.”


Kris had to work at the pool the next morning, and Adam promised to spend the day with him.  Dani joined him and they enjoyed the last of their summer.

That evening after dinner, Kris drove Adam back to school.  “You sure you won’t need your car during the week?”  He asked him.

“Nah, this way I know you’ll come to see me.”

“Thanks, Adam.”  Kris hugged him tight and then said goodnight.  He wasn’t sure when he’d make it back since school was starting in the morning.  But, hopefully his mom would let him come back before he got too busy with school.

He smiled as he drove home.  So far, this was going really well.


mhobbs0430: (Beautiful Adam)

Thank you [info]wizardesslyn for doing the banner!

Title: A Monumental Journey
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Sauli/Tommy
Word Count: 6008
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Rating: NC-17/Hard R

This never happened, I don't think.  It's based on real people, please don't show this to any of them.  I don't mean any disrespect to the individuals or any real relationship's between them.  This is just for our entertainment!
Warnings:  m/m sex, consensual sex with a supposedly straight dude, threesome, porn, etc...
Adam, Sauli and Tommy arrive in DC and check into their hotel to find out that they only booked one room and the rest are sold out.  This is what might have happened if Tommy decides to fess up and admit he's not all that straight.

Adam came to DC on March 12th and I finally got to meet him, twice. Yay!  So, we're in line waiting to be let into the Gibson Guitar Center and my friend Donna says, "We have an idea for a fic."  I listen intently, it's good.  I likey!  And, here it is!  Thank you Donna and Bellina!!!  This was so much fun.  I hope I did it justice.

The link to my Finally Meeting Adam Adventure, if anyone wants to read it!

Master List

A Monumental Journey

Adam and Tommy got on the plane in Nashville that would take them to the Nation’s Capitol for the weekend before the three radio station promo that would occur on Monday. 

Sauli was flying in from Los Angeles and Adam was really missing his boy.  His plane was to arrive shortly after theirs. 

On the flight, Adam and Tommy discussed the plans for DC.  They would have all afternoon and evening on Saturday and then a free day on Sunday.  Adam wanted to do some sightseeing on Sunday and show the monuments to Sauli.  Tommy had never been either, so he asked if he could tag along.

“Of course you can, Tommy”, Adam said exasperated.  “You’re welcome to do anything with us.”

That earned Adam a smirk from Tommy.  “Anything, huh?”

“You know what I mean”, he rolled his eyes.  Tommy was his best friend.  His totally straight, but willing to play along for the fans, including bending that straight a little on stage, best friend.  Although, it wasn’t like Adam had never thought about what it would be like, but he pushed that thought away.  He had Sauli, now.  Man, was he missing him.

They arrived at Washington National Airport and walked towards the gate where Sauli would be arriving in a short while.  They found a bar nearby and stepped in for a drink while they waited for his boyfriend's plane to land.

“So, I thought we’d find a club to go to tonight”, Adam informed his friend. 

“Yeah sure, I’m up for that.”

“Even if it’s a gay club?”  He asked sheepishly.

“Adam”, he huffed. “You know I don’t have any problem with that.”

“I know, Tommy, but I want you to have fun, too.”

“Hey, I am and I will.  I’m sure I’ll get a lot of attention there, anyway.  You won’t have to worry about me.”

“Aw, those poor broken hearts when they realize that you’re not gay”, Adam giggled at the thought of Tommy grinding on the dance floor and then turning the poor dude down.  “Such a tease.”

They finished their drinks and then walked to the gate to wait for Sauli.  They got there just as the passengers were coming down the ramp. 

Adam spotted his boy first and yelled to him.  “Sauli”, he was all grins.  Damn he looks fine.

"Adam", he said in that cute as hell Finnish accent, waving hysterically.  Sauli ran to them and Adam pulled him into a hug.  "God, I missed you, babe."

"Missed you too", he said, as Adam kissed him right there in the middle of the airport.  They broke apart and then Sauli finally noticed Tommy.

"Hey man", Tommy nodded at the man.

"Tommy", Sauli hugged him too, and kissed each of his cheeks.

"Alright babe, let's get our luggage and check into the hotel.”

"Mm, can't wait", Sauli licked his lips seductively.

Tommy snickered.  "I'll just have a drink in the lobby while you two get reacquainted.”

"Now, that's a good best friend", Adam laughed.

Adam and Sauli walked to baggage claim with their arms linked while Tommy was on the other side of Adam.  They chatted about going out later tonight.

"Sounds like fun", Tommy exclaimed.

"Really Tommy?  You like dancing with cute boys?"  Sauli looked at him sideways.

“Yeah, it's cool. There'll be girls to dance with too, you know."

"Girls that think you’re gay”, Adam interjected.

"That's the best part, no expectations."

"Huh", Sauli glanced at Adam who just shrugged. 

The found their bags and there was a car waiting for them outside to take them to the hotel Monaco near Chinatown.  The car pulled up to the luxury hotel and the three men got out. 

The walked into the lobby of the luxurious boutique hotel and all three gasped.  “Nice hotel, man”.

“Only the best”, Adam walked them to the counter to check in. 

“Yes, Mr. Lambert.  We have reserved for you our Robert Mills Suite.”

“We had two rooms.”

“Two?”  The desk clerk began to look nervous.  “Maybe the second room is under a different name?”  He was typing furiously as Adam gave him all three of their names, hoping that the other room would be under one of them.

“Sir, I’m sorry.  I don’t see another reservation and we are completely booked for the next two nights.”

Adam was trying not to get annoyed in front of Sauli or Tommy.  “Alright.  Tommy, you can just stay with us.”

“Adam, I can’t do that to you.  I can get another hotel.”

“Nonsense.  I insist.  Unless you’ll be uncomfortable.”

“No, of course not, but don’t you two want to be alone?”

“We’ll shut the door”, he smirked.


They took the elevator it to their suite and Adam made sure that Tommy would be alright with the couch and then he and Sauli disappeared into the bedroom.

Tommy ventured into the kitchen and found a stocked refrigerator and grabbed a beer and started to make himself comfortable on the couch.

He wasn’t trying to listen, he really wasn’t, but it was sort of hard to ignore.  And much to his own chagrin, he could feel his own dick getting hard.  What the actual fuck? He thought to himself.  But those noises that Sauli was making, he just knew what was happening.  It wasn’t like he’d never thought of Adam that way before.  Adam was hot, for a dude.  But he always shook it off.  Adam was his best friend, and he was straight, right?

Before he got any more turned on, he downed his beer and went downstairs to the lobby.  “Shit, how am I supposed to get through the night with that shit going on”, he said under his breath.  “And why the fuck did it turn me on?” He knew why.  But he’d pushed those feelings away a long time ago.  Hadn’t he?

He sat at a table in the lobby bar and ordered another beer.  He decided to check twitter and watch a few YouTube videos on his phone to get his mind off of things.

Adam and Sauli came down about an hour later, all smiles. 

Tommy just looked between the two of them and grinned.  He liked seeing Adam so happy.

“Ready to have some fun, Tommy?”

"Sure, let's go"


They were going to the Cobalt Club which was a gay night club in DuPont Circle, Washington, DC.  There was a huge dance floor upstairs and posh lounge downstairs.  It came highly recommended as a hotspot in DC.

The boys jumped in a cab and rode to the club.  Adam’s people had called ahead so they knew that he was coming.  He was greeted at the door and the three men were escorted to the VIP section downstairs in the lounge with the club management.

They had a couple of cocktails and before long, Adam was talked into playing a few tracks from the new album for the club that he had on his iPhone.

They took them over to the DJ booth and he put in the first song.  Everyone was cheering and started dancing.

A few minutes later, Sauli noticed Tommy dancing with some tall dude.  He laughed, “He’s such a tease.”

Adam laughed, “That’s what I told him.”

“I wonder…” he started to say.

“What’s that?”

“How straight he is.”

“Who, Tommy?  Very.  He’s had girlfriends.”

“Yeah, but he was totally ok with kissing you on stage.”

“That’s was just fan service”

“Adam”, Sauli looked at him seriously, “I saw the video from Amsterdam.  You two were totally making out, and he looked really into it.”

“You watched my videos, babe?”

He shrugged, “Of course I did.” 

“Not jealous are you?”

“Not at all”, he kissed him for reassurance, “but it does make one wonder.”

“He’s never shown any indication, Sauli.”

“Look, Adam”, Sauli tugged on his arm to get his attention.

Adam looked over and saw Tommy dancing really close to that dude.  “I see.  It’s nothing.”  Then Adam’s mouth dropped wide open as the guy kissed Tommy right on the mouth, “Shit.”

“Just like you two on stage”, Sauli commented.

“So, he’s used to that shit.  Doesn’t mean anything.”

Sauli looked back at Tommy and he was still dancing with the dude.  He just shook his head.  “That boy is not completely straight,” he said, to no one in particular, as Tommy kissed the dude this time.

Sauli turned his attention back to Adam at the DJ booth.  The next song came on, “Naked Love” and Adam was singing along and dancing with himself, but gazing at his boyfriend.  Sauli and Adam held their eye contact throughout the entire song, as Adam sang it to him.

Adam played four of the tunes altogether and the crown response was amazing.  He heard one girl scream, “Oh my God, It’s Trespassing”.  He loved that his fans already recognized and loved the new music.

After he left the booth, they got another drink and then went out on the dance floor.  The guy still dancing with Tommy had his hands on Tommy’s hips and they were grinding together.  Tommy had his head thrown back and looked so fucking hot.

“Adam”, Sauli was pressed against him as they danced.  “Have you ever thought about Tommy, you know?”

“Before you?  Yeah, sure.  But, like I said, babe.  He’s totally straight.”

“But what if he wasn’t ‘totally’ straight?”

“I have you now, baby.  I love you.”

“I know that.  I love you too.  I was just wondering.”



“Yeah, if he were into it?  I’d totally do him”, he smirked.

“Hah!  I knew it“, Sauli laughed and then grinded into Adam, their hands on each other’s hips.

“So, we should totally go over there and join them”, Sauli suggested.

Adam led Sauli over to where Tommy looked like he was getting fucked right there on the dance floor.  He didn’t notice them at first, but the grinding dude tilted Tommy’s head towards him so he could whisper, “Friends of yours?” 

“Huh?  Oh, hey Adam, Sauli.”

“Tommy”, they both smirked at their friend.

“Join us”, the dude said, and the all four were dancing together.  Dude tried to grind Sauli, but Adam politely stepped in between him and shook his head.  “He’s mine”, he told the dude.  “No grinding.”

“No problem” and just danced with the Finn, while Adam placed his hands on Tommy’s hips, causing Tommy to reach for Adam’s arms. 

“Do you know what you’re doing, man?”  Adam asked his friend.

“Yeah, I’m having a good time.”

“You know that guy wants to fuck you, right?”

Tommy shook his head, “He’s not really my type.”

“No, he’s not.  He’s a guy.”

Tommy just smirked and then they switched partners again.  This time Sauli with Tommy and Adam had the dude.  He felt like he should set him straight.  “So you three are a couple?”  The guy asked first.

