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Title: Brotherly Love - Chapter 100
Author:   [info]mhobbs0430
Pairing: Adam/Kris
BETA: [info]wizardesslyn
Word Count: 2316
Rating: NC-17/R for the whole story

never happened, just in my imagination, based on real people, I don't own them.  Amanda is mine, I love that woman.  The Martins are mine, too.
Warnings:  underage sex, m/m sex, mention of underage prostitution and child abuse/neglect, homophobia.
Kris has been in the same foster family since he was three.  He's a very happy, well adjusted child, but beginning to feel different.  Adam is a troubled teen, in and out of group and foster homes and on the street, forced to do things, no child should ever have to go through.
This is the story of them.  A Kradam Love Story.

This is a lot different that anything else I've written, there will be some angst.  It will break your heart at times, it did mine, but bear with me, it definitely get's better and happier and eventually sexier.  I'll try an update once a week.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please comment, it makes me happy.

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Brotherly Love - Chapter 100

Adam, Kris and Tommy drove over to Devon’s apartment to sign the lease on Friday evening.  “When can we get in?”  Tommy asked.  He was finally excited, having talked it over with his parents.  The apartment would be cleaned, get a few repairs/upgrades and would be ready to occupy in August, a couple of weeks before classes began.  Adam was alright with that.  He wanted to spend the summer at home with his family, anyway.

After the ‘signing’, they were all headed over to the club in Little Rock for Devon and Kenny’s going away party. 

Tommy couldn’t stop snickering at Kenny.  “I knew it, man.”

“You know nothing, Thomas”, Kenny spat back, playfully.

“Well, I’m really happy for the both of you.”

“Thanks, blondie.”

Adam had told him just the basics.  He figured if Kenny wanted to tell anyone else, it was his story to tell.

They also decided to keep Kenny’s alter ego a secret from Tommy and see if he figured it out himself.  They wanted that priceless reaction that only came from total surprise.

Kenny told everyone he had to work tonight and he’d catch up to them later.  Tommy didn’t really think anything of it, but everyone else knew he was heading to the club to transform into Tequila Mockingbird.

Tommy left to pick up Dani.  They would be meeting them later at the club and Adam took Kris and Devon and they drove towards Little Rock.


Devon got them into the club with their black ‘x’s’ stamped on their hands and then they all headed inside.  He gave the bouncer Dani and Tommy’s names so they’d be able to get in as well. 

Devon had a VIP table reserved for the evening, since it was also his party.  There were no other kids from school invited, but several of the ‘gurls’ and a couple of waiters would join them later after the show.

Devon whispered to Adam, “So, you want to go back stage and meet some people?”

“Yeah, that would be great.  Come on, Kris.”

Devon took them backstage where the 'gurls” were in various stages of transformation. 

"Well, well, who is this?"  One of them had come over and was looking very predatory at the boys.

"Ivana, bitch.  Back off, honey", Tequila yelled, heading over to them.

"Why, do they belong to you?"  She sneered.

"These are our good friends, Adam and Kris", Devon interjected, wondering if this was a bad idea, with the petrified look on Kris's face.

"Honey, you are gorgeous", Ivana said looking directly at Adam.  “Mm, mmm”.  Then she turned to Kris, "You, I could just eat up, you're so adorable."

"Um, thanks?"  Kris said, blushing.

"Stop scaring my guests, Bitch."

She scowled at Devon.

"Humph, boys", and stomped off, but gesturing with her hands and mouthing, "Hot.”

Just then, a couple of the others came over, not yet in costume, fawning over the new prey.

"Uh sorry, Adam.  This was maybe a bad idea", Devon started to say.

But Adam and Kris were already deep in conversation as the guys were explaining to Kris, 'tucking'.

Kris just stood there with his mouth open.  "Can't be comfortable."

"Well, beauty is pain, doll."

Devon finally tore Adam and Kris away, reminding them that Tommy would be arriving soon.

"Oh, right.  Break a leg 'gurls'”, Adam said as the performers all waved bye.

Adam could hear them saying as they walked away, "Mm, mm, fine specimens." And “Look at that ass.”  He wondered who’s they were talking about.  He looked down at Kris’s and just smiled. 

