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Title:Up in Arms
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 3042
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story
This is fanfiction.  Just for fun, no harm intended. I do love my boys.

Warnings:  yup, just male sex
Kris is a bartender in a club and Adam is hired as the new singer/waiter.  They have an immediate attraction.  Will it lead to more?  Sorry, sucky summary.

I started this almost a year ago because i saw ally4's avi of Kris, and his arms just looked so good, I needed to write a story about them.
. arms

Master List

Up in Arms - Chapter 5/5

The next morning, Adam woke up and smiled at Kris.  His boy was still naked, wrapped around him.  Kris stirred, “morning, baby.”

“Morning, Adam”, he stretched.

“You’re so cute with your bed-head”, Adam ruffled his hair.

“Mm, you’re always gorgeous”, Kris complained, rolling over towards his lover.

They were sticky from the previous night’s activities, but when Adam suggested they take a shower, Kris pulled the man on top of him and they made love again, instead. 

“You’re amazing”, Kris lay back basking in the afterglow.

“I think we’re amazing”, Adam corrected, leaning over and kissing him again.  “But, now I think we need that shower, and I’m starving.”

In the shower, Adam gave Kris a blowjob and then fucked him again, bent over the tub.  “I think you’ll have to move in with me, Kris”, he announced.

“Oh yeah, why’s that?”  Kris chuckled.  He was now leaning against the wall of the shower while Adam scrubbed all of his parts.

“Because I need to do that every day”, Adam declared.

“You’re insatiable.”

“You make me that way", he smirked, kissing his man.

They toweled each other off and then got dressed.  Kris had to wear the same thing he had on last night.  “You’ll have to take me to my apartment so I can change before work tonight.”

“What, you don’t want everyone to know that you didn't go home last night?”  Adam giggled.

“They’re going to tease me enough already, without knowing that.”  Kris’s acoustic set was tonight and Adam was waiting tables.  He couldn't wait to hear Kris play again.

“So, breakfast?”

“Yeah, I’m starving”, Kris patted his stomach, as it rumbled.

“I don’t really have anything here, so why don’t I take you out to eat.”

“No, you took me out last night; now it’s my turn”, Kris insisted.

“Okay, where to?”

“There’s this nice little diner a couple of miles from my house.”

“Sounds perfect”, Adam grabbed his keys and they left his apartment.

Adam drove to the diner where they feasted on eggs and pancakes.  Kris had bacon, but Adam opted for the fruit instead.  “Gotta watch my figure.”

“How about I watch it for you; you look amazing, Adam”, Kris said through a mouthful.

“Thanks, Kris.  But I used to be the chubby guy, remember?”

“I want to see pictures of you as a kid with red hair.”

“I’m sure my mom will love showing them to you”, he rolled his eyes.
“I get to meet your mom?”

“Of course; I can’t date you unless she approves”, he joked, trying to cover up the fact that he just asked Kris to meet his mom.

Kris laughed, “Great, no pressure or anything.”

“I’m kidding, Kris.  My mom’s great, but I don’t want to rush you into meeting the parents or anything.”
“No, you just want me to move in with you.”

“Now that’s just for the sex”, he reminded him.

“Right”, they both giggled.

After breakfast, Adam dropped Kris off at his apartment.  “I’ll see you later, baby?”

Kris beamed at the pet name.  “Yeah”

Adam walked back to his car, grinning.  He was totally falling for that boy.  He wondered if Kris felt the same way.
He decided to visit his mom before heading in to work.  She always gave him great advice.


“Well?” Adam was accosted by Allison with Ashley listening behind the bar, when he walked into the club later that day.

“Well, what?”  He smiled, coyly.

Allison smacked his arm, “Don’t tease us, Adam.  How was your date?”

“Oh, that,” he grinned.  “It was nice."

"Nice, is that all?” She stared daggers at him.

"Very nice?"  He teased.

"Spill, Lambert", she threatened.

“I’ll never kiss and tell.”

“So you kissed?  Anything else?”

“None of your business”, he raised his eyebrow at her.

“That’s fine, I know how to make Kris talk, so…”

Adam smirked at her.  “Yeah, so do I”, he joked.

“Oh my God, you had sex!  I knew it.”

“Allison”, Adam reprimanded.  “I did not say that.”

She just chuckled, bouncing away, obviously pleased with herself.