That totally took Adam off guard.  “What?  That’s my best friend Tommy, and the other cute little blonde is my boyfriend.

“So he’s not taken.”

Adam shook his head.  He really should tell him, but it wasn’t his place to do so.

“You mind?” 

Adam shook his head again and they switched back.  “What did Tommy say?”  Adam asked Sauli.

“That the guy’s a good dancer.”

“Really, that’s all?”

“Oh, and he’s not his type.”

“Yeah, that’s what he told me.  What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“You know, Adam.  I have an idea, but I don’t want you to get mad.”  Sauli pulled Adam off the floor and they got a table.  They ordered another round and then Sauli continued.  “There’s one way to find out if he’s really straight or not.”

“Sauli, what are you suggesting?”

“Just a little fun.  You know I love you, right?”

“I love you, too”

“I thought we could experiment a little.”

Adam wasn’t much of a player, but he had done threesomes before, a long time ago.  If it was anyone else he’d say ‘no way’.  But this was Tommy.  And he was curious.  Tommy always said he was straight, but he didn’t always act like it.  Adam should know.  There was more than a few times after a show, where Adam had definitely wonder about Tommy’s straightness.

“I’ll follow your lead, babe”, the decision was made.

They went back out onto the dance floor as Tommy was just coming off, led by grinding dude.

“Hey Tommy, where you going?”

“To get a drink”, he yelled over the music.

“Can we join you?”


“Follow me, we already have a table.”


Their car was waiting for them when they finally got outside the club.  Everyone was just a little tipsy, but not drunk.  Sauli got in first, and then Adam gently pushed Tommy inside so he’d be between the two lovers.  Tommy sat back in the car and relaxed.  “Fuck that was so much fun.”

“Yeah, you looked really into that guy.  What did you finally say to him?”  Adam wondered.

“I just told him that I didn’t do that at clubs”

Adam snorted, “Seriously?”

“Yeah, that I’m not that kind of guy.”

Sauli and Adam both laughed, but then stopped.  “So what kind of guy are you, TommyJoe?”  Adam used his most seductive voice.

“Hmm?”  He leaned his head back; he was very relaxed from the alcohol.

“Would you never do it with any guy or just not a total stranger?”  Sauli had leaned over him, rubbing his chest and then lowered his hand, just over his groin.

Instead of Tommy jumping up and yelling at them, or pushing his hand away, Tommy actually leaned into Sauli’s hand, welcoming the pressure on his cock.

Adam, on the other side of Tommy, petted his hair, and then he kissed him, who then kissed him back, their tongues swirling, as Sauli’s hand was starting to work Tommy over.

“When were you going to tell me, hmm?” 

“I don’t know.  I wanted to but... Ahh", he reacted to Sauli’s fingers, massaging his balls over the cotton material of his pants.

“But what?”  Adam licked his ear.

“We’re best friends.  I didn’t want to mess that up.  And then you had Sauli.”

“But Sauli’s into it, too”, Adam pressed his lips against Tommy’s and then Sauli’s lips joined theirs.

Tommy just nodded.  He didn’t even know what he’d just agreed to.  But he wanted it. 

Here was the thing.  Tommy knew he liked girls.  But, he’d had a few encounters with guys too, in college; although he’d never actually fucked a guy, or been fucked.  He just figured it was drunken experimentation and pushed it away.  Then when he met Adam, it brought up all kinds of strange urges and longings that had been long forgotten. 

He loved kissing Adam on stage.  Adam was so hot.  More than a few times, Tommy had left the stage with a raging hard on because of Adam’s kisses.  But, they were friends, and he worked for Adam.  And, mainly, Adam thought he was totally straight.  So he let it go.

Then, Adam met Sauli.  Tommy wasn’t jealous; he loved Adam and wanted him as his best friend.  He was really happy for the two of them.  Sauli’s a great guy.

But, now it appeared that both Sauli and Adam were onto him.  And, they were suggesting a what?  Threesome?  Tommy gulped.  Yeah, he wanted this.  He’d dreamt of this.

The car pulled up to the hotel and the three men got out.  Adam helping them each onto the curb and then he shut the door and they walked into the lobby of their hotel.

In the elevator, Adam addressed Tommy.  “So, have you ever been with a guy before, Tommy?”

Tommy sheepishly answered, “Yes.”

Sauli got a confident look on his face that said, See, I told ya.

“But”, he continued.  “I’ve never had a dick in my ass.”

“So what have you done?”

He shrugged, “Blow jobs, mostly.  I’ve gotten fingered a little before.”

“Is that all you want to do?”

He shook his head.  If he was doing this with Adam, then he was going all out.  “No,” the lust dripping out of his mouth as he spoke, “I want it all.”

Adam smiled, “Ok Tommy.”  They arrived at their floor and Adam opened the door to the suite. He first went to the kitchen and poured them each a drink.  He didn’t want anyone drunk, but he wasn’t sure he could do this totally straight either.

“You sure, baby?”  He asked Sauli and then kissed him hard, in front of Tommy, who reacted by palming himself.  Sauli nodded.

Adam noticed both men’s reaction and snorted, “Ok then.  Shower first.”

There was a huge tub and it would fit all three of them comfortably.  Adam figured this would be the first test; If Tommy could get naked with them.  But, his worries melted away as Tommy tore his clothes off first, dick already leaking.


Sauli and Adam followed and soon they were all naked in the bathroom, just staring at each other.  Tommy laughed first, “So, are you going to turn on the water?”

“Yeah, sorry.  It’s just…  Wow.”

“I never thought either.”

Adam climbed in the shower first, the warm water pouring over his body.  Sauli and Tommy followed and Adam helped them get under the water as well.  He rubbed soap over Sauli first, getting into all of his crevices and kissing the wet skin.  While Sauli rinsed off, Adam turned his attention to Tommy and did the same; soaping him and caressing his skin.  Tommy kissed Adam back, while Sauli was now behind Adam.  The two men helped Adam get clean as well and by the time they were all rinsed off and getting out of the shower; they were hard, leaking and panting with want.  Adam handed them each a towel as they followed into the bedroom.  The bed had already been turned down and there was a piece of chocolate on the pillow.

Adam picked it, carefully unwrapped it and then put it in his mouth, beginning to suck.  Then he grabbed Sauli and let the chocolate melt in their mouths, mingling with the saliva.

“Fuck, that’s hot”, Tommy breathed, waiting to be invited to the party.

“A couple of rules”, Adam said, releasing Sauli.  “Sit, both of you.”

They obeyed and sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Adam to set the guidelines for tonight.

“Nothing changes after tonight, agreed?”

“Shit, absolutely, man.  I’m not trying to get in between you two or anything.”

“I know that, Tommy.  I’m just laying it out.”


“No one does anything they are not comfortable with.”

Sauli snorted at that, “Not a problem, babe.”

“I don’t mean you, honey.  This is Tommy’s first time.  Tommy if you panic or change your mind, just say so, alright?  No regrets tomorrow.”

“Ok, anything else, boss?”  Tommy snickered.

Adam shook his head and joined the two on the bed.  “Let’s have some fun, boys.”

Adam pulled Tommy to his knees, spreading his legs apart so that Sauli could prep him and play a little, while Adam kissed him and worked over the top half of his body.  The double sensation was incredible.

Sauli had grabbed the lube and rubbed against the back of Tommy with his own cock, he began lightly rubbing over the man’s balls, gently caressing each one and then slowly moving his hand up his cock with one long stroke.  When he reached the tip, he rubbed across the slit and circling his finger around the sensitive edge, Tommy moving to the same rhythm trying to get more friction on his cock.

Adam was thoroughly exploring Tommy’s mouth, licking across his teeth and dipping inside, swirling his tongue, not missing anything.  Then Adam released and smirked at Tommy as he moved his mouth over the man’s nipples, first the left one, licking around the bud and then sucking on it.  He popped off and mouthed his way over to the right, giving it the same attention.

Adam moved down Tommy’s body until his mouth was positioned at Tommy’s cock.  Sauli slid his hand down Tommy’s shaft, letting Adam take him into his mouth.  While Adam sucked on his tip, Sauli began pressing fingers into Tommy.  He let out a moan.

“Mm, Tommy. You’re doing great, babe.”

“Fuck, you guys are good at this.”  Tommy was glad that the two were holding him up because he felt boneless, except for his cock.

Sauli used his lubed fingers to stretch Tommy open, hitting his prostrate.  Tommy let out a squeal.  “God, do that again.”

“Like that?”

“Please, I want…”

“What do you want, babe?”  Adam asked his guitar player.

“Adam, fuck me.”

“I thought you should start with Sauli.  I’m a lot to handle.”


“Don’t worry, you’ll have this later.”  He pointed to his own cock.

Sauli spoke, “I’m the appetizer.  You’ll thank me later.”  He winked.  Sauli wasn’t small, by any means, just smaller than Adam.

“Ok”, he panted, “Just hurry.”

Sauli grabbed a condom and sheathed it over his cock and then slicked himself with a generous amount of lube.  Then Adam gently laid Tommy on the bed, holding his legs in the air while Sauli positioned himself, and then he rested them on Sauli’s shoulders.  “Ready, Tommy?”

Adam kissed Sauli for encouragement as his boyfriend slid his dick inside of his best friend’s virgin ass.

“Ah, burns”, Tommy spat.

“Want me to stop?”  Sauli quickly offered.

“Fuck no”, he panted.  “Just…”

“I’ll go slowly”, he promised.  Sauli inched his way inside of Tommy’s ass, stopping every inch to let the man adjust to the intrusion. 

Meanwhile, Adam occupied Tommy’s mouth.  “Adam”, he stopped the kiss.


“Let me suck you.” 

Adam smiled, evilly.  How did he not know this about Tommy?  He was so kinky.

Adam lowered his cock over Tommy’s mouth, his hands resting on the headboard of the bed.

Tommy stuck his tongue out to lick the tip of Adam’s cock.  They were right, he was huge.  He always knew he would be.

“You tell me if it’s too much, alright?”


Adam fucked Tommy’s mouth, being careful not to choke him.  He slid his cock in and out of Tommy’s wet mouth.  “Fuck, Tommy.”

Adam could tell when Tommy was getting close to coming from Sauli fucking him.  He pulled out and jerked off Tommy’s cock instead.  Tommy couldn’t have done much else at this point anyway; he was moaning and panting too hard.  He let the boys work him over and then choked out obscenities as he came all over Adam’s hand.

“Good boy, TommyJoe”.

Sauli pumped his cock inside of Tommy just a few more times till he was coming as well.

The three men met up at the top of the bed and kissed each other while the two blonde’s came down.

“Adam, what about you?”  Tommy realized after that amazing sex that Adam hadn’t gotten off yet. 

“I’m gonna fuck my boy, now.”  He smirked.  “And you’re gonna watch.”

Tommy was just as glad. He didn’t think he could even move right now.  Besides, watching Adam fuck had to be quite something to see.


After getting cleaned off in the bathroom, Tommy returned to the bed and got himself situated at the head, propped up on pillows, hands behind his head, soft cock nestled between his legs.

Sauli and Adam were on their knees making out, arms around each other; tongued flicking and tasting, lips connecting.