The boys made their way back to the VIP table and Devon put menus in front of them.  "Order whatever you like."

"Devon, you paid for us the other night, we can't let you do that again."

"This is our going away party, Adam.  The club's taking care of it tonight."


He just waved his hand in the air and then sat down.  "Let's have some fun, boys."

After they ordered some food, Devon tried to explain the etiquette of the drag queens.

"All very interesting", Kris kept nodding.

"Yeah, and if they're in drag, always refer to them as ‘she’.  It would be an insult otherwise”, Devon warned.

Tommy and Dani finally arrived and were brought over to their table.  "Dani", Adam stood up and hugged his friend.

“Hey guys.  So, this is exciting.  I’ve never been to a drag club before.  Hey Adam, want to dance?”

“Sure, Dani”, Adam jumped up and followed Dani out onto the dance floor.

Kris laughed as he remembered Adam referring to the ‘fruit flies’ the other night.

“What’s so funny?” Tommy asked.

“Oh, just what they call girls who hang around guys like us.”

“Fag hags?”

“What?  No, fruit flies.”

“Yeah, that’s a much nicer term”, he giggled.

“So, Kris.  You’re turning eighteen soon, right?”

“You’re not eighteen yet?” 

“Uh no Dev.  But I will be in a couple of weeks”, he assured him. 

“What are you two doing for your birthday?”  Tommy steered the conversation.

“I don’t know”, Kris shrugged.

“We should definitely have a party.  This is big news.”

“What’s big news?”  Adam and Danielle were just returning from dancing.

“Kris’s eighteenth birthday.”

“Oh, I know.  I’m so excited.”

“You are?”  Kris asked suspicious of his boyfriend.

“Of course, baby”, Adam kissed him on the cheek.

“And what are we doing for my birthday, Adam?”

“Hmm, just you wait and see.”  He kissed him on the mouth this time and then changed the subject.

“So, is the show about to start, Devon?”

“In a bit.  Anyone want a drink?”

Adam pointed to his hand with the ‘x’.

Devon just snickered and went up to the bar.

“What’s he doing?”

“Getting us drinks?”

Devon came back with a tray of what looked like regular clear soda.  Tommy grabbed one first.  “Mm, what is this?”

“Vodka tonics with a lime.”


“It’s a party, so live a little.”

Both Kris and Adam took it slow and just sipped on their drinks.  No sense getting drunk and not being able to make it home.

“Don’t worry guys.  You’ll be dancing these off by the end of the night”, Devon held up his drink that looked a lot different that everyone else’s.

“Yeah, ok.  Hey, what did you get, Dev?”  Tommy asked, intrigued.

“Sex on a beach”, he replied, sipping his cocktail, making ‘mmm’ noises into it.

“That looks really good.”

“And yours doesn’t look like there’s alcohol in it”, Dev reminded him.

“Right”, he snickered.

Just then, the music stopped and the announcer came out.

“Guys, wait for this.  It’s incredible”, Adam whispered to Tommy and Dani.

The lights flashed on the back screen and out came Ivana B. Queen.  “Whoa, that’s a dude?” 


“Damn, how is it fair that a guy can be prettier than most of the girls that I know, including me?”  Dani complained, but in awe.

“Aw, you're beautiful, babe", Tommy assured her; however she just scoffed at that.

They decided to walk up to the floor and get a better look this time.  “Come on.”

Ivana B. Queen lip synced to her number while mostly guys stuffed dollar bills everywhere they could reach.  “Damn, that’s kind of hot”, Tommy whispered to Dani, who turned around snickering.  “You’d look amazing, Tommy.”

“What?  Not me.” 

“Wouldn’t he look great, Adam?”

Both Adam and Dani are fawning over Tommy and he’s pleading with his eyes for Kris to help him out of this one, because he knows when Adam and Dani get an idea…

“Halloween, Tommy.  You’re so ours”, Adam threatened.

