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Title: Driving Me Crazy - Chapter 9
Rating: NC-17
By: [ profile] mhobbs0430
[ profile] wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2485
Disclaimer:  This never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.
Warnings: m/m sex, blowjobs, just the normal stuff.
Summary: Kris Allen is home from college and looking for a summer job. He gets a call from his cousin who works security for a venue in Little Rock. Famous pop star Adam Lambert is in town for a big concert, but one of his bus drivers fell and broke his leg. They need someone immediately to fill in for a couple of months. Kris jumps at the chance and gets the job and he ends up driving Adam’s bus.

They travel mostly at night when most people sleep, but Adam has insomnia so he is up talking to Kris... Kris can't help but fall for Adam even though he has no intention of letting on. Adam has a high maintenance, diva boyfriend back home who makes him miserable. Will Adam realize that Kris is the one for him? Or will Kris make the first move to convince Adam to dump his boyfriend for someone more laid back?

Author's Notes: This was written for Harlequin Kradam.  I tried to stay on point, but my muses have their own ideas sometimes.

Driving Me Crazy Chapter 9

As they were all seated, Tommy noticed that Kris wasn’t here either.  So did Kurt and Dillon. “Hey, where’s Kris?”  Kurt boldly asked.

Doug, his roommate, spoke up, “Oh, he uh said he was eating in his room this morning.”  He didn’t want to get the little guy in trouble.

Kurt and Dillon looked at each other smiling.

Tommy looked slightly uncomfortable.

Dave caught on, “You alright, Tommy?”

“Yeah,” he began taking interest in the eggs on his plate.

“Oh, Kris is missing, Adam is missing.  I see.”  And then he kept eating.

Tommy looked surprised at his reaction.

 “So, what are everyone’s plans for today?”  They had a full day off with another hotel night and then the show tomorrow night.  Kris would have to miss it, because immediately after, they were driving all night to Philadelphia.


“I think I could spend all day kissing you, Kris.”

“Mm, yeah…  We could start our third date early.”

“Eager, Mr. Allen?”

“Yes,” he said, reaching for Adam’s crotch.  Adam playfully slapped his hand away.  “Not yet, baby.  I want this to be perfect.”

“Okay,” he reluctantly agreed.

“So, that means the perfect outfit.  Let’s go shopping.”

“Right now?” He groaned.

“Of course,” He sat up, grabbing his phone and texting everyone the plans.  Kris ran to his room to get his wallet and then met everyone down in the lobby.  No sense having everyone see them come down together and getting the wrong or right idea.

Kris met the usual gang in the lobby and Kurt stared at him, grinning the entire time.


“So, are you hungry?”

“What?  No.”

“I’m guessing that breakfast in your room actually meant hot sex in Adam’s room?”

“Actually, even though it’s none of your business, Adam and I had breakfast in his room.”

“And then hot sex?”

Kris snorted, shaking his head.

“Really?”  Kurt sounded disappointed.

Adam came out of the elevator right then and walked directly over to Kris, kissing him on the cheek, “Hi baby.”

“Hi Adam.”

Adam kissed him right on the mouth; breaking apart and then winking at Kurt, who stood there with his mouth open; then closed; then open…

“You look like a carp.”

“A what?”

Kris snickered.

“Ready, guys?”  Adam asked, please with himself for that display, and confusing Kurt to the point where he stopped asking questions.  That was quite a feat.

“Where to?”

“Kris needs an outfit.”    
“Hmm, what do you wear for a night of hot, steamy, first time sex?”  Kurt leaned over to Kris and whispered.

Kris glared and then laughed.  “I have no idea.”

“Something sexy“, Adam added, laughing, too.  “So yes, Kris and I are dating,” he announced, while a shocked Kris, copied the carp imitation.
“Oh, was that alright?  I…”

“Yes, of course.  I just didn’t know if you’d want to tell anyone.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Adam looked at him sideways.

Kris fell in love a little more right at that moment.  And then remembered that they just started dating and he shouldn’t be in love at all yet. Dumbass, you’ve been in love with him since you first laid eyes on the guy.  He should totally keep that to himself.  For now, at least.

The car arrived with the same driver as before.  “Where to this time, boys?”  He asked.

“And girl,” Ashley rolled her eyes.

“Sorry, ma’am,” he tipped his hat.

She just shrugged.

The driver followed Adam’s instructions and took them to Karmaloop, a very trendy shop on Newbury Street.  Kris took one look inside and, “Oh no.  I don’t think so.”

“Come on, Kris.  They’ve got the perfect thing for you.”

“That’s what worries me.”

They ended up only finding a tight fitting t-shirt that Kris would agree to and then headed over to a less trendy store for the rest of his outfit.
After that, they had lunch and then headed back to the hotel for a nap.  Then, Kurt and Dillon knocked on Kris’s door so they could get him ready for tonight.  “Guys, uh, can’t I just brush my hair in peace?”