Tommy was still spent, or he’s sure he’d be getting hard just watching this.

Adam’s hands were caressing Sauli’s ass, kneading his two perfect globes.  Then Adam pushed his boy back on the bed, resting him next to Tommy.  He looked over at Tommy once and smirked, then went back to the task at hand.

Adam was on top of Sauli, their cocks grinding together as Adam made love to his mouth.  It was only kissing and sucking tongues, but it was the hottest fucking thing Tommy had ever seen.

“On your knees, babe”, he instructed, as Sauli turned over, onto his hands and knees and stuck out his ass for Adam.  “Mm, nice.”  He spread Sauli’s legs a little further apart to give him better access and then he opened his cheeks and began to lick at his hole.

“Fuck”, escaped from Tommy’s lips as he sat up to get a better look.  That perked up his dick a little too, surprisingly.

Adam dipped his tongue in as Sauli squirmed. Then, not breaking contact, Adam rubbed across his balls, caressing.  Sauli, hard and leaking again, began fucking Adam’s tongue.  “Adam”, he panted.

“You like, babe?”

Tommy nodded furiously as he whispered, “Fuck yeah.”  He was having trouble keeping his hands to himself at this point.

Adam held Sauli’s hips to keep him from thrusting and went back to licking around his hole, firm pressure on his nuts.  “Turn over, babe.” 

Sauli collapsed and then rolled over for Adam, his legs bent and spread apart.  “Lube”, he growled to anyone, and then Tommy handed it to him.

Adam leaned over his boyfriend, his chest spreading Sauli's legs even further and he kissed his belly button and inched his mouth down to his groin, licking along the way until he stopped at his cock.  He poured some lube on his fingers and while sucking the tip of Sauli's cock, he dipped a finger into the man's hole.

It was filthy and delicious all at the same time.  Tommy was rubbing his own cock now, but, as fucking hot as it was being a just a spectator, Tommy couldn't just watch any longer.  He somehow got Adam's attention and begged with his eyes.

Adam nodded, and Tommy leaned over and kissed Sauli.  It was hard and wet and caused a moan from the Finn's mouth.  Tommy was on his knees leaning over Sauli now as they made out.

Meanwhile, Adam had three fingers inside of him, stretching his hole and hitting his pleasure bump.  Sauli was fucking his fingers, Adam's mouth now lapping at his balls.

"Please", he breathed into Tommy's mouth, who then shimmied his way behind Sauli now, letting the man's head rest in his lap, while Adam generously applied lube to his own cock, now wearing a condom.  They hadn't used them in a year, but didn't want Tommy to feel bad.

Tommy petting Sauli's head and rubbed his shoulders as Adam's huge cock slid into his eager hole.  He did it so easily.  Tommy wasn't sure he could take it that fast, or at all.

Adam saw the look on his guitar player's face and laughed.  "He's used to me, Tommy.  Don't worry; I'll go easy on you."

Tommy smiled and relaxed.

"Adam", Sauli begged, "Move."

Tommy liked this view, he could see Adam's cock slide in and out of Sauli's ass. It was incredible.  He was so fucking turned on.

Adam's cock thrust long and hard into Sauli, whose legs were wrapped around Adam’s upper body allowing the bigger man to go as deep as possible as he leaned over his man.

“Love you baby”, Adam pressed kisses into Sauli’s thighs as he pumped him with his cock, massaging his prostate, Sauli openly moaning in pleasure.

"Tommy", Sauli reached behind him, wanting Tommy to touch him.

He understood immediately and reached for his cock and tugged it a few times, mixing the pre-cum and sweat, making it slick.

“Fuck”, the Finn screamed out as he came; Adam following him.

Tommy sat back and really, he just wanted to applaud.  It was a beautiful thing to see.  He was just glad to be apart of it.

Adam’s rested on top of Sauli, their breathing slowly coming back to normal as they lay together.  “Come here, Tommy”, Adam coaxed him over closer so they lay together, as one.

Tommy offered to get washcloths to clean them up and then made some more cocktails.  He thought he should give them some time alone.

He brought the wet towels and then made his way into the kitchen.  He couldn’t believe how the night was turning out.

Tommy finished the drinks and brought them into the bedroom, where Adam and Sauli were still laying together, lazily kissing.  They sat up when Tommy came into the room.  “Here, guys”, he chuckled, “You earned this.”

“I think we have one more round, don’t we Thomas?” Adam smirked.

“Shit, yeah.”

“But, why don’t we take a short nap, first”, Sauli said, yawning.

“Good idea”, Adam agreed.

“I’ll go to the couch, then”, Tommy offered.

“TommyJoe”, Adam commanded.  “You get right over here on the bed with us.”


Sauli started laughing; “I think after having sex with us, it’s ok to actually sleep in the same bed.”

“Ok, I don’t want to intrude.”

That got Adam laughing as well.  “I think we’re way past that, man.”

The three got under the covers, Adam in the middle, curled around Sauli, with Tommy spooning the back of him.  They fell asleep immediately.


A couple of hours later, Adam awoke to both Sauli and Tommy working his cock.  He sleepily watched them for a minute, each licking a strip along his shaft and then meeting at the tip, licking around the edge and then lips connecting.  Somehow they were able to make out with Adam’s dick in the middle and it felt fantastic.

When they both looked up and saw that Adam’s eyes were wide open and lust blown, they worked him even harder.  Sauli took Adam completely in his mouth, while Tommy spread Adam’s legs so he could suck on his balls.  As much as he was enjoying this, “Guys, fuck”, Adam panted.  “I won’t last long like this.”

Tommy pushed Sauli away and smirked, “I still need him to fuck me.”

“I have an idea”, Sauli suggested.  He lay Tommy on the bed and then lay opposite him in ‘sixty nine’ position. 

“Good idea”, Tommy had to admit.  “But don’t let me come.”

Adam went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and pee and get a glass of water.  When he came back, his two boys were making the most delicious sucking sounds.  He wanted in.  “Flip over”


“I need Tommy on top.”  They obeyed, ending up in the middle of the bed, which was just fine with Adam.  Tommy’s cock was still buried between Sauli’s lips, but Adam spread his legs really wide, to give him better access.

Adam grabbed the lube and placed a condom next to him.  He started working Tommy’s ass open with a single lubed finger.  Tommy welcomed the intrusion and stuck his ass in the air, his cock sprung from Sauli’s mouth as he pushed Adam’s finger in deeper, wanting that feeling.  Adam found his prostate, “Oh god, again!”

The dual cock sucking obviously over, Sauli tried to carefully slide out from under Tommy, but Tommy had another idea.  “Sauli, just turn around, so I can rim you.”

“I really can’t believe this is your first time.”  He shook his head, but obliged.  Adam had to scoot back just a little to accommodate but had to smile at the sight in front of him.  Tommy’s ass in the air, begging for Adam to invade his body, while he had his tongue buried Sauli’s hole.

While Tommy’s mouth was occupied, Adam lubed more fingers and had three inside of Tommy stretching him before he realized what was happening; Adam being careful to hit his pleasure bump frequently.

When Tommy was fucking back on his fingers and making the filthiest sounds while still sucking on Sauli’s ass, Adam sheathed on the condom and began pushing inside of his puckered hole.

“Ahh fuck, Tommy.  So fucking tight.”

“Adam”, Tommy sounded a little panicky.

“You’re doing great Tommy.”

He nodded as Adam pushed a little farther.  Sauli turned around again, and was kissing Tommy to keep him focused. 

“Still with me, babe?”  Adam asked as he finally slid the rest of the way in and stopped, letting Tommy adjust to his size.

When Tommy started pushing back, Adam knew he was fine.  “Ok, Tommy, I’m going to start fucking you now.”  He warned.

“God, do it.” 

Sauli chuckled, only watching now.  With Tommy on all fours, Sauli had room to get underneath him again.  He put some lube on his hand, slowly tugging on Tommy’s cock, but not enough to make him come yet.

Adam had picked up the speed, talking Tommy through, while he penetrated his ass.  “You’re doing great babe; taking all of me.  Good Boy, TommyJoe.”

Only grunting sounds were coming out of the blonde guitarist now as he was being thoroughly violated and enjoying every second of the debauchery.

Adam felt really close, “Sauli, babe”, he called to his boy.  Sauli took the hint and began pumping Tommy’s cock. He was beyond any words, so he just screamed out as he came hard, his body jerked through his orgasm.

Adam grabbed his hips and thrust repeatedly until, “Fuck”, he slammed Tommy’s ass one last time, forcefully coming inside of him.

Sauli caught Tommy as he fell, Adam’s cock sliding out of him.  He groaned at the loss, but was thankful as well.  Adam reached for him, hugging and kissing Tommy as he came down.  Sauli, petting his hair and grinning.  He hadn’t gotten off yet, and Adam quickly realized it.  Letting Tommy alone, he turned his attention to his baby, sucking him till he came.

All three men, exhausted and sated wanted to just sleep, but Adam made them get up for a quick shower.  He found extra sheets in the closet and changed the bed, while his boys cleaned up.

Adam rinsed off alone, while Tommy and Sauli fell onto the bed, hugging the clean sheets.  When Adam came out of the bathroom, they were both sound asleep, holding each other.  He smiled at them and then crawled under the covers too, embracing both of them.


After a long deserved sleep, they woke up to a knock on the door.  It was room service.  Adam was already up and got the door, bringing the table into the bedroom, where his two boys were stretching and rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

“Breakfast”, he announced, taking the lids off of the steaming plates of food. 

“Mm, smells fantastic”, they both said at the same time.

“I thought you both deserved a feast after last night.”

Tommy smiled, “Yeah”, he said, rubbing his back side.  “I feel like I took a giant dick up my ass.”

“Any regrets?” 


The three men sat together on the edge of the bed and dug into their meal.  “Delicious.”

“So, you two want to see the monuments, today?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

They finished breakfast and got dressed.  Adam called the driver to pick them up and take them out for a full day of sightseeing in the nation’s capital.

Tomorrow, it was back to work.  Adam and Tommy had three radio station gigs and meeting their fans.  They couldn’t wait, and then they were flying to their next city.  Sauli was flying back to Los Angeles.  But today they would have some fun being tourists.   

“What are we going to do tonight, Adam?”  Sauli asked the question as they got into the car.

“Early night”, he said.  “No clubs.”

“Oh”, they both groaned.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t have some more fun tonight, boys”, he leered.

Tommy knew that after tonight, they’d go back to being just best friends.  He was totally ok with that.  He had a lot of fun, and he planned on having more, tonight.  There was one thing he hadn’t gotten to do yet.  A smirk appeared on his face just thinking about it.

Adam apparently could read his mind and shook his head, but the amusement on his face said otherwise.  Then he turned to kiss his boyfriend and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Thank you”, Sauli replied.

Sadly, the End!

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Title: Back Door Chapter 5/8
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Fanart: [info]wizardesslyn  Thanks, bb!  I love it!
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
Disclaimer: This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.
Warnings:  m/m sex, one night stand,

Summary: This is a based on a prompt for [info]harlequinkradam round 4.  37. Adam Lambert’s a little tipsy when he mistakes Kris Allen for a fan and takes him home for the night [or blows him off, author choice]. Things are a bit awkward when Adam realizes that the Kris he met the night before is the same Kris Allen his band is supposed to be opening for on their upcoming tour. Can Adam convince Kris that he’s not quite the player [or jerk] he appears to be, and show him that they’re perfect for each other?