They drew their attention back to the entertainment as Ivana sauntered off the stage.  Then the lights changed and started flashing “Tequila Mockingbird”, and a few seconds later, she came out smiling at her group of friends.  She sang her first number and as she was going into the second one, she pointed right at Tommy, “This one’s for you, baby”, she said, seductively.

Tommy looked wide eyed at the beauty on stage in front of him and then he looked over at Adam who was smirking. 

He smiled weakly up on stage again as Tequila was dancing very sexy, belting out a tune directly to Tommy.

Tommy then glanced over at Devon who had hearts in his eyes for Tequila Mockingbird and was looking a little jealous.  And then it dawned on him.  "Oh my God, is that?"  He now stood mouth opened staring between the stage and Devon.  "Are you shitting me?"

Adam and Devon started laughing so hard.  "See, I told you his face would be priceless."

"Oh, my God, I'm going to give him so much shit for this."

"You will do no such thing to my man, Thomas", Devon defended.

Tequila winked when she realized that he recognized her, finally.  Then she turned all of her attention to Devon, moving her hands up and down her body as she danced to the music and when she was done, she blew him a kiss and left the stage.

"Why didn't you guys tell me, Jesus", Tommy said.

"Because the look on your face was so worth it, Tommy", Adam was still laughing.

"Damn, she's kinda hot", he admitted.

Dani just rolled her eyes at all of them.

They watched the rest of show back at their table, where another round of drinks had shown up.

“So, how the hell did Kenny become a drag queen?”

“Long story, babe.  She’ll be out soon and can tell you all about it, herself”, Devon answered.

After the main, Kenny and the other gurls appeared on the dance floor, taking partners.  Devon intercepted though and practically tackled Tequila.  “You’re mine, baby.”

“Mm, I know.”

Tommy and Adam watched from their table, laughing at their two friends.  “Huh.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Baby, let’s dance”, Adam said, tugging Kris to the dance floor.

Soon, Tommy and Dani joined them and the three couples danced as a group.  Ivana, needing a new partner, tried to cut in on Adam, but Kris stared her down.  She almost gave up until one of the other gurls came over and cut right in, grinding in to Kris, leaving Adam alone and bewildered.  “It’s just dancing, honey”, Ivana said, taking his hand.

They endured two fast dances but when the music slowed down, Kris scooted out from under the tight grip from his dance partner and reclaimed Adam.  “Sorry, but he’s mine.”

Ivana scoffed, but soon found another, more willing partner and all was forgotten.

“Aw, I love when you get all possessive, baby”, Adam said, pulling Kris tight.

After the dancing, they all met back at the table.  Ivana, Gloriass and a few of the other gurls came over to join the party as well as a couple of Devon’s waiter friends that had gotten off early.

“Honey, I hope we didn’t really upset you out there.  We just like to have a little fun”, Ivana winked. 

“Nah, we’re good”, Adam assured her.  Kris nodded, giving Adam a squeeze.

Kenny was sitting on Devon’s lap, kissing him.  “Wow, it’s really weird to see you two so openly affectionate”, Adam commented.  “In a good way”, he added, quickly. 

They completely ignored him, only concentrating on each other.  That’s how it should be.  Adam smiled, cuddling closer to Kris and whispering, “I love you.” 

"Adam", Kris said, huskily.

"Huh, baby?"

"I gotta pee."

"Want me to come with you?"  Adam giggled.

Kris nodded, pulling Adam with him.

There were a few couples making out along the hallway that led to the restrooms and they both got quite a few stares and sneers along with some inappropriate comments aimed just at them.  Adam was really glad that Kris hadn't gone alone.  He squeezed his hand a little tighter.  "You ok, baby?"

"Yeah, just really gotta, you know?"

They were inside and could hear noises that distinctly sounded like guys having sex.  "Uh, I can wait", Kris whispered.

But just a moment later, after the sure tell sounds of coming came from the same back stall, it finally opened and a couple came out, hands still all over each other.  They just nodded at Adam and Kris.  "It's all yours", the one guy said, eyeing them both as they left.

"Ugh, I don't even want to go in there", Kris said, choosing a different stall.

"Just be quick, baby.  And don't touch anything."