Ashley, who was behind the bar, wiping the counter, just shook her head, smiling.  “Well, I’m happy for both of you.  Kris is awesome, and he deserves someone great.”

That sounded like a polite warning, so Adam took it as such.  “I know he does”, he sighed.

“Good”, she smiled.  “Then, I’m happy for you.”

Kris came in a little while later with his guitar case over his shoulder, glancing around the bar.  “Looking for someone?”  Allison had sprinted over to him.

“You, of course”, he giggled at his friend’s enthusiasm.

“Right”, she snickered.  “He’s over there”, she pointed to Adam, wiping tables.

Adam looked over towards the bar, saw Kris and headed over to him.  Allison stood with her hands folded grinning, as Adam hugged Kris, kissing him hello.  “I knew it”, she concluded.

“You know nothing”, Kris teased.

Adam shrugged in response.  “Oh, you spilled already?”  Kris eyed Adam.

“Nope!  But she’s a good guesser”, he whispered in Kris’s ear.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Come on Kris, let me help you get ready for your set”, Allison said, dragging Kris back stage.

“See you later, baby”, Adam called out as Kris was whisked away by the red tornado.

“Baby, huh?”  She teased.  “I want to know everything, Kristopher.”


The club was already filling up for a Monday night.  Ian was very pleased.  He loved Kris’s night and wanted it to be a success.  Adam found him in his office, “Hey Ian?”  He called from the slightly open door. 

“Come in.  Oh, hey Adam.  How was your date?”

“Great, thank you so much for working out our night off.”

“But, you’d like it more permanent?”

“Well, yeah, but if not, then at least more frequent.”

“That can be arranged.  You’re working out fabulously, Adam; I wanted you to know that.”

“Thanks, Ian.”

“I don’t just mean your performing, which is amazing and very good for my business…  You’re doing a great job with the customers too.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, I really mean that, Ian.”

“You’re welcome.”

Adam left, smiling. 

Allison came out from the back, grinning like the Cheshire cat.  She got what she asked for.   She just kept smirking at Adam whenever they passed each other or met at the bar for drink orders.


“Oh, nothing”

“Uh huh.”  He knew that Kris wouldn't tell her anything too juicy, but the way she was grinning at him, Kris must have enjoyed himself as much as Adam did, which made him happy, too.

They both got busy with their tables and then pretty soon it was time for Kris’s show.  They set up his chair, guitars and the piano and then the lights dimmed and Ian came out on stage.  “And now, Kris Allen!”

The audience applauded while Kris came out on stage carrying his acoustic guitar and sat down on the wooden chair, and then began to play his first number, Heartless.  Afterwards he began to speak.  “So, hey everyone.  I’m Kris Allen”

Cheers from the crowd.

“And I have a new song I've been working on that’s for someone special.  Hope you like my version of this great song.”

Adam stopped what he was doing and looked up at Kris.

“Aw”, Allison whispered in his ear.

“You knew about this?”

She just nodded, as Kris began to play ‘Falling Slowly’.  It was beautiful.  Alli just hugged Adam, who was clapping like a fool.

Then the guys came out and they plugged in for a couple more songs and then Kris headed over to the piano for “Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone”.

“I think that boy’s in loooove”, Ali squawked, glancing over at Adam who looked completely mesmerized.


The next evening, Adam and Kris were both working, so they'd get to spend a lot of time together.  They hadn't been alone since Adam went back stage after Kris's performance.  They made out in the dressing room, but nothing more than that.  He didn't think that Ian would have appreciated them having sex on the dressing room table.

Adam arrived at the club and Kris was already behind the bar, stacking glasses and preparing for the evening.  "Hey Kris", he called out.

"Adam", Kris's face lit up when he saw him. "Hey, could you come back here for a minute?"

"Yeah, sure", Adam answered unsuspectingly.  He'd never been behind the bar before, and wondered why Kris wanted him there.  It didn't take long for him to figure out as Kris grabbed his hand and pulled him into the back, kissing the breath out of him.

"God, baby, that was..."


"Yeah, that too", he giggled.  "Miss me?"

"Uh, huh", Kris said through groping kisses.



"We better get back out front before I take you right here on the floor."

"Mm, that sounds nice."

"Now, who's insatiable?"

"You make me that way", Kris smirked.

“Why don’t we pick this back up after work, tonight”, Adam suggested instead.