Master List

Back Door Chapter 5/8

The busses pulled out of the parking lot, caravan style, and headed over to the Nokia.  They parked in the back and the two bands were ushered inside the theatre and directly into their dressing areas.  The crew had arrived earlier to unload the equipment and began setting up Kris Allen’s Stage.

Adam avoided Kris and went directly to ‘Back Door’s’ room to wait until it was time for their sound check.  Tommy tried to engage Adam in safe conversation; meaning anything except Kris Allen.

Adam did his warm-up exercises and drank some throat coat which was already prepared for him.  He was excited not only for himself, but for the rest of ‘Back Door’.  They were his family and he didn’t want to fuck this up.  He took a long sip of the tea and took a deep breath and got himself into his performance state of mind.

Kris Allen and band did their sound check first.  They sounded great, from what Adam could hear from their dressing room.  And Kris’s voice was like butter, melting his insides.

Tommy watched Adam’s expressions change and walked over to him.  “Pining, buddy?”

“What?”  Adam was pulled out of his trance.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about Tommy.”

“You know I love you, right?”

“I know.”

“I’m just looking out for you.”

Adam smiled, “I know.”

“Alright then, ready to kick some ass?”


Kris Allen and company finished their sound check and then the crew went back onstage to build the set for ‘Back Door’ in front of the headliner’s equipment.   However, it was still the largest stage the band had ever played on before.  Adam would have plenty of room to jump around and do what he did best.

About twenty minutes later, found the ‘Back Door on stage running through their portion of the show.  They were trying out a couple of new songs that really rocked, but mostly stuck to their material they used at the clubs, meshing it into one big show instead of two sets.

After sound check, they went back to their dressing room to wait for the show to begin.  They could hear the audience beginning to enter the theatre.  They were hit with last minute nerves.

Kris knew those nerves, and went into their room to make sure everyone was alright.  He gave them a pep talk, which really helped, by the way.  Kris glanced over at Adam and smiled.  “Alright guys, let’s kick some butt.”


The lights went down, and the crowd cheered politely as ‘Back Door’, was introduced.  The band started jamming and then Adam walked onstage filling the theatre with his electric voice.

As the crowd got into the music and Adam, the cheering grew louder until everyone one on their feet dancing and singing along.

Most were ‘Kris Allen’ fans, but Adam recognized a couple of club regulars and sang to them, giving his best moves.  Fever was explosive, Adam kissing Tommy as the crowd screamed for more.

By the end of their set, the audience was near frenzied with energy.  ‘Back Door’ ended with a sexy rendition of Twentieth Century Boy, with Tommy playing over Adam who was practically in a back bend, his vocals still impeccable, even in that position.

Adam thanked the crowd and they left the stage.

“Oh man, that was incredible”, Tommy shouted.  “Fuck, Adam.  We did it”, they were all high-fiving each other. 

A member of the Kris Allen crew met them, since the band was getting ready to go onstage.  “Hey, you guys rocked”, he gave them the thumbs-up and then left them alone.

The stage was getting set up for the headliner.  Kris was nervous; good nervous.  He knew that ‘Back Door’ was a success. He could hear the crowd, still worked up.  He could hear them from his own dressing area. 

During ‘Back Door’s’ set, Kris had gone backstage to watch some of it.  His heart sank just a little during fever.  He knew that Tommy and Adam did that for fan service, but he couldn’t help the jealous twang in his stomach.  Then he reprimanded himself for it.  Cale saw it too and gave Kris an empathetic look.  See, I knew he was a player.  He hadn’t said it out loud, but Kris knew what he was thinking and glared at him.

The rest of their set was amazing; Adam strutting around the stage, giving attention to the crowd.  They loved him.  Kris couldn’t have asked for a better opening act.  

The stage was finally ready and the lights came up for a second time that night as Kris Allen hit the stage.


Kris played for over an hour and a half.  He had a beautiful mix of rock and ballads.  Kris went from guitar to piano several times, and even had a short costume change.

After two encores the lights came up and the crowd began filing out of the theatre into the lobby where they could purchase Kris Allen items and even a ‘Back Door’ t-shirt.

A couple of hours later, the two bands were being herded out to the busses.  A few fans had remained to try and get autographs.  Kris was always accommodating and signed a few programs and t-shirts.

“You’re a hit, Allen”, Isaac slapped him on the back, chuckling.

“Yeah, so were you guys.”

They finally made it back to their busses where they’d be driving all night to their next destination.  The tour would allow for two nights in hotels per week, but they had three days on the road with back to back shows before their first one.

Adam and the guys were exhilarated more than exhausted.  Fortunately, the bus kitchen was stocked with a selection of drinks.  Tommy, Isaac and Neal all grabbed a beer from the fridge while Adam grabbed a bottle of white wine and poured three glasses.

They hung out in the ‘kitchen’ and went over every second of their set. 

Meanwhile, Kris Allen and company got back to their own busses.  They’d done this routine before and knew that sleep was important. 

Kris grabbed a beer from his own refrigerator and went back to his private lair to get ready for bed.  It was a great first show.  He was proud of both bands.  He couldn’t help his mind from wandering to Adam.  God, he radiated this sexual energy that the entire audience could feel.  No wonder he was a player.  He should be. 

Kris finished his beer and climbed into his bed, his thoughts swirling around until he was asleep dreaming of Adam.


Slowly, the band and Neal disbursed into their bunks, leaving just Tommy and Adam at the kitchen.  Tommy didn’t want to lay into Adam.  He looked too happy, but he needed to talk.

“What are you staring at, Tommy?”  Adam sounded annoyed.

“I’m worried about you.”

“Why?”  He really didn’t want to get into this right now.  His love life was his own business.  Love life... Right… He rolled his eyes.

“Because this most likely will end badly.”

“It hasn’t even started.”

“Yes it has.  I’ve talked to Cale.”

Adam abruptly looked up.  “Cale?”

“Yeah, he’s Kris’s best friend and he knows.”

“Oh great”, he face palmed. 

“He thinks you’re a player and will hurt Kris.”

“Wow, thanks for telling me”, he said, sarcastically.

“I just want you to know everything, so you can make a good decision.”

“Just so you know; he pursued me the other night.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Whatever.  I know it can’t work out.”

“Adam, I know you.  You’re already in too deep and you fall too hard.”

Adam snorted.  “I’m a mess.”

“You really like him?”

He just nodded in response.

“I told Cale that Kris better not hurt you.”

He smiled at his best friend.  Tommy always looked out for him.

“What do you want, Adam?”

“A boyfriend.”

“Kris may not be able to be that.”

“Tommy, you wouldn’t believe how great we are together.  Both times were incredible.”

“Um, I don’t think I want to hear this, Adam.”

“What am I going to do?”

“Get through the next couple of shows and then talk to him.  You’ll have to get through Cale, though.”

“I think I can handle that.”


The next shows were San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.  Then they were staying at a hotel in the last town before traveling north to Portland, Oregon.

They were booked at the Hyatt; same sleeping arrangements as in Hollywood.  They were pumped up after their show, but looking forward to sleeping in real beds.

They were also treated to a real meal in the private dining room of the hotel.  Adam didn’t get a chance to talk to Kris because Cale was busy keeping him away from him.  Finally, Tommy decided to step in and guided Cale away from Kris.  “So, I wanted to ask you something?”

“What?” He was looking back at Kris.

“Cale, he’s a big boy.  Don’t interfere”, Tommy warned.

Adam took the opportunity to sit down next to Kris.  “Hey”, he began.

“Hey Adam.” 

“Tour’s going great so far.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“So, Cale thinks I’m a slut, too.”

“What?”  He began to get up to slug Cale.

“Sit down, cowboy.” Adam pushed him back into his seat.

“Did he say something to you?”

“No.  Tommy.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.  We all need a best friend to protect us.”

“And you have Tommy”, it wasn’t a question.

“I’ve known Tommy since high school.”

“Have you always kissed on stage like that?”

“Jealous, Allen?”

“No”, he said too quickly.

“Tommy’s cool.  Totally straight, but cool.  You know he’s dating our bass player.”


“We do that on stage for the fans”, he shrugged.

“But you seem to like it.”

“Come here.”  And he kissed Kris like he does Tommy on stage before Kris had a chance to protest.

Kris couldn’t speak, his eyes were glazed over and he looked ready to pass out.

“Did you like that?”

“Uh, you just kissed me.”

“Yes, I did.”

“In front of everyone.”

“Did you mind?”

Kris shook his head.  “No.  You’re an amazing kisser.”  Then he seemed to come out of his lust induced trance.  “Oh my God, it’s just fan service to you.  That meant nothing to you.”

“That’s how you took it?”  Adam rolled his eyes.  “Asshole, I was trying to show you the difference.”  He got up to walk away, fuming, but Kris grabbed him.

“I’m sorry.”

“I have to go to bed, Kris.”

“Can I come with you?”

Adam just looked at him.  “You think I’m the player, but you’re the one playing games.”


Adam stomped off and went to his room.  He dove into the mini bar, slamming down two vodka and tonics.  As his mind was swirling, there was a knock at the door.  Expecting Neal, he opened it, seeing Kris on the other side.

“Can we talk?”

“My brother will be here soon.”

“No, he won’t. “

“You think you can manipulate people because you’re Kris Allen?”

“I’m not.  I just asked him to give us a few minutes.”

“You’ve got five.”  Adam stood there, arms folded.

Kris closed the door and sat on the bed.  “You confuse me too.”


“The other night, you told me that I confused you.  Well, you confuse me too.”  Adam sat down next to him.  He looked so sad that Adam wanted to comfort him, but remembered that he was pissed off at the man.

“I was married.”

That was the last thing that Adam had expected him to say.  “In what country?”  He assumed it was to a man.

“Huh?  Oh, no.  It was to a woman.”

Adam huffed, “So you’re straight.”

“Uh no.  I was gay then and I’m gay now.  However, Katy is the only person I’d ever dated.  My family expected us to get married.  I couldn’t tell them I was gay.”

“Why not?”

“Adam, I’m from the south.”

He had no idea where Kris was going with this.  “And?”

“And then I auditioned for American Idol and I couldn’t come out then.”

“So you got married instead.”

“Just a couple of months before that, but yeah.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because, even though I knew I was gay, I’d never been with a man before.”

“Before me?”  Adam started panicking; he deflowered the famous Kris Allen.

“No, before Katie.”


“Idol was over, and I began my career.  Neither of us was happy, and I knew that she deserved better, so we split up, and I eventually came out.”

“That’s good, Kris.”

“I didn’t date much, because well…”

“I’m sure you didn’t have a hard time meeting guys.  You seemed pretty comfortable at the bar where we met.”

“When I was starting out, my label didn’t think it was a good idea.”


“Yeah.”  He said, sheepishly.  “So I did it on the sly.”

Adam just looked at him.  “What does that mean?”