Kris came out of the stall, feeling much better, chuckling.  “You know, when I first told you I needed to pee, I was also thinking that we could mess around in here.”

“You were?”  Adam questioned, smiling at his boy.

“Yeah, but those two sort of took me out of the mood, you know?”

“So, you don’t want to any longer?” 

“Do you?”  They were smirking at each other and just as Adam was about to push Kris against the wall, the door barged open and another couple came inside, groping each other, the one practically climbing the other’s legs as the other one pushed him onto the sink, apparently not concerned that they weren’t alone.

Adam and Kris both looked at each other, wide-eyed and bee-lined out of the restroom, laughing as soon as they were outside.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe we were about to… and then those two…”

They came back to their table to stares.  “Have a good time, boys?”

“Uh no.  But there was plenty of action in there.”

“Yeah, I should have warned you”, Devon said, laughing.

The group ended up closing the bar and although no one was ready to leave, they all said their good byes.  Tequila Mockingbird still had three more shows to go and Devon wasn’t quitting until the end of the week either, so they’d see their friends a few more times.  Adam promised that he and Kris would come to the last show.

The boys were staying in Devon’s extra bedroom that night.  Adam had cleared it with Pam, but promised to text her when they arrived safely.  However, as they were headed to their cars, Devon informed them that he would be staying at Kenny’s and then handed them his keys.  “You might as well get used to the place”, he said, grinning.

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah, have fun.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Then he whispered to Adam, “Use my bed, it’s bigger.”

Adam drove to Devon’s place; Kris curled up next to him.  “That was really fun, Adam.”

“Yeah, I really like them.”

“Including Ivana?  I think she has a thing for you.”

“Yeah, well I saw the way that Gloriass was grabbing your ass, baby”, Adam chuckled.

“She was a little handsy”, Kris admitted.

They pulled into Devon’s apartment and went inside.  “This is going to be ours soon, Kris”, Adam said, excitedly.

“You mean, yours and Tommy’s”, Kris corrected him.

“Baby, whatever is mine, is yours", Adam then kissed him, roughly.

“I’m glad we didn’t do it in that bathroom.  This was way more romantic.”

“Yeah, me too, baby. Shower?”

Kris nodded, as they moved into the bedroom and proceeded to undress each other.

“Hey Kris, did you see the master bathroom?  Come in here.”

It had a huge bathtub, definitely enough room for two.  “I think I’m going to like it here”, Kris said, looking around. 


Date: 2012-11-25 08:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Opening the young boys life to the other side, the gay side...

Date: 2012-11-25 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, it was definitely an experience for them, especially Kris. Thanks, bb!!

Date: 2012-11-25 09:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ivana is something else. Is she going to factor more into the story?

Date: 2012-11-25 10:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No, I don't think so. I wanted to give Devon and Kenny a good send off, but now it's time to get back to our boys. They still have a lot to do before this story is over.

Date: 2012-11-26 01:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! Meant to say this in the last chapter but I'm so glad someone thought of a better term than fag hag...
I def dig fruit fly a lot better :)
100 chapters! I remember thinking it would wind down when Adam graduated LOL Keep em comin Molly! Um...Pun intended ;P
Edited Date: 2012-11-26 01:39 am (UTC)

Date: 2012-11-26 02:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, me too.

IKR? I know basically what the end will be, I just don't know how long it will take to get there.

Thanks, bb! Love ya!!

Date: 2012-11-26 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What a gloriass story for chapter 100 LOL.

Deb <333

Date: 2012-11-26 11:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! That name was my original, at least I think so, lol

Date: 2012-11-26 10:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I lol...ed a lot, the boys and their reactions were priceless!

100 chapters!! Yay! I've loved them all!

*Lol, the icon is dedicated Kris being oblivious about his butt ;)

Date: 2012-11-26 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, bb! Love that butt, lol

Date: 2012-11-26 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This update was great.

Date: 2012-11-26 11:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aw, thank you!!

Date: 2012-11-27 10:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
great update! 100!! kris really had his eyes opened to the other side there eh?

Date: 2012-11-27 11:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks, bb!! Yeah, right? I think they really had a good time.


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