Kris nodded and kissed him one last time.  Then they both hurried out from the back before anyone noticed they were missing.


Adam was busy with his tables all evening, but it also kept him at the bar frequently, picking up drink orders.  He loved watching Kris work the bar.  He couldn't get enough of those arms, they way he flexed those muscles without meaning to.  It was so sexy.

"Adam", Kris called again.


"Your order?"  He chuckled.


Kris grinned as Adam walked away with the drinks.

They closed the bar together that evening and afterwards, “Come home with me?”  Adam asked him as Kris was wiping down the counter.

Kris nodded, finishing up and then Adam led him out of the club. 

They had two cars, so Kris followed Adam to his apartment.   They barely got inside before they tore at each other’s clothing, each fighting the other for dominance.  “You really should give up, Kris”, Adam smirked.

“Oh really”

“Yeah”, Adam said, flipping Kris around, his back against the wall, as he pressed into Kris’s smaller body.

“That’s really unfair”, Kris whined.

“Mm, it’s totally fair”, Adam said, kissing Kris’s ear, his cheek, his lips…

“How’s that?”

“Because you want this.”

“Fuck, Kris.”

“Yeah, baby, Imma fuck Kris”, Adam dragged a very eager Kris to his room and shut the door.


After their lovemaking, Adam’s phone rang.  He really wanted to let it go, but… “Hello?”
“Oh, hi mom”

Kris looked over at him.

“Nothing, what’s up?”


Adam looked over at Kris.  He really wanted to stay in bed with Kris all day and not get up and have lunch with his mom.

“Go, Adam”, Kris mouthed.

“Come with me?”  Adam mouthed back.

Kris nodded without thinking twice about it.

“Mom, can I bring someone?” 

He hung up and pulled Kris over to him.  “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.  I can’t wait to meet your mom.”

“She’s gonna love you.”

“So, when’s it my turn?”

“Your turn to what?”

Kris blushed, not wanting to ask if he wasn’t sure of the answer.
“Oh, I see,” Adam said, chuckling.  He lay back, palming his cock, “well, what are you waiting for, Kristopher?”
“Fuck, Adam”, he breathed.

“That’s right, baby.  Fuck Adam.”

Kris nodded, unable to speak as he grabbed the lube.

Adam watched him as Kris prepped him, his lubed fingers entering his hole one at a time, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Kris’s biceps.

“You are so hot, Kristopher”

“What?”  He chuckled.  “You’re the hot one.”

Adam reached out and touched Kris’s arm.  “So sexy.”

“Really”, he smirked.

“Fuck, Kris.  The first time I met you…”  It was getting harder to speak, as Kris began to stretch him, hitting his prostate.  “I couldn’t stop staring at your arms.  The way your biceps bulged when you poured drinks.”

“Oh yeah?” 

“Yeah, you know what I thought about them?”


“I imagined them wrapped around my waist as I fucked into your pretty ass.”

“And now?” Kris smirked as he touched that special spot inside of Adam.

Adam breathed in the instant pleasure, “I want them wrapped around my ass while you fuck me, baby.”

Kris pulled his fingers out of and quickly poured lube onto his cock.  Then, he lined himself up to Adam’s hole.  “Ready?”

Adam nodded, he hadn’t bottomed in a really long time, but there was no one else he rather do this with than the man on top of him right now.

Kris slowly pushed in, stopping along the way to let Adam adjust.  “Is this ok?”

“Yeah, keep going”, Adam breathed.  “I’m good.”

Soon, Kris was all the way in and moving inside of Adam.  “God, you feel so amazing, Adam.  You’re so tight.”
Kris knew that Adam didn’t do this very often, and he was honored at the privilege; wanting to make it good for him.  He kept an even rhythm, fucking him slowly, angling his cock so he’d hit Adam’s pleasure bump, causing deep moans to escape from his man’s mouth.

“Oh God, Kris.  I’m so close.”

Kris reached for his cock and brought Adam to orgasm, as he came in Kris’s hand.  “You’re so gorgeous like this, Adam.”

He just chuckled, “you too baby.”

Kris only took a few more seconds before he was coming, too.  They lay back, too exhausted to move.  “Thank you”

Adam opened one eye, to find Kris grinning at him and he smiled, curling up to the smaller man as they both fell asleep.