“Well, I met this man while on my first tour.  We started dating and became an item.  But I wanted to keep it secret.”

“That doesn’t sound smart.”

“No, it wasn’t.  Turns out the guy just wanted me because I was famous and ended up screwing me over.”

“I’m sorry.”

“He was a player.  Because we couldn’t be seen in public, he’d go out and hook up with other guys, knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“What an asshole.”

“Yeah, but I guess I was too.  He was also a singer.”


“I’m sorry, Adam.  You’ve done nothing to make me think you’re the same, but…”

“He was your first?”


“And last before me?”

Kris just nodded.

“You’ve never just dated.”

Kris shook his head.

“I’m sorry.” He really did feel bad for the guy.  First and only previous hookup was a mess.

“You must think I’m pathetic.”

“No; I don’t.  But, my brother is probably on his way up here, so…”

“I better go.  Good night, Adam.”

“Goodnight, Kris.”  Adam grabbed him and kissed him goodnight, just as Neal opened the door with his key.

They broke apart before Neal saw them.  “What are you doing here, Allen?”

“Just talking shop with Adam.  See you in the morning.”  And he left the room.

“That was weird”, Neal said as he walked into the bathroom.

“Goodnight, Neal.”

Link to Chapter 6

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    Thank you to [info]youkeyh for my wonderful banner!

Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 73
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn Thank you for everything!!
Word Count: 2190
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.

This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I have no idea how long it will be, around 100 chapters.   I'll try and update twice a week.  I hope you enjoy it, please comment, it makes me happy.

BTW I live near Washington DC and tomorrow, I'm going to see Adam!!!!!!

Master List

Brotherly Love - Chapter 73

The family, minus Brent, spent the day at the beach, swimming and sunbathing.  They left their things on the sand and grabbed lunch on the boardwalk at the Beachside Café.

They people watched as they ate their lunch.  “So one morning, we should rent bikes while Brent is surfing”, Chelsey suggested.

“And Kris”, Added Adam.

“I’d rather bike with you guys.”

“You sure, baby?”

Kris just nodded.

“You didn’t like it?”

“Yeah, I did.  The lesson was more fun though.”

“Big ocean, scary?”  Chelsey teased.

“Something like that.” He glared at her.

“Oh and I definitely want to see “Muscle Beach”, she added, ignoring Kris’s stare.

They decided after lunch, to have a last swim and then pack their stuff and see the rest of the sights that Venice Beach had to offer.


They returned to the boardwalk and ducked into some of the shops, then headed west to where the street vendors and performers were.  There was everything; arts, crafts, tattoos, and fortune tellers.   They saw musicians, dancers, jugglers, even ‘broken-glass walking’.

After they completed the entire boardwalk, they headed to ‘Muscle Beach’ where you could watch the really pumped up guys working out right on the sand.

Adam made some kind of sound, and Kris took that as ‘I need to work out more’.

“You’re perfect, baby”, he said kissing his head.  “But come on, this is fun to watch.”

Kris had to agree, some of them were really hot.

“Oh yeah”, Chelsey agreed, too.

“So, should we text Brent and tell him where we’re having dinner?”  Pam asked.

“He’s having fun.  He’ll be fine.”  Ron interjected.

“I just worry.”

“He’s a big boy, mom”, added Chelsey.


They found a nice restaurant in Venice beach just off the boardwalk and had a lovely dinner.  There was always a hole when one of the Martin’s was missing, noticed mostly by Pam, but felt by everyone. 

After dinner, they walked along the boardwalk again.  The boys wanted to go down to the water and see the sunset on the horizon.  It was beautiful and romantic; well it could have been without the entire family watching them.  Adam smiled over at them.  He wouldn’t have it any other way.  He had decided to put everything behind him and enjoy the last week of their trip with the most important people in his life; his family.  He kissed Kris on the forehead.  “I love you, Kris.”  He whispered.

The Martins let them have a little alone time. “We’ll meet you on the boardwalk in ten minutes, alright boys?”  Pam called to them.

He mentally thanked mom.  “Come here, baby.”  He pulled Kris in tight and kissed him; his lips sweeping across Kris’s and gently touching them before deepening the kiss and pushing his lips open giving his tongue full access.  ‘Now, this was romantic.’

They kissed under the moonlight for the whole ten minutes and then met the family on the boardwalk as promised. 

The family drove back to the hotel and Pam suggested another pajama movie night.  She denied wanted to wait up for Brent, but everyone knew that she wouldn’t be able to sleep until he came home anyway, and this way everyone could keep her company so she wouldn’t stew.

He finally did arrive close to midnight.  “Hey everyone”, he announced, opening the door.

“Brent”, Pam stood up, greeting him.  “Come on in, we’re just watching a movie.”

“And waiting up for me”, he winked.  “Thanks mom.”

After the movie ended, Adam and Kris trekked off to bed.


The next morning, the family did an all day Los Angeles & Hollywood Experience tour.  A few places they had already seen, like the strip, but they got to see a lot of new things, too.  They went to the farmers market and shopping at the Grove and of course, Rodeo drive.

They decided on a quiet dinner in the suite that evening and then back to the Santa Monica pier.  It was so pretty at night, and Kris wanted to ride the Ferris wheel again.

“Tomorrow, I have a surprise for everyone”, Ron announced.


“We’re going on a little trip.”


“You’ll see.  We’re getting up early, so everyone to bed”, he urged.  “Oh, and pack an overnight bag.”


“Where do you think we’re going?” Kris asked Adam when they were back in their room.

“I don’t know.  A different beach, maybe?”

“Well, I know it’ll be fun.  This has been the most amazing trip, Adam.”

“What’s been your favorite part?”

“This room”, they both said together. 

“This bed”, Adam clarified, pulling on Kris’s clothes, coaxing him to bed.

“Wait”, Kris spoke.  “I want to undress you, this time.”

Kris slowly, very slowly, slipped Adam out of his pants and pulled off his t-shirt.   “Mm, Adam.”

Then he slid his underwear down his legs, Adam stepping out of them, and Kris took him into his mouth.  “I’ve wanted to do this all day.”

“You have?” Adam panted.

Kris guided Adam to the bed and gently pushed him down, never taking Adam’s cock out of his mouth.

“Baby, feels so good”, he moaned.

Kris worked him over, sucking and licking, driving him to the edge. 

“God Kris, I’m gonna…”  And he was coming in Kris’s warm mouth.  Kris took it all, swallowing all his seed, licking him clean.

“That was amazing, baby.”

Adam rolled Kris over and made sweet love to him after that and they fell asleep, bodies tangled together, loving each other.


The boys woke up and showered the next morning.  They arrived in the suite just in time for breakfast.  Pam was putting bacon and scrambled eggs on the table while Chelsey got the toast.

“So where are we going?”  Adam asked.

“San Diego.”  Dad said into his eggs.

“What?  Really dad?”

“There are some things we just have to see there”, he teased, not wanting to give any part of the trip away.

It was about two and a half hours away by car so Ron wanted to get moving.  “Come on, finish up, everyone,” he urged.

They had packed everyone’s things into one small suitcase.  Pam double checked that everyone had packed their underwear and tooth brushes.  “What, I’m a mom, it’s my instinct.”


Ron drove the family down the coast of California into San Diego.   He parked the car on North Harbor Drive at a tour office.  “What’s this, dad?”  Chelsey asked.

“We have a reservation”, he replied, raising everyone’s eyebrows.

Ron walked up to the desk and picked up their tickets for the two hour harbor tour.  They were guided out to the dock where they would depart. 

“This is incredible”, they said, boarding the tour boat which would take them on the twenty six mile tour of the entire Bay, narrated so passengers would learn about the history and facts of the area, and talk about each of the major points of interest, including the naval submarine base and the Coronado Bridge.

They took pictures and listened to the tour guide explain each point.  Adam and Kris went up top where they had the best view.  Chelsey joined them.  “What an incredible trip this has been”, she said to no one in particular.

The boys just nodded in agreement.

They got back to the dock a couple of hours later, starving.  Ron had booked them a cottage for the night right on the beach, so he drove there first to check in.  There were several restaurants within walking distance, they were told, so they walked along the beach till they found a place for lunch.  There was a quaint little restaurant right on the beach, where they ordered sandwiches and enjoyed the view.

“So, what’s next?”


After lunch, they drove to Sea World.  They had nothing else planned for the rest of the day, so they could spend as much time as they wanted. 

They saw the Shamu Story, Penguin Encounter and Turtle Reef and played with the dolphins and then went on some wild water rides.  But they were most looking forward to the show tonight, Shamu Rocks. 

A favorite with Pam and Chelsey was Sea Lions Live and Pets Rule and of course, the boy’s was Shark Encounter.

They saw a few more of the attractions and shows and then had dinner at the Calypso Bay Smokehouse for their BBQ Chicken and Ribs.  After dinner, they made their way over to the rock and roll lights show that was Shamu Rocks.  They bought glow sticks that were offered for sale, as they were told that the more the audience glowed, the better Shamu would perform.  They figured that was just to get you to buy the merchandise, but it was pretty at night while the Killer Whale did tricks to the light effect and music.

Afterwards, they were exhausted and walked back to the van, driving to their beach cottage and called it a night.  Ron had another surprise for the morning after breakfast.  He was being very secretive about this trip, and so far they were having a blast.

The sleeping arrangements were a little strange, Ron and Pam took the larger bedroom and Adam and Kris took the smaller one, with two bunk beds, leaving Chelsey on the couch and Brent on a rollaway in Adam and Kris’s room.  The boys reminisced how they used to share a room and had to sleep in bunk beds, secretly remembering the couple of times that they shared Adam’s lower bunk and slept together.


The next morning, after breakfast, they drove to the San Diego Zoo.  It was world famous for its exotic animals and outdoor natural habitats. 

They began their adventure at the outback, visiting the koalas, tree kangaroos and wallabies and the Urban Jungle.  Then they walked the path to Africa Rocks to see the big cats and other natives of the region.  Next, they walked through Elephant Odyssey and then up to Polar Rim to see Polar Bears, the Arctic Aviary and the Reindeer exhibit. 

The Panda’s were Kris favorite at the Panda Canyon, and then they walked down to Asian Passage which featured the Sun Bear exhibit, rhinoceros, hornbills and porcupines. 

They stopped for lunch at Albert’s restaurant before heading into the Lost Forest.  They saw tigers, flamingos, hippos and monkeys and gorillas.  They spent the most time in this area, since it was huge and there was so much to see. 

They ended their visit to the Zoo at Discovery Outpost with the crocodiles, reptiles and turtles, along with the hummingbird house. 

Adam’s favorite area was Africa, with the Snow Leopards and Cougars.  Chelsey’s were the Koalas from the first area.  It was a beautiful day, and warm weather, making the experience most pleasant.

Afterwards, they drove back to the cottage and checked out.  Then they spent the rest of their stay walking along the beach until it was time to drive back to Los Angeles.


They got back to their hotel in the late afternoon.  They relaxed in the suite till dinner time.  Everyone was tired, but no one wanted to cook, so they walked outside and found a restaurant near their hotel.