“No way, you have to look perfect.”

“We’re just having dinner, so don’t make me look like a porn star,” he warned them.

“Just leave it to us, Krissy.”

“Ugh,” he groaned in defeat.


Kurt and Dillon had finally left Kris alone and he was looking in the mirror one last time when he heard the knock.  Nerves took him as he walked over to the door.  He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Adam stood on the other side, wearing a dark silver suit, his hair perfectly coiffed and just a touch of liner to accentuate his eyes.  He was, in a word, breathtaking.  “Adam.”

“Kris, you look amazing,” he told the smaller man first.  Covering the t-shirt that he’d gotten at Karmaloop, Kris too, was wearing a suit.  It fit him perfectly.  Adam couldn’t wait until he could get Kris out of it.

“Adam, you look incredible, I’m just…”

“Sexy, hot…”  He said, kissing Kris right there at the entrance to his room.

“Hi Adam,” Kris’s roommate called from the other side of the room.

“Oh, we’re not alone.”

“And if we were, we’d never make it to dinner, would we?”  Kris accused, playfully.

“Hmm, thinking a lot of one’s self, aren’t we, Mr. Allen?”

“Like you weren’t thinking it?”

“Ok, yeah, I was.”  Adam took his hands.  “In that case, are you ready to go?”

“I’ve never been readier.”


They walked down the end of the hallway together, holding hands and then Adam pressed the button for the elevator, which came just a few seconds later.  They walked inside and then Adam kissed him again; this time, Kris melting into it.  “That’s it, baby.”

“I like kissing you,” Kris admitted when the door opened depositing them into the lobby of the hotel.

“Come on, there will be plenty of time for that.”

The car was waiting for them outside and drove them to Hamersley’s Bistro in the South End of Boston for a romantic dinner of New England cuisine.  Adam took Kris’s hand and walked inside.

They were seated at a quiet table in the back, and Adam even held out the chair for Kris to sit down.

“Wow, you’re really quite the gentleman, Adam.”

“Not what you expected?”

Kris laughed, “No, not at all.”

“Well, I could just throw you over the table and take you right here.  Would that fit your image of me better?”

“Yes.  But don’t.  We’ll get thrown out.”

“Yeah, but it would be fun.”

Kris allowed himself to imagine for just a moment what that would be like and felt himself harden.  “Uh, Adam?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“So, what’s good here?” He quickly changed the subject.

Adam chuckled, “Well…”

They began with an order of Warm Spanish Style Marinated Olives to share and for dinner they each chose the Pan Roasted Lobster with the specialty salad.  They were given wine recommendations and settled for a Napa Valley Chardonnay.

The waiter brought their wine and salads first.  Adam held up his glass and gave a toast, “To our first real date.”

“I thought this was our third?”  Kris worried.

“Yeah, I know, but this feels more real, right now.”

“So, Mr. Lambert?”

“Mr. Allen?”

“To our first date real date”

They each took a sip, each gazing at the other man.  Kris felt breathless.  He couldn’t wait for what he hoped was coming next.


They enjoyed their dinner and their third glass of wine.  Full from the meal, Adam took Kris’s hand again.  “This is really nice"

“It is.  Any regrets?”

Adam knew what Kris was getting at without him having to spell it out.  “None.”

Kris looked up at him with big brown eyes, “Yeah?”

“It was over long ago, I just didn’t want to give up.”


“I don’t mean on him.  I mean the relationship.”

“I get it.”

“I haven’t had a lot of relationships, Kris.”

“You haven’t?”

He shook his head.  “No, before Jason, I was single for a long time.  I was on the road and…”

“Yeah, I get that.  It’s hard to meet someone while touring…”

“No, that wasn’t the problem.  I met a lot of people,” he exaggerated the lot.

“Oh, so you were a slut,” Kris teased.

“Hey,” Adam smacked him on the arm.  “Pretty boys sort of always were around, you know?”

“No, I have no idea,” he deadpanned, and then broke up laughing.  “And why are you telling me this?”

“Because, I don’t want you thinking that I just jump from relationship to relationship and I don’t know how to be alone, because I do.”
“Ok, Adam.  So what do you want now?”

Adam shrugged, “I don’t know yet.  I know that Jason was bad for me, and to be honest with you, I don’t really miss him at all.”

“Good, so I’m not a rebound.”

“Not at all.  You are incredibly hot though.”

“Uh huh, so you want to sleep with me?”

“Yes, of course I do.  Since the minute I laid eyes on you.” Adam leaned over and kissed him.

“Anything else?”

“Yes, I want to date you and see where this goes.”

“Here here,” Kris toasted the beautiful man sitting beside him.

“So, I heard there’s dancing in the hotel bar…”

“Dancing, huh?”

“I’m not ready for our date to end just yet.”