“I don’t have anything to wear”, Kris complained as they got out of the shower together.  “I’m meeting your mom and I want to make a good impression.”

“I have an idea”, Adam said, going through his closet.

“Adam, I can’t wear anything of yours”, he complained.

“Of course not, Kristopher”, he rolled his eyes, chuckling.  “No, we’ll just go back to your place so you can change and hang out there until lunch.  Tommy’s not there, right?”

“Oh, I see, you want to break in my bed, too?”

“Well, if you insist”, he smirked.

Adam finished dressing and then they went to Kris’s place.  Tommy wasn’t there as promised.  “So, can I have a proper tour, now?”

They managed to kill two hours before it was time to head over the restaurant where they were meeting Leila Lambert for lunch.

They arrived first and got a table and ordered drinks when this gorgeous, older, female version of Adam approached their table.  “Mom”, Adam stood up and gave him a hug.

“Adam”, his mom sweetly greeted her older son. 

“Mom, I’d like you to meet Kris, Kris Allen.”

She stuck her hand out and Kris stood up to shake it.  “It’s so nice to finally meet you, Mrs. Lambert.”

“Please, call me Leila.  It’s nice meeting you too, Kris”, she sat down, signaling for the boys to join her.  “Adam talks about you a lot”, she teased.

Adam blushed, because yes, he’d been gushing over Kris for the past couple of weeks.

“He does, huh?”

“Not to embarrass him or anything, but he thinks quite a lot of you, young man.”

It was Kris’s turn to blush.  “He’s told me a lot about you, too, Leila”


Adam arrived at the club with his usually sight of Kris at the bar, preparing for the evening.  He walked over to him, grinning.  “So, my mom loves you.”

“She does?” Kris beamed.

“Yeah, she talked my ear off on the phone just gushing over you.”

“So I guess that means we can date now?”  He asked, giggling.

Adam chuckled, he didn’t need his mom’s approval to be with this beautiful man, but it sure was nice to have it. He walked behind the bar and reached for Kris’s arms, brushing his fingers up and down the well defined muscles of the man he was totally falling in love with.  “Uh huh”, he said kissing him.  “Actually, she told me that I should keep you.”

“She did?”


“You better go get ready, Adam.”

Adam nodded, taking his things back stage to get ready for his show.  He had a lot of friends coming to see him tonight, including Brad and Sutan.

Kris could feel the air change when Adam’s bouncy ex-boyfriend waiter came bounding into the club with Sutan and a few other friends.  “Kristopher”, he squealed.

“Hey cheeks”, he had no idea they’d be here tonight.  He was glad for Adam, though.

“So, what’s you’re specialty, Kristopher?  I’m sure you have one”, he flirted.

Kris snorted; “I’ve got just the thing for you,” winking, he gave the guys his best bartending performance ever, with all the tricks.  He wasn’t trying to impress them.  Well, maybe he was.  He definitely was.

“Whoa, Kristopher”, that was so hot”, Cheeks flirted.

“Hey, are you flirting with my boyfriend, again?”  Adam had come out to greet his friends and get them to their reserved table.

“Of course, Adam”, Cheeks batted his eyelashes at the singer.

Kris snorted, handing them their cocktails as Adam winked at him, walking them to their table.  He could hear Cheeks chirping, “Boyfriend, huh?”

“Yes, hands off, Bradley.”

“I’m happy for you two”, Sutan interrupted.

After he got them seated, he had to get backstage and get ready.  Kris got Allison to cover for him for just a minute while he went over to Adam’s dressing room to wish him luck.

“So, my friends love you.”

“Well then, I guess you’ll have to keep me then.”

“Definitely”, He kissed the breath out of him.

“Fuck, Adam.”

“No, fuck Kris.”

“Yes, fuck Kris”, he breathed.

Adam giggled, “Come home with me tonight?”


After the show, which was a major success, Adam took Kris home with him and when they were lying in bed together after making love, Adam looked down at those big brown eyes.  “So, my mom loves you”
Kris nodded.

“And my friends love you”

He nodded again; waiting for what he hoped was coming next.

Adam smiled, “So, I guess I better keep you”

Kris nodded.

“Because I love you”, he practically whispered.

Kris smiled, “You do?”

“I do”

Kris rolled them over, landing on top of Adam and he kissed him.  “I love you, too, Adam.”

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