Adam was more relaxed now that he had the bar experience and seeing Joan past him.  He was moving on and looking forward to his future. 

They enjoyed a pleasant meal at the Falcon Restaurant, while they reminisced about the last two days. 

Ron had one more big surprise coming up in a few days, but tomorrow, they opted for a relaxing day near the hotel.  Maybe some shopping on the strip and definitely swimming.  Brent wanted to go surfing a couple more times before the end of their trip.  Ron told him he could take the car in the morning, since they wouldn’t need it.  He invited Kris, who declined the offer.  He just wanted to stay with Adam.

After dinner, they swam for a while and then went back to the suite.  Brent went on to bed, since he was getting up early, but the rest of the family settled in the living room to watch a movie. 

The next morning, they went to the strip for breakfast and did some shopping and then came back to the hotel for lunch and then spent the afternoon swimming.  Brent came home in the afternoon and joined them at the pool.

They decided to drive into Los Angeles that afternoon and see some of the culture.  They went to a couple of the museums and the science center.  Then, Ron had made reservations at the rooftop bistro, Perch.  They could see all of LA from their table and a jazz band played while they ate their meal.

After dinner, they walked outside to Pershing Square where there was a free concert happening.  They enjoyed the music for a while, before heading home.  It had turned out to be a spectacular day for the entire family.


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Title: Hurricanes, Maids and Cute Boys, Oh My!
Author: [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Sauli, Tommy/Kris, Adam/Kris, Sauli/Tommy/ etc, etc, etc...
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
Word Count: 6085
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Please don't tweet this to any of them, it's really porny.

Warnings:  m/m sex, orgy, um,

Adam and Sauli go to NY for a small vacation and end up stuck in the hurricane.  Since they can't go out, they make their own fun with the front desk cutie and the bell hop hunk.

Well, this started out because of that tweet from Adam about the maid.  I suggested a sweet hurricane, Adam and Sauli in a hotel and the maid walks in on them having sex, to my wonderful beta, [ profile] wizardesslyn.  Then she has to go, "Omg! My mind went to"  and I was like, seriously?  lmao.  So, anyway somehow this happened instead.  Love you, Jenn.

I don't mean to offend any shippers out there.  This all for fun.

Master List

Hurricanes and maids and cute boys, Oh my!

Adam and Sauli had arrived in New York City just one day before the hurricane was to hit the east coast. They took a cab from LaGuardia airport to the Plaza hotel just as it began to lightlyrain. The doorman took their luggage out of the trunk of the cab, while Adam and Sauli walked inside the grand entrance of the hotel, holding hands.

Adam checked them in at the front desk while Sauli walked over to the brochure table. “Hey Adam”, he said. “We should check out …”

But Adam was checking out the cute front desk clerk. Not really, after all, he was here with his super hot, Finnish boyfriend, but damn that boy behind the desk was cute; brown eyes, slightly ruffled brown hair, perfect height.

“Ok, baby”, Adam replied to his boyfriend while handing the eye candy his credit card, waiting for the keys to their room.

“So, are we expecting bad weather this far north?” Adam asked the uniformed clerk who couldn’t help checking Adam out either.

“Um, sir?” the clerk realized he’d been staring. “Yes, we should be getting a lot of rain and wind in the next several hours. It’s best to stay inside of the hotel, sir.”

Adam winked at the cute boy, “Thanks, I’m sure we can think of something to do”, he flirted, looking down at the boy’s nametag, “Kris”. He then walked over to his boyfriend, who was planning what he wanted to do while they were in New York City.

“Come on, baby”, Adam pressed himself against the warmth that was Sauli. “Let’s go upstairs.

I can’t wait to show you our room.” He whispered into his boyfriend’s ear, breathing against it.

Sauli blushed and then took Adam’s hand while he led them to the elevator, giving the front desk clerk a little wave. “So, he’s cute.”

“Yeah, but not as cute as you, baby”, Adam assured him.

Sauli couldn’t help but look back at the front desk and check out the hottie, himself.  Inside the elevator; thank God they were alone; Adam took Sauli into his arms and pressed him against the wall, kissing his way into Sauli’s mouth, demanding control. “You’re so hot, baby. I can’t wait to get you inside our room and just f...”

Sauli, who couldn’t resist the way Adam kissed him, just nodded. “Please”.

They arrived on the 18th floor made their way to their deluxe Rose Suite. “You’re gonna love this.” Adam led they way, taking out the key, sliding it into the door handle.

“Ready, baby?"

Sauli just nodded and followed Adam inside of the amazing room. “Adam, shit this is incredible!”  He looked around at the décor. They were in an elaborate sitting room with a sofa, chairs and coffee table and a large picture window facing the inner courtyard. Off to the side was an enormous bathroom with a bathtub roomy enough for at least two. Adam led him into the bedroom.

Sauli just flew inside and jumped onto the bed, laying back, inviting Adam to join him with his eyes.

“You look tasty, baby”, Adam pulled his shirt off and then crawled on top of his boyfriend. He began kissing and grinding into him. Adam guided Sauli’s hands over his head and pushed his legs apart with his knees.

Sauli loved this position, he felt so vulnerable underneath Adam. They were so into each other, just touching, that they both forgot that Adam had left the door open.

“Hello? Bell Services”, the voice called out. “I have your luggage. Sir?” He called again, walking through the open door and through the sitting room.

Adam and Sauli couldn’t hear him and continued making out on the huge bed. Adam was beginning to pull Sauli’s clothing off, still lying on top of him when they heard...

“Oh, excuse me”, said the embarrassed bellhop as he reached the entrance to the bedroom.

Adam and Sauli both looked up, slightly debauched and so horny. Sauli whispered to Adam, “He’s cute too.” Adam just nodded, but jumped up and stood right up to the blonde bellhop with the long bangs covering his eyes.

“Thanks, man”, and Adam reached into his pocket and handed the cute bellhop a generous tip. “Sorry about that”, Adam gave him a seductive look.

"No Problem", he looked from the tall dark haired man to the blonde hunk on the bed and unknowingly licked his lips. "Thanks", he said pocketing the tip and both walked out of the room.

Then he turned around to look at the gorgeous dark haired man one last time and saw that he was smiling at him.

"Thanks for bringing our luggage", Adam looked at the boy's nametag, "Tommy", he said flirtingly and then shut the door to the suite and locked it.

Adam walked back into the bedroom and over to the bed, where his very hot boyfriend was laying completely naked, spread out for him.

"God, you're so beautiful, Sauli", Adam said, stripping off the rest of his own clothes, letting them fall to the floor, pushing his boyfriends legs up before crawling in between them and taking his cock into his mouth.


Riding down the elevator the eighteen floors to the lobby, Tommy the bellhop was still flustered at best. He’d been in a lot of hotel rooms and had seen a lot of things, but that was just… hot as fuck.

He walked out of the elevator and made his way over to the front desk where his boyfriend Kris was standing behind the counter. “Hey baby.”

“Tommy”, Kris squealed. “Take a break with me?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

They walked to the back of the house and made their way down the hall to the employee cafeteria, where they grabbed a drink, sitting at a table in the corner, holding hands and stealing kisses.

“So baby, did you see who checked in earlier?” Kris asked Tommy, excitedly.

“Fuck, Kris, I brought up their luggage and they were half naked, making out on the bed. It was
the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen.”

“Really?” Kris giggled, trying to imagine Adam Lambert half naked.

“Yeah, and he gave me this huge tip, and smirked at me.  God, I thought I was going to die.”

“Shit, Tommy, you’re so lucky you’re a bellhop. I’m always stuck behind the desk”, Kris pouted.

“So the next time they call for something, you go instead. I’ll cover for you.”

Kris smiled. He was a huge fan and both he and Tommy had small crushes on the rock star and thought his boyfriend was pretty hot too.


Sauli got up and went over to the mini bar to make cocktails for himself and Adam. Crawling back in to the large, comfortable bed with the two drinks, Adam was waiting for him. “Thanks, baby.”

“So what are were going to do first, Adam?”

“Well that cute boy downstairs said that the weather was going to get bad in the next few
hours, so we might not get to go very far.”


“Yeah, we can do that, baby.”

After they finished their drinks, they cleaned up, got dressed, and made their way to the lobby. They passed right by the elderly gentleman at the concierge desk and went straight to the front desk where ‘cute’ Kris was standing. He noticed them walking towards him and his breath hitched.

Tommy, who was walking the lobby, noticed the two walking towards Kris and he stood near
enough to hear.

“So Kris, right?”

“Yes, Sir”, Kris blushed that Adam Lambert remembered his name.

“Adam”, he corrected. “Where’s a good place for me and my boy to have a nice dinner?” He flirted, with Sauli smiling shyly at him as well.

“Adam, sir; um... We have several restaurants right here in the hotel.” He handed him a brochure of the amenities inside the Plaza.

Adam leaned into the counter and spoke softly, “What’s the best one around here?”

“Um, well all of our restaurants are very good, sir, Adam”, he cleared his throat.

Adam leaned further into the counter, “We want to go somewhere romantic.” He practically whispered.

Kris leaned towards Adam as well, so no one would hear him. “Well, actually the best is Bar Breton, in Central park, just a couple of blocks away from here.  You’ll adore it, sir, Adam.”

“Thanks, Kris”, Adam winked and walked away, arms around Sauli.

“Fuck”, Kris said under his breath.

“They were so flirting with you, babe.” Tommy said, walking quickly over to Kris.

“Oh my God, I know, right?” Kris was practically shaking. “Shit, Tommy. I love you, but I’d give anything to…”

“Yeah, I know; me too…” They both giggled, each momentarily lost in their fantasy.


After a spectacular meal at the Bar Breton, Adam and Sauli walked outside where the rain and wind were beginning to pick up. They decided to take a cab back to the Plaza and then walked up to the front desk where Tommy was standing, talking to Kris.

They eyed them both as they approached the desk. “Thanks for the dinner tip, Kris. It was amazing”, Adam smiled.

“You’re welcome”, Kris replied shyly.

Tommy just stood there staring.

“Tommy, right?” Adam addressed the star struck bell hop.

“Um, yeah.”

“Nice to see you again”, Adam flirted.

“Um you, too. Nice to see you…”

“Dressed?” Adam smirked.

Tommy looked away, flushed.

Adam gave them both a wink and took Sauli upstairs to their suite.

Tommy tried to regain some sort of composure.  “So does he do that with everyone he meets, or were they actually coming on to us?” He wondered out loud.

“Tommy, come on, with a boyfriend like that?” But Kris saw it, too.


Later in the evening, Adam and Sauli came down to the lobby again.  This time they went to the concierge desk to ask about cocktail lounges inside of the hotel, since the weather was getting worse outside.

As they walked through the lobby, they noticed that cute bellboy talking to that other cute boy at the front desk again.

“So, they’re friends?” Sauli asked quietly.

“Looks that way.” Adam’s gaydar was going crazy with those two.

The Rose Club was gorgeous.  They were seated at a private table and they listened to a jazz pianist while sipping on cocktails. It was lovely, but…

“I wish we could go to a club, go dancing or something”, Sauli said dryly.