Kris nodded, “Sounds amazing, Adam.”

Adam paid the check and then grabbed Kris’s hand.  “Come on.”

The car was waiting out front and drove them back to the hotel where they did indeed have dancing in the hotel bar.

They were seated and ordered cocktails.

Adam scooted closer to Kris, and took his hand.  “So Kristopher?”

“Yeah Adam?”

“What about you?”

“What about me?”  He knew exactly what Adam was asking him, but he wasn’t giving it easily.

“Have you had many boyfriends?”

Kris shook his head.  “No.”

“Kris, any?”

“Oh yeah, of course,” he quickly cleared up.  “Just nothing serious or anything.”

“You have had sex, right, Kris?”  Adam sensitively asked him.

“Yeah, I’ve had sex, Adam.  I’m actually very good, so I’ve been told,” Kris took a sip of wine, smirking through the glass, waiting for Adam’s delayed reaction.

Instead Adam just stared at him and gulped.


“Sorry, I was just imagining what you exactly meant by that and then…”

“Need some water?”

“No, but I think I want to take you home now.”

“Adam, can I ask you one more question?”


“Have you ever, uh, dated any of your crew before?”

“You mean the bus driver, Kris?”

“Uh, well yeah?”

Adam burst out laughing, “Baby, my last bus driver was a fifty five year old guy with a 4 kids and a crabby wife who called him constantly to make sure he was taking his blood pressure medication.”

Kris smiled.

“Ok, have I relieved you of all your reservations yet?”

Kris took a long look at the gorgeous rock star in front of him, who was giving him pouty, sultry eyes at the moment and melting his heart.  “Yes.”
“Dance with me?”

Kris stood up, taking Adam’s hand and led him to the dance floor.  They were playing soft rock that was easy to slow dance to.

Adam took Kris into his arms as they swayed to the music.  Kris had his arms around Adam’s waist, and put his head on the man’s shoulders.

“Mm, nice, Kris.”  He could feel Kris nodding in agreement as his breath was hot against his neck.  Adam could get used to this.

Kris lifted his head and looked into Adam’s eyes.  “So sexy, Kris.”


Adam leaned his head down and kissed Kris.  It was slow and gentle and very arousing.  Kris opened his lips and allowed Adam’s tongue to wander into his mouth.

Neither realized they’d stopped dancing and were just kissing.  “Oh, Kris.”

“Yes, please.”

They walked past their table, and Adam put money down to pay for their drinks and hurried Kris out of the bar and into the lobby and over to the elevator, pressing the button.

They went inside and rode up to Adam’s floor in silence.  But the air was thick with sexual tension as each man knew exactly what he wanted, and it was each other.

The elevator chimed and they walked through the doors and down the hallway to Adam’s room, still holding hands.  Adam reached in his pocket for the key and slid it through the lock.  He opened the door to his room, exposing the King sized bed, which had already been turned down.

Kris looked around and stifled a chuckle.

“What’s so amusing?”

“You’re room, it’s so big.”

“Yeah, well I am the rock star.”

“That you are, Adam.”

“Want a drink?”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

Adam turned around, “No, I want you sober for this.”

“Just a little wine, then.”

Adam went to the kitchen area and poured him and Kris each half a glass.  Kris had gone into the bathroom to freshen up.  When he came out, Adam was sitting on the sofa in the other room with the two glasses, waiting for him.


“Thanks,” Kris took the glass and sat next to Adam.  Each man took a sip, never taking their eyes off of each other.

“Kris, do you want…?”


“You don’t even know what I was going to ask?”

“I want you to touch me, kiss me again.”

“Come,” Adam stood up, reaching his hand out for Kris’s.  He took it and followed Adam into the bedroom.

They stood at the side of the bed and Adam took Kris into his arms, and kissed him; slowly at first, and then more passionately.  Stopping, Adam slowly removed Kris’s shirt, and then allowed Kris to do the same.  Then they came back together.  Their erections pressed together as they moved their bodies in sync with each other.

Pulling apart, Kris sat on the bed.   Adam knelt down and slowly removed Kris’s pants, planting kisses along his thighs.  Kris kicked off his shoes, allowing Adam to complete the task of the pants removal.  Then he moved back up Kris’s body, using all of his senses to experience the man in front of him.  “God, you’re incredible, Kris,” he told the smaller man as they breathed him in, licking the inside of his thighs.

He grabbed the band of Kris’s underpants with his teeth and tugged on them, his nose grazing along his skin as Kris’s cock was finally exposed.  “So gorgeous, baby.”

“Adam, you’re still dressed,” Kris complained.

“Oh, it’ll be your turn soon.  Right now, it’s my show.”

Kris chuckled, and laid back.  Adam slid the underwear down his legs and tossed them aside.  He looked over Kris laid out and naked for him.  “Beautiful,” was the last thing he said before he engulfed Kris’s cock with his mouth.
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