“Come on babe, let’s get out of here”, Adam finished his drink and stood up, taking Sauli’s hand.  He charged the drinks to their room and they walked back into the lobby, getting ready to head out side to hail a cab to the nearest gay bar.

They saw Tommy in the lobby. “Hi Tommy; so, we’d like to get a cab and go to a g... um club.”

“Sir, the weather is getting worse. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Oh, really?”  Adam sounded bummed.

“I want to have some fun, Adam.”  Sauli whispered.

“I know, babe.”

Just then there was a loud crack, and the electricity went out all over the hotel.  Sauli grabbed onto Adam, startled.

“Excuse me, sirs.” Tommy quickly went over to the bell stand. They had planned for this type of event and he needed to get his instructions.

Adam and Sauli watched Tommy walked away from them.  Sauli had a lustful stare.

Since all of the computers were out, the employees were now milling around the lobby, trying to assist guests and answer questions.

Kris went over to where Tommy was standing behind the bell stand, and Adam thought he saw him caress Tommy’s shoulder and kiss his cheek?  Did he just see that right?

The lobby had begun filling with all of the guests, who had to walk down the stairs from their floors since the elevators were out. There was only limited electricity provided by the generator.

It was almost ten o’clock and Tommy and Kris were due to get off in about thirty minutes; however, the management were asking employees to stay overnight, so they’d have coverage the next morning. They had both agreed, since they’d be given a room to spend the night.  “Wow, Kris. We get to stay here, cool.”

When their shift was finally over, Tommy and Kris went through the bell stand to the back of the house to clock out and get changed into their street clothes.

Since the computers were still out, they couldn’t get a key to their room, so they were stuck in the lobby with the rest of the guests. And, since they were off the clock and out of uniform, they headed over to the lobby bar to get a drink.

Adam and Sauli, who were sitting at a table, noticed the two cuties walk up to the bar. Adam nudged Sauli. “Look, babe.”

The younger boys were waiting at the bar for their drinks, Tommy’s arm around the brown haired boy.  Once they’d been served their drinks, they turned around to find a table.  Instead they saw Adam Lambert and his
boyfriend eyeing them.

Adam smiled, and lured them to their table. Kris and Tommy just looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and joined the rock star at his table.

“So, you two are boyfriends?” Adam risked offending them. But, he was pretty sure he was correct.

“Um, yeah we are”, Tommy spoke first.

“So, you’re gay.” Sauli added.

“Yeah”, Kris piped in. He left out the obvious, ‘duh’.

Adam just nodded. Thinking… “Join us, please?”

They sat down with their drinks.

“Are you stuck here until the weather clears up?” Sauli asked them.

“We’re staying here tonight. That way they know we’ll be at work in the morning.” Kris laughed.

“You’re staying here.” Adam stated. “As guests.”

“Yeah”, Tommy repeated.

“Well boys, let’s have another drink.” Adam held up his glass to the bartender to get his attention.


Adam asked Kris and Tommy a lot of questions.  They’d been together for three years.  They met in high school and were friends, but didn’t come out until a year after they had graduated and had gone their separate ways. Tommy had gotten a job at the Plaza first.  Kris started the next year and they reconnected and became boyfriends. They were now living together.

“So, are you monogamous?” A slightly tipsy Sauli finally asked, licking around the rim of his drink.

"Yeah", Kris said too quickly.  “Usually”, he added.

Tommy shot him a look that said at first shocked, but then changed to, ‘yeah I’m up for it, babe.’

About twenty minutes later, the electricity had finally come back on in the lobby. Kris went to get their room key and then came back to the table where Adam signing the room charge and the three stood up to leave.

Adam held out his key and said, “Get yourselves settled into your room and then come up to our suite, it’s 18209.”

Kris swallowed and took the key from Adam, glancing wide eyed at Tommy, who just nodded.


“Wow, is this really happening?” Kris asked Tommy as they rode the elevator to the ninth floor to their room.

“Yeah, you ok with it?”

“Shit yeah, are you?”

Tommy nodded, “Tomorrow, we’re back to just us, ok?  Let’s have some fun tonight.”

“OK, baby.” Tommy kissed Kris deeply on the mouth. “Love you.”

“I love you, too.  Shit, we’re about to have sex with Adam Fucking Lambert, holy shit.” They both laughed nervously.


Adam and Sauli made their way back to their suite and jumped in the shower. Resisting the urge to fuck Sauli right there in the shower, they both quickly cleaned up and then toweled off.  “Ready to have some fun,

“Oh yeah; those two are hot; especially the blonde one.” Sauli said, dreamily.

“I sort of like Kris.”

“Yeah, I could tell.” Sauli chuckled at his boyfriend’s predictability in cute boys.

Dropping their towels, Adam gently pushed Sauli on the bed and they made out lazily until they heard the door open and two nervous voices entered the room.

Adam popped up and grabbed a robe from the bathroom, then walked in the sitting room and greeted the boys.  “So, the rules.” Adam stated.

Kris and Tommy looked at each other, confusedly.

“Hand me you’re phones, cameras, anything else you got.”

They reached in their pockets and pulled out their cell phones. He smiled at the petrified looking duo and then winked, saying, "Can't have this shit pop up on you tube, ya know."

The boys got a look of realization on their faces, "Oh right, of course", and gladly handed the man their phones. He took them and popped out the batteries, and set them on the coffee table.

“Rule number one, everything that happens stays right here, understand?”

“Yeah, definitely. We could get into a lot of trouble for this, so yeah.”

“Good”, Adam gave them a warm smile. “Let’s have some fun, alright boys?”

“Uh huh.” They both nodded.

Then he guided the boys towards the bedroom where Sauli was sitting propped up, naked, gently stroking his own cock. Tommy's eyes got wide and he licked his lips again.

Adam noticed and gently nudged Tommy while saying, "Don't be shy, Tommy.”

Sauli sat up and motioned for Tommy to join him on the bed, still stroking himself.

Kris just stood there in the doorway, mouth opened wide, which Adam took as an invitation and shoved his tongue deep into Kris’s mouth.  Taken off guard, Kris moaned into Adam’s mouth.  “That’s it, pretty boy.” Adam
encouraged.  "I can't wait until you're screaming my name while I’m buried inside of you", he whispered into Kris's ear which caused another moan.


Tommy walked over to Sauli, staring wide eyed at the beautiful blonde man.  “You’re awfully pretty, Tommy”, Sauli said, standing up and slowly undressing him.  “What do you want to do honey?”

“I want to suck you”, Tommy answered, breathlessly. “So bad”, he added.

Sauli had a bright smile and sat back down on the bed, scooting to the end for better access.  “Tommy.” 

Tommy took the invitation and kneeled at the edge of the bed spreading Sauli’s legs apart.  He looked up at him once and then put his face into his crotch, slowly licking from Sauli’s balls all the way to the tip of his cock in one stroke.  “Oh fuck, Tommy.  Do that again.”

Tommy smirked, and did it again, this time lingering at the tip, licking across the slit and then rimming the edge of the tip with his tongue and then sucking.  Slowly, Tommy slid all of Sauli’s cock into his mouth, sucking the entire time until he was hitting the back of his throat.  Not wanting to choke, Tommy stopped for just a second.

“That’s it honey, feels so good.”  With the extra encouragement, Tommy started moving again, pumping Sauli’s cock in and out of his mouth, using the right amount of suction.  Soon, the Finnish man was fucking into Tommy’s mouth.  “I’m getting soo close”, he panted.

Tommy placed his hands on Sauli’s balls using just a little pressure, massaging them and then he moved his fingers to Sauli’s hole; just teasing the entrance.


Tommy put his finger to Sauli’s mouth, who sucked on it, getting it really wet.  Then Tommy slowly pressed it into the man’s hungry hole, moving it around until he found…

“Fuck”, Sauli was thrusting into Tommy’s mouth and finger.  The double stimulation proving too much and without any warning, Sauli was shooting into Tommy who sucked him down, drinking all of his juices.

Tommy lifted his head and moved his body up till he reached Sauli’s face and then kissed him so Sauli could taste himself.  “You’re so delicious”, he said.  “Can I fuck you?”  He asked shyly.

Sauli flipped them over so he was now on top.  “Yeah”, he said still breathless. “But I want to taste you first.”  And with that, he slid down and began to return the favor.


Meanwhile, Adam had Kris pressed up against the wall, kissing the breath out of him, while pulling his clothes off.  Adam having long ago, dropped his own robe so they were both standing naked in the hallway. 

“Fuck babe, I want your mouth on me Kris”, Adam was pushing Kris down till he was on his knees.

Kris eagerly took Adam into his mouth and was using his talented tongue to drive the man wild, swirling it around Adam’s cock, licking and sucking the sensitive tip.  Then he took all of Adam into his mouth;
Adam leaning against the wall, threading his hands through the soft brown hair, bobbing the boy’s head up and down, fucking his mouth.  “Feels good, babe.”

Adam pulled Kris off of his and stood him up, “But I want to fuck you,” he said shoving his tongue into Kris’s mouth again.  He took Kris’ hand and led him over to the bed where Sauli was blowing Tommy, both moaning.

Adam just smirked at the sight of his boyfriend with his mouth on the other boy’s cock.  Then he turned his full attention to Kris.

“Lay back for me babe, I need to get you ready for me.”  Adam voice was dripping with lust.  He reached all the lube and scattered it over the bed so anyone could reach it when needed. Then he threw a handful of condoms on the bed, too.

Adam lifted Kris’s knees in the air and spread his legs, rubbing the inside of his thigh, making Kris squirm with anticipation.  Adam reached for the lube and poured some into his hand and began rubbing around Kris’s hole, making it glisten.  Adam moved his hand to Kris’s balls, and massaged them with his fingers.  When he felt Kris relax beneath him, Adam pushed one finger inside of the brown haired cutie.  He slid his finger in and out of the warm, inviting hole and then crooked his finger, pressing that special bump that make Kris jump. 

“Like that, babe?”

All Kris could do was moan.

Adam added another finger, sliding them in and out.  Kris was getting so hard and the tip was beginning to leak.  “Tasty”, Adam said before licking across Kris’s tip, tasting the precum oozing from it.  Kris was mouthing something that looked like ‘fuck’ and ‘oh God’ and was moving to the rhythm of Adam’s fingers that were now three and stretching his hole.  Adam kept hitting his prostate with every thrust and Kris was begging for Adam to get inside of him.


Sauli, who had Tommy firmly wrapped around his lips, spreading the boy’s legs as far apart as they would go so he could fuck him with his face, abruptly stopped and lifted his head.  “You’re boy makes the most delicious sounds.”

Tommy who was frustrated at the loss of feeling Sauli’s mouth on his cock nodded, “You should hear him when he’s being fucked.”  He breathed out, wishing that mouth would reappear.

Instead Sauli lay on top of him and then flipped them over, raising his knees up, “Fuck me, Tommy”, he whispered.

“Ready for me, pretty boy?”  Adam quickly withdrew his fingers and slid his cock inside of the boy who groaned, and grabbed Adam’s hips to still him while he got used to the giant cock that just intruded his body. 

Adam bent down and kissed the boy until he felt him relax.  Kris kissed him back and then whispered, “Fuck, me”.

Adam complied, and began moving inside of Kris.  He started slowly, almost pulling all the way out and then pushed back in, grunting when his balls were up against the smaller boy’s ass.  He repeated the motion, slowly sliding out and then each time, going a little harder and faster until he was slamming into Kris with each thrust.

Kris had his eyes closed and his mouth open, making the most erotic, incoherent sounds.

“See what I mean”, Tommy said as his lube drench fingers were buried inside of Sauli, stretching him and making him see stars with every touch to his prostate. 

Kris was begging for release, so Adam reached for his cock, sliding his hand up and down the boy’s shaft while thrusting harder and harder until Kris tensed and spilled his load over Adam’s hand, screaming his name
while bucking his hips.  He fell back and Adam grabbed his ass, fucking him faster and faster until he felt his own release inside of the gorgeous brown haired boy.  He fell on top of him, not wanted to pull out and panted, sweat dripping onto the body beneath him.  As they allowed their breathing to come back to normal, they could hear their boys building up their own pleasure.

Adam pulled out and led Kris to the bathroom to clean up, toss the condom, and give the other two some  privacy to let loose.  He also wanted to make out with Kris.  He sat Kris on the counter and
cleaned him with a warm washcloth, while kissing him into the mirror, making him hard again.


Tommy withdrew his fingers from Sauli’s ass, leaning over the blonde man, placing his condom sheathed cock right at his entrance.  “Come on, babe.”  Sauli was coaxing him.  Tommy inched his way in, not wanting to
hurt the man, which was funny because Sauli was used to Adam’s much larger cock buried inside of him.

Sauli grabbed Tommy’s hips and shoved him in the rest of the way.  Tommy looked at him, surprised but Sauli just smiled at him.  “It’s ok, babe.  You can move, you won’t hurt me”, he said in that thick, sexy, Finnish accent.  Tommy began moving in and out, building up a rhythm.

Sauli was thrusting his hips to meet Tommy, encouraging him with his sounds.  “Fuck, that’s it, babe.”   Tommy had his head back and eyes closed, pumping his cock into the man beneath him.  He was getting close and could feel Sauli about to lose it as well.   He poured some lube right on Sauli’s cock and put his fist around him, squeezing and pumping at the same time.  Sauli clenched his ass and let out a filthy sound while coming all over his stomach.  Tommy released him and thrust a few more times into his ass and he was coming too, fucking Sauli through his orgasm.

“God they’re so hot”, Adam said, standing in the doorway, hand on Kris’s ass.  “I think you need to go kiss your boyfriend, babe.”

They both walked into the room and went to their own partners.  “Anyone want a cocktail?”  Adam offered. 

They all accepted, and Sauli helped Adam at the mini bar.  “I love you, babe.  You alright?”

“Perfect, Adam.”  Sauli smiled shyly.  He really was a kinky little thing.

Kris had taken a washcloth and was cleaning the cum off of Tommy, planting kisses on him, while Adam and Sauli carried the drinks into the bedroom, handing one each to Tommy and Kris.  “Enjoy, boys.  I don’t think we’re finished yet.”  Adam smirked.


After they finished their drinks, Adam made his way over to Tommy and kissed him roughly on the mouth, pushing his tongue inside, licking and sucking.   Tommy submitted to him, moaning into the taller man.

Adam took his hand and guided him over to the bed and crawled on top of him.  “You ever bottom, Tommy?” He asked.

“Yeah, usually Kris, but and I… sometimes”, Adam already had two fingers inside of him, so Tommy was having trouble speaking.

“You’re so tight, Tommy.”  Adam was thrusting and stretching Tommy’s hole, preparing him for the biggest cock, he’d ever seen.

Meanwhile, Sauli and Kris were rolling around the top of the bed, hands all over each other.  Sauli wasn’t used to a partner his size and could man handle Kris, which he liked.  “Can I fuck you, honey?”  He asked sweetly.

Kris got on his knees for Sauli, who grabbed the lube and began prepping Kris.

“This gives me a really good idea, babe”, Adam gave Tommy an evil grin and sat them both up.  “Tommy”, Adam whispered, handing him the lube.  “Prep Sauli, while he’s fucking Kris.”

“What, really?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.”  Adam shrugged.  He had no idea if this would even work, but it was just too tempting not to try.

Sauli had three fingers inside of Kris when he felt lubed fingers pressing inside of him.  Startled, he let out a squeal, then instantly realized what his kinky boyfriend had thought up.

“Adam.”  He panted out.

Soon, Adam had fingers inside of Tommy, and the three were all making incoherent, dirty noises.

Kris, having been at this the longest, was begging Sauli to enter him.  Sliding a condom on, Sauli positioned himself in front of Kris’s hole and slowly pushed his way in.

He was moving back and forth both into Kris’s ass and Tommy’s fingers.  The sensation was incredible. 
“Fuck, genius, fucking Adam.”  He was spitting out.  “Tommy, do it.”

Tommy, having quickly put on a condom, had to change his angle based on how Sauli’s was now positioned, as he pushed his way inside.  Sauli groaned.  He was going slowly into Kris who was pumping his own cock,
keeping with the same rhythm as Tommy.

Adam was hitting Tommy’s prostate and he was cursing incoherently too.  After slipping the condom onto his own leaking cock, Adam thrust himself all at once inside of Tommy. 

They had this strange rhythm going, slower than normal, too much stimulation.  Kris came first, shooting into his hand; soon followed by Sauli and then Tommy.  They all fell on top of each other.  The only one left standing was a frustrated Adam whose cock had slipped out of Tommy’s ass.

He pouted at the three, coming down from their amazing orgasms.  Kris noticed first and nudged Sauli.  “Adam”, he said.

“Baby, want us to take care of you?” Sauli pushed Adam down on the bed.  Adam hardly ever bottomed, but he knew what was coming and he wanted it.  And, he knew who he wanted to be the one to do it.

Kris was the only one who hadn’t fucked anyone yet, and he gulped nervously at the thought of being the one to get to fuck Adam.

Sauli crawled up near Adam’s head and planted kisses on his boyfriend, whispering ‘I love you’ to him, while Tommy pushed Adam’s knees up, spreading the man’s legs apart, giving Kris better access to the rock star’s hole, while he caressed Adam’s balls and licked the tip of his dick.  Kris sat at the edge of the bed, in between Adam’s legs.  He grabbed the lube, pouring it generously on his fingers and gently pressed one into Adam, who groaned at the intrusion. 

Sauli kept kissing him, holding his hands above his head.  Adam had a habit of wanting control, and Sauli wanted him to just relax and enjoy this thoroughly.

Kris was glad he wasn’t doing this alone.  Adam was a little intimidating for him and was probably the best fuck he’d ever had; ‘sorry Tommy’, and he could only hope to be half as satisfying a top that Adam was.

Sauli was keeping Adam’s mouth busy, controlling the kiss for a change, when Kris added another finger and hit his pleasure bump for the first time, causing Adam to moan deeply into his boyfriend’s mouth.  “You doing great, baby”, Sauli encouraged him.

Tommy was busy working Adam’s balls and cock.  Not too much though, he didn’t want to make him come.  That job was for his Kris.

“Can I try something?”  Kris quietly asked as he scooted his face to Adam’s ass and licked around the edge of his hole.  Tommy looked at him as if to say, ‘Um, you can do that to me anytime, babe.’

Kris had withdrawn his fingers, and was pushing his tongue inside of the rock star’s ass, fucking him with it, causing more moans and sounds from Adam.  “Please, more.”  He managed to get out.

Sauli had gone to kissing and licking Adam’s neck, caressing the upper part of his body, since Adam was not capable of kissing back at the moment.

Once Adam was pushing back on Kris’s tongue, he withdrew and having poured more lube on his fingers, he pushed three in and began stretching the man’s hole, scissoring him and continued to hit his prostate with
every other thrust. 

The voice that could make the most beautiful sounds, was sound babbling incoherently, cursing and begging Kris to fuck him now.

Kris spread Adam’s legs apart further, and Tommy lifted his head, and poured lubed all over Adam’s hole, while Kris grabbed a condom and smoothed it over his cock and lined himself up to Adam’s welcoming hole,
glistening and puckered. 

Tommy held Adam’s legs, gently rubbing the inside his thighs while Kris easily glided his cock inside of Adam.  Kris had the most blissful look on his face, Tommy thought, as he watched his boyfriend begin to fuck
the rock star.

Kris gave Adam a moment to adjust and waited for a signal from Sauli, who was moving his hands all over Adam’s chest, licking and sucking on his nipples that it was alright to start moving.  He nodded his head and
Kris began slowly pumping his cock in and out of Adam’s ass.  Leaned a little over Adam and the new position caused his cock to his Adam’s prostate again, and his knees jerked.

Tommy and Sauli were now leaning across Adam’s stomach, touching him and kissing each other.

Kris had picked up his pace, thrusting his cock into Adam harder and harder and he was getting closer and closer.  Adam was begging for release, ass raised in the air, fucking back into Kris.   Sauli poured
some lube into both his and Tommy’s hands and together, they worked Adam’s cock till he was screaming and cum was shooting onto his stomach.

Then Tommy and Sauli licked up all of Adam’s cum, kissing whenever their mouths met.

Kris pumped just a few more times before he was screaming out and coming inside of Adam.

He fell on top of Adam’s stomach, meeting the other two’s mouths and they giggled at the sight of themselves.  “Hey, what about me?” Adam half heatedly complained.

“Aw poor baby”, Sauli teased, and they all lay next to Adam, taking turns kissing him.

“Kris, that was fucking awesome.”

They were all thoroughly sated and exhausted, but the bed was a mess.  Kris went to get wash cloths to clean everyone up, while Adam called for extra sheets and towels.

They all lay of the bed, lazily kissing each other and had completely forgotten the call, when they heard knocking and then ‘housekeeping’ and finally the door handle turning.  The boys quickly covered themselves
with the sheets as the startled maid entered the bedroom, noticing the multiple bodies tangled on the bed.

“Oh, sorry”, she squealed.  “Here, I’ll just leave everything right here.”  She added and quickly left the room.

When they heard the door close, all four of them began to laugh.  “Fuck; that was crazy.”

Sauli and Kris poured more drinks while Tommy helped Adam make the bed.  They quickly showered; two at a time and then all fell into the large, inviting bed, falling asleep almost immediately.


The next morning, Adam and Sauli woke up alone and smiled at each other.  “I’m glad we’re alone.  I want to make love to just you, baby.”  Adam crawled on top of his boyfriend and kissed him.

A little while later, they got up and ordered room service.  Adam noticed a note by his bed from Kris.  “We had a blast.  Don’t forget about us, Kris Allen” and he left his number.

Adam and Sauli came down to the lobby after they had dressed and eaten and found their two boys working.  They stopped at the front desk to say hello to Kris.  Adam took his phone out and showed Kris where he had
stored his number.  Then he snapped a picture of the cutie.  “So I won’t forget you”, he winked.

“So, if you two are not working tonight, let’s go to a club?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“Good, see you later”, and they walked out front where it was a beautiful day and jumped into a cab to check out all of those things that Sauli had wanted to do.



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